Increased Price: Highwayman TV Truck Prop

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UPDATED 4/5/23 — We last saw this interesting vehicle just four months ago and nothing much has seemed to have changed — except the price. The original listing was for $65,000, and now the seller is looking for $35,000 on top of that. Did the original seller have second thoughts and decide his wares were worth much more or did the vehicle get flipped and a new seller has a different value in mind? The wording and photos don’t seem to be different.


Often is the case that a car plays a pivotal role in a television series, such as the Batmobile in the 1960s Batman with Adam West. But in the case of The Highwayman, a truck (or a couple of trucks) had that honor. This custom-built Peterbilt was used by the Highwayman’s sidekick in the television show of the same name and is said to be in good working order, waiting for its next gig. Located in North Hollywood, California, this functional prop is available here on craigslist for $100,000. Thanks for this deja vu tip, Kyle K!

Based on a TV movie in the Fall of 1987, NBC commissioned nine episodes of a series called The Highwayman, which ran in the Spring of 1988. The star of the show drove a “post-apocalyptic” semi-truck in his quest to thwart crime and solve wrong-doings. If you watched the series, it might have reminded you of similar efforts done with the likes of the “Mad Max” movies. At least two trucks were used in the production of the show, and the one here is said to have been used by the Highwayman’s henchman.

We’re told the truck was built at a cost of $500,000 and is a Peterbilt somewhere under the skin. In an article from late 2022, the truck was for sale on craigslist for $65,000 and it appears the buyer is looking to flip it to another visionary to restore it or turn it into something uniquely cool, like a restomod RV. After the truck’s TV run, it went on tour and collected several sponsors along the way, none of whose logos seem to be present any longer.

Said to be roadworthy and carrying a current registration, this super semi sports a 700-hp Detroit Diesel engine that has seen only 5,000 miles with an automatic transmission. The article goes on to tell us that the truck uses no fiberglass but steel instead. If you want to see more of the vehicle or the show, you can look it up here on youtube where the pilot and other episodes are available, though their resolution is not the greatest. The seller goes on to say that the trailer is empty but will need some internal work. And no photos of the passenger cabin are afforded by either the seller or from the earlier article.

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    Confused. 35K, 65K, or 100K? Either way, who cares.

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    • Adam

      was 65k. added 35k = 100k. Not difficult

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      • Steve

        Adam has added his 2 cents. 100,000.02.

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    • jwaltb


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    • Se sith


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  2. Bill

    Reminds me of the line in Wargames, number of players “Zero”.

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  3. John EderMember

    “Hello, NAPA Auto Parts? I need a pair of rear shocks for a 1987 Highwayman. Do you have those on the shelf?”

    “No, but let me check the warehouse.”

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    • greatnorth510

      Now that’s funny, but so true.

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    • Zorro

      I bet ROCK AUTO will have them in stock!

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  4. Tim

    Didn’t sell for $65K; let’s raise the price to $100K and see if anyone bites. Brilliant!

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    • Will Fox

      This morphadite isn’t going anywhere, and didn’t even at $65K. All the seller did here is further guarantee no buyers.

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    • RSparks

      Not so fast. In todays age of disposable income, sometimes a ridiculous asking price will fool the fools lol.

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    • PairsNPaint

      IIRC, that’s the same technique Col. Tom Parker used when promoting Elvis.

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  5. Davey Boy

    Guess they want you to spend 100k on their word alone. Really no pictures what so ever. Hard pass.

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    • Jack Quantrill

      Ooh! What a hideous beast! My eyes hurt.

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  6. Robt

    Would make an interesting RV. Maybe not practical, but interesting.
    But not at that asking price. Maybe they should start fishing around 5-10k.

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  7. Steve

    It’s a shame it’s too big to fit in a crusher.

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  8. scott m

    Once you set up camp and ditch the trailer would be perfect for the Tail of the Dragon!

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  9. TimS

    Another one that looks like a photo for a bad clickbait ad. “These cars are the ones that we have seen for history to be. Hold your breath when you see #59.”

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  10. greg

    100K for a prop from a TV show that nobody watched. In bad condition, rusting and no pictures. Where is nice price or crack pipe when you need it.

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  11. Howie

    I would pass on $1.

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  12. Maggy

    Scrap metal imo.glwts .You’re gonna need it.

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  13. Ike Onick

    “The star of the show drove a “post-apocalyptic” semi-truck in his quest to thwart crime and solve wrong-doings”

    He could have thwarted a crime and solved a wrong doing by never starting this project.

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  14. TheOldRanger

    Uh, well, I thought it was pretty ugly at $65K, but with the increased asking price, it just got uglier. I’m not even sure I would take this one even if they offered me money to take it off their hands. I do a “hillbilly” family about 60 miles from me that could make do with this since they have plenty of trees to hide it.

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  15. Troy

    Maybe the sellers fingers were shaking and they were trying to list it for $10k I think it would be kinda fun to have but at $100k for 30k more I will buy the house on the next block and rent it for $900 a month seams like a better long-term investment

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  16. Joe

    At first I thought it read the price was now $35,000 and I thought even that was too high. Good luck selling that worthless rust bucket.

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  17. DonS

    I’d take on this project if it was the 1:64 size of a hot wheels. I’d even pay $10 for the hulk. Me and the seller are just too far apart to make a deal. Oh well…

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  18. Gtoforever

    Many years ago I was selling a 77 f150, price was 3500.00 and it sat and sat. While I was away my wife relisted it for me (pre internet, we actually had papers like swapper,lol) for 5k and sold it in two days!! So maybe he has a plan, but I doubt we’ll be seeing it driving down the road anytime soon..

