Parade Car Perfect: 1970 Plymouth Fury III Convertible

Late ’60s/early ’70s Chevy convertibles turn up all of the time. Ford products? Not too often. Mopars? A rarity! And that’s why I was thrilled to stumble across this beautiful 1970 Plymouth Fury III convertible. Not only is it a seldom seen model, but it is also in excellent condition. Located in Hays Kansas, this big Fury Convertible is available here on eBay for a current bid of $9,000, twenty-one bids tendered so far.

Plymouth’s big car for 1970 presented itself as a bruiser of a cruiser. It carried the same kind of machismo as the other members of the Plymouth Rapid Transit System, the most notable hint being the dual power-bulge hood. So, is this Plymouth Fury III rare? Here’s how the numbers parse for 1970, full-size Chevrolets: 978,000; full-size Fords: 850,000; full-size Plymouths: 266,000; full-size Plymouth convertibles: 1,952! Yes, it’s rare, less than one percent of Fury production.

The seller states that this 68K mile example has been used primarily as a weekend car or a parade participant. He believes that it has had a repaint, which he suggests isn’t perfect, but the images certainly do it justice. He further mentions some niggling items that need attention like badges, some missing convertible top tabs, and the wrong radio antenna but that’s about it. There is no evidence of crash damage, misaligned fenders/doors, or rust; ditto the black convertible top, it appears as it should. While this Plymouth is considered a “fuselage” body style, it is a combination of rounded edges and angular lines, all nicely accentuated by its Ivy Green Metallic finish.

Under the hood is a Chrysler 383 CI, “B” series V8 engine that develops 290 gross HP. The seller states, “The car runs smooth and drives like it should. What’s been done to it? The local owner took good care of the car. New radiator, water pump…” It’s easy to believe the seller’s claim regarding care, it shows as having been very well maintained. Additionally, the seller states that the A/C is working, another nice feature, and frequently not the case on a half-century-old automobile. As is typical, the 383 engine is connected to a TorqueFlite, three-speed automatic transmission.

Those were the days, gotta love green upholstery! The “excellent condition” trend moves inside too as this Fury’s interior is as clean as the exterior. The seats, dash pad, instrument panel, and door cards need no attention. The seller mentions that the carpet has withdrawn from the sill plates and it needs to be tucked back in but that’s it for interior needs. It’s a thorough disclosure to present an image of the pulled carpet but it’s an easy fix too; it seems like the seller should just do it and forget about it. Little items as such really help with the sale.

The bid price for the Fury convertible is still reasonable though there are four more days of bidding to go. Nevertheless, it may be possible to secure this Plymouth at a nice price. If this were a Chevrolet convertible (and ’70 Chevy convertibles aren’t that common either) it would be trending at a considerably higher price but then it would be just another Chevy. Here’s one for Mopar fans and the new owner will be in rarified territory. This is the kind of cruiser that you want for a fair-weather day when you have nowhere in particular to be and nothing specific to do. It’s tempting, don’t you think?


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  1. Weasel

    Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.

    I bet I can parallel park it without knocking over the egg.

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    • David

      That was a 74 Chevrolet Caprice Classic convertible.

      Like 10
      • Mr.BZ

        Right David, but the blue Fury ragtop was Mike’s first car on the series!

        Like 10
    • Weasel

      Weasel out.

      Like 4
  2. DualJetfire

    Generally, 90 percent of a postwar car’s production run were 4 doors. The other 10 percent were everything else.

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  3. CJinSD

    I love this car so much, but the color hurts my eyes. Inside, outside, upside down. There’s no escaping the pea green.

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    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      It’s Not Easy, Being Green…..

      (Kermit the Frog)

      Like 16
      • Weasel

        Funny one DDB. Im afraid for you. Someone will most likely rip you for it not being “green”. It’s probably called “July Grass” or “Lima Bean” or something else witty for the time era. Witty euphemisms seem to be lost here lately. This site has changed. Good luck Scotty.

        Like 2
    • Glenn

      In side out side upside down! That Berenstein Bear book was and still is one of our favorite bed time story books for the last 40 years, as is this last of the Mopar convertibles!

    • Big_Fun Member

      Nice Yardbirds reference!

      • Paolo

        Over, under, sideways, down!
        Forward, backward, square, around!

  4. Rex Kahrs Member

    Well, everything in 1970 was that color: refigerators, toasters, washers, 4-finger bags of Mexican, etc. etc.

    Like 29

      I’m from s.w. oregon(or-E-gun) never knew what mexican bammer was till i was 19

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    • Will Fox

      The last of which was only about $15./bag as I recall. Those were the days….

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    • Racingpro56

      Mexican ditch weed. Pretty sure you would get lung cancer before you got high!

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  5. TimM

    Great looking car!! You definitely don’t see these very often!!!

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    • Paolo

      To think this was a Plymouth, the low price volume sales leader of Chrysler corporation. Plymouth covered an enormous range.This is the high end of the low end.
      And then the Germans invaded, dragged Plymouth out, forced him to his knees and viciously executed The Plymouth Rock in public before our disbelieving eyes. The filthy swine! Call it Hitler’s revenge. After looting everything worth taking, Dieter and Company climbed aboard their convoy of Opel Blitz trucks and drove back to Stuttgart laughing all the way, “Jajajajajaja!”
      The time will come to right this injustice. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or next week, or next month or next year or the year after or the year after that or 5 years from now or maybe 50 years from now but it will come. And it will be beautiful.
      Much like this 1970 Fury III convertible in Light Green Metallic. The Green will rise again!

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      • RNR

        I thought you were going to say “..maybe 5 years or 50,000 miles from now….”

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  6. Paolo

    Only the green survive! I love it. Kansas is a good place for this size car. I’m in the SF Bay Area and it’s gotten pretty crowded around here lately (the last 30 years) but I’d love to have it.

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  7. JW

    Had to look it up the color code is;
    Lime Green Metallic FF4

    From the sellers facebook page in the Ebay listing.

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  8. XMA0891

    A ’70 Fury III convertible is this man’s Number One own-before-I-die car! While i do tend to favour the “wilder” colors, I am not so sure about this “Lime Green”. I came across a purple-over-white convertible, with a three-on-the-tree – All of which was claimed to be OEM – Still sorry I let that one get away. Fantastic find!

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  9. Claudio

    The green monster
    Just fugly to me

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    • Tman

      Claudio, you must be an AMC Matador uuuuugly admirer

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  10. Moparman Member

    Change out the wheel covers for Magnums, put the top down and cruise! :-) GLWTA!

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  11. TinCanSailor

    My first car was a 4 door Fury II with that exact same color and engine combo.

    I had a ball in that car… great memories.

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  12. Jm

    It would be a hoot to park this car in a ‘green vehicle only’parking spot.

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  13. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Auctioned ended early because item is no longer available.
    Bummer, it would have been neat to see this one through to the end.

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