Barn Find 4-Speed: 1970 Pontiac GTO

It is very seldom that a muscle car from the beginning of the muscle car era is found alive and well in original condition. This 1970 Pontiac GTO was stored in a Georgia barn since the… more»

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How Low Can You Go? 1955 Pontiac Custom Wagon

I consider myself pretty jaded at this point in my life when it comes to cars that take my breath away. Ok, that’s not quite true. My breath is taken away once or twice a week…. more»

1968 Pontiac GTO Convertible Barn Find!

Following the original GTO, the iconic “first muscle car,” Pontiac cooked up the all-new 1968 GTO with a unique aerodynamic fuselage, dynamic colors, futuristic Endura front, and a host of power train choices and optional features…. more»

Echo’s Of Van Halen: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am

Update 12/13/2017 – This Trans Am has been relisted here on eBay and now has a BIN of $3,500. From 10/26/2017 – This find takes me back to 1979, Van Halen on cassette playing “Dance the Night… more»

The Real Macho Man: 1978 Pontiac Macho T/A

“Macho” brings forth very specific images to many: Perhaps the Marlboro Man, his rough-hewn skin glimmering in the reflective glow of a lighter flame moving to his cigarette. Maybe it evokes a time-capsule memory of another… more»

Private Eye: 1977 Pontiac Firebird

Wish I could start this post out with a witty answering machine clip! As easily recognizable as a Bandit Trans Am, Jim Rockford’s Sierra Gold Firebirds came into millions of homes week after week in the… more»

Not Quite Original: Low-Mileage 1975 Pontiac Trans Am

The ad for this 1975 Pontiac claims that it only has 4,280 miles on it, and based on the cosmetic condition it is certainly believable! If this car hasn’t been restored, then it is truly in… more»

Affordably Sleek: 1950 Pontiac Silver Streak

A sleek and running two door can often be a slippery slope as they are nearly impossible to deny. Appearing unrestored, and a great start to a classic two door project, this Pontiac Silver Streak needs… more»

Forgotten F-Body: 1972 Pontiac Firebird Esprit

It’s hard to believe, since the survival rate is much, much higher for Trans Ams and Formula Firebirds, but for many years of second-generation Pontiac Firebird production, the most popular model was the luxury-oriented Esprit—and when… more»

$11,900 or Offer: 1975 Pontiac LeMans Safari Wagon

In the spirit of a lot of recent online car listings, this 1975 Pontiac LeMans Safari Wagon is cut off in most of the photos. But, what is shown is pretty intriguing, especially for wagon lovers…. more»

Original Owner: 1968 Pontiac Firebird

The Pontiac Trans Am was one of the many factory street machines competing for dominance during the horsepower wars of the late 1960’s and ’70’s.  Before the Trans Am package was introduced in 1969, Pontiac introduced… more»

Big Red Bonneville: 1977 Pontiac Bonneville Survivor

Low-cost survivors seem to be coming out of the woodwork around here, but that’s only because Pat L. seems to know where to look! Once again, another wonderful submission. This 1977 Pontiac Bonneville only has 83,202… more»

A Squirrelly Situation: 1967 Pontiac Firebird

It is said that a rat is just a bushy tail away from being hand fed in the park by little old ladies, but in the auto restorer’s unending battle against the forces of destruction there… more»