Range Rover

Custom-Built for Peter Sellers: 1977 Range Rover

Actor Peter Sellers, famous for his Inspector Clouseau role in The Pink Panther, commissioned English coachbuilders Wood & Pickett to customize this 1977 Range Rover for him. Apparently, he was quite the automobile connoisseur. He took delivery in 1979,… more»

Rare Hunter Edition: 1989 Land Rover Range Rover

It may not look like it, but this 1989 Land Rover Range Rover is a rare bit of kit. Sure, we’ve seen many of these “Classic”-bodied examples languishing in garages and driveways, but very few of them have been… more»

Final Year LWB: 1995 Range Rover

The Range Rover Classic is for sure a future classic, as it represents the final year that the classic British SUV resembled its past far more than anything that was to come in the subsequent years. The model shown… more»

Ran When Parked: 1995 Range Rover Classic

Do you ever see a project vehicle and feel a rush of relief and/or regret when it reminds you of a vehicle you used to own? That’s what happens when I see this 1995 Range Rover Classic, which is… more»

No Reserve Donation: 1992 Range Rover

A few years ago, I was a Range Rover owner for about two months with a long-wheelbase version of the truck shown here. More on that later, but let’s talk about this fine specimen that ended up with my… more»

Two-Door Project: 1980 Range Rover

The seller of this 1980 Range Rover two-door clearly has a bone to pick with his fellow British truck enthusiasts. He claims he bought the truck back in 2007 and has been awaiting a customer with enough cash and… more»

1 of 125 Made: 1997 Range Rover Vitesse 4.6HSE

The premise of a special edition vehicle tied to a unique color palette is a marketing tactic that has yielded inconsistent results. Throughout history, some models of a particular significance like a Porsche 911 or a Chevrolet Corvette have… more»

Huge Land Rover Stash!

The seller’s asking price of $460,000 might sound high for a group of old Land Rovers, but the seller has more than just a couple of cars. They are offering 37 of these British off-roaders, plus several storage containers… more»

One Owner: 1983 Range Rover V8 Classic

Driven by British royalty in the UK, the Range Rover has almost become a cult classic, which the market is only just waking up to. These were a revolution when they came to the market, eventually bringing mass luxury… more»

Modern Classic: 1993 Land Rover Range Rover

Despite a fairly nefarious reputation for being costly to maintain, there are legions of Range Rover Classic fans out there that adore these old squarebodies. The “Classic” nomenclature is fitting considering the design was largely static going on 15… more»

Project Lot! 16 Land Rover Range Rover Projects

This listing is for a lot of Range Rovers, and I mean that in both noun form and as a means of measurement. The “lot” is loaded with 16 classic Land Rover Range Rover vehicles, some of which are… more»

Diesel Conversion: 1989 Range Rover Classic SWB

This 1989 Range Rover Classic SWB is a project, but a running one with lots of big-dollar parts thrown at it. The Range Rover features a  fully rebuilt 300 TDI engine shipped from a specialist in the UK accompanied… more»

Rare Tor Edition: 1982 Range Rover

Early Range Rovers have been on the upward trajectory for quite some time, to the point that savvy sellers are now looking for pristine gray market examples to sell stateside. As it stands right now, early U.S. models are… more»

Redevelopment Forces Sale: Major UK Barn Find Auction

According to a website with a major auction listed among its upcoming events, a large collection of project cars and trucks were forced out of their barn storage to make way for a major redevelopment of the property. The… more»

Never This Nice: 1983 Range Rover

For years, it seemed you couldn’t give away a first-generation Range Rover, especially the loaded-up higher trim levels that were massive depreciation machines given their high costs of upkeep. Over the last few years, however, the earlier models with… more»

Takes Up Space: Range Rover Limo Project

Today, we see all sorts of limos on the road. Many of them are incarnations of the latest blinged-out sedan that is popular with the Hollywood set, or some other media sensation. It seems to me there is a… more»

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