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Project Lot! 16 Land Rover Range Rover Projects

This listing is for a lot of Range Rovers, and I mean that in both noun form and as a means of measurement. The “lot” is loaded with 16 classic Land Rover Range Rover vehicles, some of which are relatively complete and have titles, and others that are clearly just to be used as parts vehicles. The “Classic” model as this era of Range Rover is known has been commanding a fair price on the collector vehicle market as of late, and it’s one of the few modern classics that’s often restored, with some specialists even choosing to backdate them in the spirit of a Singer Porsche 911 to look like the earliest models. Regardless, if you need decades’ worth of parts, this collection is up for grabs here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $73,000.

When it comes to project lots, I’m always curious just how successful sellers are in re-homing a large number of vehicles at one time. Basically, you’re hoping that you don’t have to deal with selling off the project vehicles piece-by-piece and that there’s a buyer out there who isn’t phased by inheriting 16 large vehicles at one time. However, it’s not just the actual price tag that you have to factor in, as there’s also several thousands of dollars in transportation costs to deal with, so I’d wager you’ll be in for over $80,000 when all is said and done if a professional trucking company is used. Of course, given how popular these classic Range Rovers are in the Northeast, there’s a chance they won’t be traveling far at all.

The seller is a known quantity in the vintage SUV space, and I started following them when I was deep into my 1986 Isuzu Trooper project. Whether these vehicles are their own or they are helping to consign the property of a local repair shop isn’t disclosed, so you’ll want to send them a few questions about how this collection came together and just how many of them could be returned to the road. Obviously, some of these are likely wrecks that may have already been flagged in a federal database of having been sent to scrap, so I’d count on more than a few just being useful for spare parts and body panels. Heck, I’d love to grab the roof rack off of this one!

The seller includes a whole mess of photos, which should help to identify just which ones look complete enough to possibly return for road-going use. This model, with its color-coordinated wheels and brush guards on the taillights, is still a looker even in its neglected state, and it would likely be a quick sale if it were fluffed and buffed and made to run again. Of course, the Range Rover was not immune to any number of mechanical foibles, so a bad transmission or a blown head gasket could be lurking under the hoods of even the cleanest of examples in this 16 car corral. What do you think – could a restoration shop or parts vendor make out OK with the whole collection at the seller’s current asking price?


  1. HoA Howard A Member

    Hmm, a Range Rover stash in Joisey? Nothing to see here folks, they’ve all been gone through already,,,I know, I kid, New Jersey gets such a bad rap, but I knew some folks from NJ that were the coolest people. A stereotype like all people from Wisconsin are overweight,drunken cheeseheads( that’s partially true, btw) Proof positive, for every vehicle, there’s some crack pot( in a good way) that is going to collect a slew of them. I’m sure Range Rover would love to squelch this ad, ” Blimey, those aren’t OUR Range Rovers”, they’d say, in a stiff upper lip British tone. To see this many junked surely is a sign of a bad car. A lot of them don’t look damaged like in a crash, maybe gotten some other way, perhaps? Regardless, quite a find.

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  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    Located in Cream Ridge,New Jersey.

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  3. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    The sellers ask equates to $4500 per Rover, lol. That is just silly, since most of them have already been picked apart. SMH!

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  4. CJinSD

    I still have nightmares from having Land Rover owners drop their cars off at the shop I used to run. As soon as one was visible in our lot, other Land Rover owners would think we must be a specialist or silly enough to work on them, and the Land Rover in the lot would become two, and then three, and sometimes four. There was even an independent specialist in town with a decent reputation, but some Land Rover owners couldn’t wait. Often they would then buy a second and a third Land Rover in the hope that one would be running when they want to get somewhere.

    I actually know a guy I could call who might be the buyer for this lot. I won’t do it to him though. He’s too nice, even if I used to hate to see one of his six Discoveries or Range Rovers roll into the shop.

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    • Gerard Frederick

      Now THERE´S a brand endorsement.

