Plymouth Fury Convertible

First Year Sport Fury! 1959 Plymouth Convertible

And now for a bit of Virgil Exner’s best, a 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible. I say that with some sincerity as this Fury, a convertible no less, and in spite of its F/A-18 tailfins is, to my eyes,… more»

Parade Car Perfect: 1970 Plymouth Fury III Convertible

Late ’60s/early ’70s Chevy convertibles turn up all of the time. Ford products? Not too often. Mopars? A rarity! And that’s why I was thrilled to stumble across this beautiful 1970 Plymouth Fury III convertible. Not only is it… more»

1 of 1,500? 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury Pace Car

The number jumps around a bit from 1,300 to 1,900 with more than a few sources saying that there were 1,500 of these 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury Pace Car replicas made for the 1965 Indianapolis 500. This example can… more»

Righteous Ragtop: 1969 Plymouth Sport Fury

In dry California storage since 1987, this 1969 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible looks like a winner. A winner-winner-eating-other-cars-at-stoplights-for-dinner type of winner. This righteous ragtop is listed on eBay in Davis, California with bids up to $4,700 and the reserve… more»

Here’s The Story: 1969 Plymouth Fury III Convertible

Here’s the story, of a lovely 1969 Plymouth Fury III Convertible, who was bringing up three very lovely.. ok, enough of the Brady Bunch theme song. This Fury ragtop is listed on eBay with bids of just over $4,950… more»

Droptop Project: 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury

Here is a car that most of us could probably restore if we had the willpower. Most of us have the skill and a lot of us would have the money to buy this 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible… more»

Needs Some Love: 1966 Plymouth Fury III Convertible

Here’s another droptop with potential, a Furry III. The seller says it could use some love, but couldn’t we all? The Furry is a full-sized Plymouth and the  III was the top trim model until the Sport and the VIP… more»