$65,000 Worth Of Cool: The Highwayman Truck

So apparently, there’s a TV show that I don’t know about. How did this happen? I watch Knight Rider every day that I’m not on the road and this custom (did I even have to say that this is… more»

1 Of A Kind! 1975 Dodge Ram 3500 Mini Peterbilt

Customized cars and trucks sometimes fall into the same category as craft beers or aftermarket ringtones.  Every now and then, a brewer can figure out how to incorporate berries into the mix and it tastes OK, or some mom… more»

Needlenose Cab: 1972 Peterbilt 351

Perhaps one of the most recognized tractor trailer cabs is the Peterbilt 281/351, otherwise known as a “Needlenose.” The truck was, in my opinion, synonymous of the trucking industry, a design that was seen on the rolling plains and… more»

Daily Driver Reliable: 1987 Peterbilt 362

This 1987 Peterbilt 362 is a sharp cabover model that has seen regular use hauling loads near and far. The seller is a recently retired driver who notes that he just made two 900 mile round trip deliveries to… more»

Stalled Project: 1974 Peterbilt 282 Daycab

Do you need a semi to haul your car haul around with? How about a Peterbilt Class 8 Daycab? This stalled project is parked in St. Louis, Missouri waiting for someone to move this cab forward again. It’s a 1974… more»