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  5. wuzjeepnowsaab

    You say “project lot,” I say junkyard specializing in Range Rovers lot

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  6. Bill

    That seems to be a lot for what’s there, the owner might want to go for the scrap rate he might and get someone to BIN on eBay

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  7. Jim

    With 16 of them, There’s enough good and functioning electrical parts to make one functional Land Rover.

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    • John Eder


      Being a former RR Classic owner, I am concerned that you may be overly optimistic…

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  8. Troy

    And this why I have never purchased a Range Rover all these parts vehicles just to keep one on the road.

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  9. Howie Mueler

    This now says it ended, but they have 32 vehicles still listed, with some more Land Rovers.

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    • Howie Mueler

      Oooops, Range Rovers.

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  10. gaspumpchas

    A wise old mechanic told me “don’t ever buy a car with ROVER in the name”. Couldnt imagine trying to get one of these going after sitting. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Good luck and happy motoring!

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  11. Karl

    Why is it all I see are huge parts bills trying to get these running again, and that doesn’t even touch the nightmares in the the time it would take!

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  12. Gerard Frederick

    Let´s face it, they were unmitigated junk when new. One must be a bonafide masochist to own one.

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  13. Nathan Tucker

    I see rover mechanics and parts suppliers reaping the benefits of this multiplier effect…

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  14. Frank Sumatra

    Lowest quality ranking every year from every source that wastes their time checking them. I have seen more moving on the back of a flatbed then I have seen moving on the road.

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  15. Gerard Frederick

    The best thing for Riover to do is to disappear. There was a time they built some good luxury cars, a bit ponderous and conservative, but then something happened. aWhen they were taken over by BMW the troubles grew exponentially. Cars delivered to the German market had deliberately been sabotaged, dealers went nuts trying to correct the problems. BMW finally literally gave away the white elephant – the warranty claims almost bankrupted them. Afterward, even huge injections of foreign capital from misguided foreign pencil pushers resulted in nothing but more misery. I fail to understand why anyone would even consider buying a product from this company of misery and monetary sloth. Isn´t it owned by a Chinese conglomerate now? Good Lord, after their experiences with the Opium Wars, they should know better than to touch anything on America´s aircraft carrier in the Atlantic.

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  16. tompdx

    My first Rover was a 1991 Range Rover “classic,” although that name hadn’t been invented yet in 1997. Never had a problem with it. It was easy to work on and would take you absolutely anywhere. I steered it up a 3″ wall of snow and it just clamored right up it like it was a speed bump. Fantastic vehicle. Loved it so much I haven’t been without a RR or other Land Rover in the stable since. Only problem I ever had with any of them was when the transfer case seized on my ’99 (P38) RR. That was expensive! Otherwise, they were all wonderful vehicles to own and drive. My favorite is the current beast: a 2014 RR Sport SC – 510 hp is enough!

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  17. Rolls-Royce

    There are also some Land Rover Discovery’s on that place, and some cars there looks like they can still drive, the only thing is that I don’t think that the government want see them on the road, but I see you Amarican people really doing every thing you want to! So I say, re pare them!

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  18. John Eder

    A lot of Range Rover bashing going on here, likely, in most cases, from those who haven’t actually owned one. I just sold a 92 SWB Classic. Did it require a lot of upkeep ($$$$)? Yes. Did it break down a lot? Yes (that is why I also have a trouble free Prius). But when it all worked, it was the best of the 40 or so vehicles that I have owned, from 40s vintage trucks to a Unimog. Nothing compares to the way it does everything asked of it exceedingly well. I also likely owe my life to it’s ABS brake system- it allowed me to make an abrupt 80 mph lane change while panic braking to avoid a head on collision with a wrong way driver. It, like a lot of complex vehicles, comes with an implied need to budget for upkeep and feeding- it’s not a Toyota.

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    • tompdx

      Yes, of all of the bashers, only one says he owned a Rover. I have loved all 7 of mine (’91 RR, ’95 Disco, ’99 Disco II, ’99 RR, ’04 RR, ’08 RR Sport, and ’14 RR Sport SC). Enormously capable off roaders, yet very comfortable freeway cruisers. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve had 24 years of relatively trouble free ownership. From the ’04 on, they actually were like owning a Toyota.

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