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    • CarbuzzardMember

      Accidentally “reported” this. Oops. Sorry.

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    • CarbuzzardMember

      I’ve heard of price increases leading to sales. You know, but it now before it goes any higher. The way a lot of cars are going for gutsucking prices, a one-of-a-kind like this could attract a buyer. It only takes one.

      That said, why would you want to be so low in a big rig that you can’t see beyond a 4Runner in the slow lane? Scary.

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      • Bakes

        And if you did collide with something, with all of that mass behind you… Shudders.

        I don’t see this one going anywhere soon.

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    • B302

      Mr. Gtoforever,
      I forget which generation of Corvette, but the price was raised for the express reason to make the Vette more exclusive, and the sales did indeed increase along with the price increase. Respect to all.

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  19. paterson guy

    Just one or two changes to my garage, and I’m in!

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  20. BleedNRed

    If I had the space, I would be a player at $35K… not $65K… nor $100K… I think it has the bones to be a very unique travel RV.

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  21. Clarke Morris

    When I watched the Pilot, I noticed it said MACK on the front of the truck. Is it a Peterbuilt or a Mack truck?

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    • Clarke Morris

      I also noticed that the one in the show was a regular semi with a trailer, and looks nothing like this one !

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    • SubGothius

      Two different weird trucks in the series.

      The “hero” truck was the one with MACK badging on the grille (tho’ it was actually built on a different make of chassis, maybe Peterbilt) and a bulbous cab on top that looked like a helicopter cabin, because in the show it was supposed to be a chopper that could detach and take off from the rig.

      This one was the other, “sidekick” truck, evidently inspired by the Steinwinter tractor rig prototype.

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    • Ike Onick

      Looks like a “Mack Daddy”

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  22. HJT

    Pay someone $100.00 to take it away! Cost $$$$$$$$ to convert this monstrosity into something useful. Sell the engine, scrap the rest….

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  23. Kim in Lanark

    Even if it is roadworthy the ground clearance way too low. The driving position is guaranteed to make your acquaintance with some ICC bars some time. With the driving position and all I wonder if the tractor was base on an aircraft towing tractor that you see in large airports?. Considering RVs the size of that trailer go for maybe 500k and up a conversion would be …interesting. But drivability though.IIRC the lead character’s vehocle was up for sale recently…

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  24. Duane Gillispie

    The truck for sale on here looks nothing like the truck on The Highway man, what’s the deal?

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    • SubGothius

      The series had two different weird trucks. This one was the “sidekick” truck, different from the “hero” truck.

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  25. Jay McCarthy

    At $65K it would be a deal just for the driveline

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  26. jwaltb

    If it ever ran it looks like it would be a deathtrap.

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  27. John EderMember

    Sorry, no more Bud Lite- it has all been shot up by nut cases…

    Like 7

      More like ruined by a few who are missing theirs.

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    • John EderMember

      @ Cathouse:

      Are you referring to brain cells?

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  28. Heartbreaker AL

    This “thing” is cool as hell. If one looks past it’s exterior and thinks of the designing involved and the skilled labor of many a talented man, the asking price could not even come close to what it would take to build it today. As a custom builder, myself, I fully appreciate a genuine work of automotive art.

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  29. John Jasper

    Maybe if the guy sprung for even a cheap paint job it wouldn’t look like such a waste of do re mi.

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    • JimmyinTEXAS

      The guy shouldn’t waste his money on a paint job of any price, because it would wind up being a re do me…
      It is bad, I will let myself out.

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  30. Mike

    He’s off by a couple of decimal points. $1000. That’s about what it will bring at the scrap yard

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  31. Gonzocarz

    I gotta say this is an interesting piece of equipment! Would make a cool R.V. car hauler! Wish it had better pictures and size of trailer! One thing I do agree with most, way over priced! 35k maybe!
    Chrome alloy wheels and a custom paint this thing would look cool! Imagine showing up at the regional Corvette or Mustang show with you car in this!

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  32. robbert

    In my opinion a great and well proportioned design for such a big vehicle. More detailed pictures are requered to asses its price tag.

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  33. chrlsful

    for the extra 35K$ I wanna interior pic.
    still dont wanna really sell

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  34. pixelpusher

    Here’s and episode from the series:

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  35. OldCarGuy

    From the looks of the front left corner of the trailer, it’s “Captain, contact has been made!” Imagine having the make a RH turn in any normal intersection. One would need flagmen at all 4 corners. If it would even be possible. Well, on second thought, all 6 corners.

    Mike, if this is all steel, your scrap price is short, by at least decimal point, is it not?

    You gotta give the seller points for hangin’ in there, with grit and determination. And I will admit, it is a striking design, but the only practical use I can see is on a TV show, and that’s “been there, done that”.

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  36. Spudoo

    The CL ad makes it sound like the buyer will be getting $3000 worth of recently changed oil. So there’s that.

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  37. Kenn

    Would take a bit of practice to drive the thing, sitting that far ahead of the steering wheels.

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    • CarbuzzardMember

      The VV bus perched you above the stony whelks—danged autocorrect—front wheels, which took some getting used to, especially with engine so far away. But this…

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  38. bobk

    hmmm,… I must have missed that movie/tv show. Doesn’t ring any bells in my memory banks.

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