A38 Police Package: 1976 Plymouth Valiant

We don’t normally start out with an engine photo, but when a lot of the uniqueness and value of a car like this 1976 Plymouth Valiant relies on the engine and drivetrain, it makes sense. This rare project Plymouth… more»

Is That You Roscoe? 1978 Plymouth Fury Police Car

Jeff Lavery recently teased this 1978 Fury in his writeup of a 1982 AMC Concord that came from the same stash as this car and the 1985 Plymouth Fury police car I wrote about. At this point, I’d be… more»

On Patrol: 1985 Plymouth Fury Police Car

Calling all units! Not so long ago, Diplomats and Furys roamed the streets in police livery with lights mounted atop the roof. While many M-bodies still roam the streets, the lower-optioned Salon trim models seem less abundant (if abundant… more»

Unique Pursuit: Retired 1972 AMC Javelin State Trooper Car

In the 1970s, a couple of different police departments ordered a number of AMC Javelins as state trooper vehicles, with Alabama being most known for doing so. Having lived with an avid AMC enthusiast, I learned more history about… more»

1971 Ford Galaxie 500 “P” code 429 Interceptor

Before tearing up the highways in black Trans Ams, Burt Reynolds piloted a 429-powered 1971 Ford Galaxie 500 sedan as the Arkansas moonshine-runner Gator McKlusky in the 1973 movie “White Lightning.” This car, aside from not being brown or… more»

Going Dutch: 1983 Porsche 911 Police Car

While police on this side of the world rely heavily on V8 power and large sedan bodies, other parts of the universe deployed high-powered sports cars for high-speed highway pursuits. It’s not entirely different than from when various states used… more»

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