Rat Rod

LS-Powered Rat Rod: 1934 Ford Coupe

It is fair to say that Rat Rod creators play by their own set of rules. However, those rules are loosely defined, allowing builders to create genuinely unique vehicles that reflect their taste, imagination, and, crucially, their ingenuity. This… more»

Custom Roadster! 1971 Jaguar XJ6

Meet JAGROD, a custom roadster hand-built by the seller about nine years ago.  The project started off with a 1971 Jaguar XJ6 but morphed into the cool one-of-a-kind two-seater you can see here on eBay.  This one’s pretty impressive,… more»

Hot Rods and Saabs: Maine Auto Auction!

We love seeing listings for estate clean-outs and auctions for whole car collections, as the variety of parts, cars, tools, and signage is usually pretty entertaining. This upcoming auction at a property in Maine is no exception, with a… more»

No Reserve Rat Rod: 1951 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup

I admit that when I saw my first Rat Rod, I didn’t understand it. I couldn’t grasp why someone would go to the trouble of creating a custom build without applying a shiny coat of paint. I have grown… more»

Flareside Rat Rod: 1963 Ford F100

Step-side trucks aren’t everyone’s taste. However, for those people looking for an ultra-short wheelbase, they can be a great option. For this generation of F100, the short wheelbase step-side (Flareside as Ford calls it) was produced at about 1/5th… more»

427 Tunnel Ram! 1954 Chevy Rat Rod Gasser

Some cars you can hear by looking at a photo and this is one of them. One glance of this 1954 Chevy gasser immediately makes me hear the cackle of the side pipes. While gassers aren’t everyone’s taste (especially… more»

Rat Rod 1930 Model A Ford Project

There are myriad coulda, woulda, shoulda reasons why the best-laid plans for restoring a car don’t work out. But for every frustrated plan, there’s another one getting born. And that’s the way it is with this heavily patinaed 1930… more»

Street Legal ’23 Ford Model T Roadster Pickup Drag Racer!

I’m guessing Henry Ford realized pretty quickly that original buyers of his Model T cars and trucks were often converting his creations into some diverse applications to fit their own specific needs. Back in the early days, quite a… more»

Rat Rod Look: Porsche Speedster Replica

Despite looking more like a Halloween prop than a project car, the seller of this Porsche 356 Speedster replica thinks it’s a worthwhile investment for a savvy car builder. His price is low compared to what a finished one… more»

Rat Rod Shorty: 1952 International Harvester School Bus

When it comes to vintage buses, it’s often the case that well-intentioned owners get to it too late. The bus, once retired, falls into private hands that simply need a lot of space and a lot of seats, which… more»

Rat Rod Ready! 1948 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup

We cover a lot of old pickups on Barn Finds, why just yesterday this ’56 Studebaker surfaced, and one of the overarching questions with an old truck is what to do with it. There are so many ways to… more»

Rear-Mounted 454 V8! 1950 Studebaker Champion

This 1950 Studebaker Champion is running and driving with a rear-mounted big-block V-8 and abundant patina. The rat rod of your dreams is available for a Buy it Now price of $9,995 here on eBay near Indianapolis, Indiana. It… more»

Your Own Car Site: RatRods.com Is For Sale!!!

A while back we announced that we’d started a new website – RatRods.com! We spent a ton of time and money getting it going and Montana has done a great job writing posts. But we are starting to feel… more»

1967 Pontiac Based Rat Rod With 400 V8!

Rat Rods aren’t to everyone’s taste, but these are vehicles that I admire simply because the majority of the people that build them demonstrate individual and unique visions and solutions in a bid to achieve their desired look. This 1967… more»

Introducing Our New Site: RatRods.com!!!

As much as we love to see cars kept original, some “barn finds” are just too far gone to be feasible restoration projects. That’s where movements like rat rodding come into play. It gives forgotten machines another chance while… more»

Absolutely Unique: 1935 Chevrolet Rat Rod Roadster

This 1935 Chevrolet Rat Rod has generated some interest since it was listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Kuna, Idaho, it comes with a clear title. Initially listed with an opening bid of $0.99, bidding has now… more»

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