1967 Pontiac Based Rat Rod With 400 V8!

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Rat Rods aren’t to everyone’s taste, but these are vehicles that I admire simply because the majority of the people that build them demonstrate individual and unique visions and solutions in a bid to achieve their desired look. This 1967 Rat Rod is no different, and if you are a person looking for something a bit unusual that also possesses impressive performance, then this is a car that is worth considering. The Rod is located in Meadow Vista, California, and is listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set an opening bid of $3,000 for the vehicle, and it appears that there has been No Reserve set.

The Rod started life as a 1967 Pontiac. The frame was retained, and a full custom body was fabricated to fit. It does have a few rough edges, most notably around the edges of the opening to the cockpit, but the finish is well within keeping with the overall theme of the vehicle. It has previously been used as a promotional vehicle for a hardware store, hence the hand-painted logo on either side. The owner says that if a buyer emerges who wants to use it as a promotional vehicle, he may be willing to paint a new logo at the right price.

The interior of the Rod is also within character, but the owner does admit that it probably needs a bit of a refresh. The dash does look a bit wrong, but I think that I would need to sit and have a good think about how I would tackle that part of the car. Likewise, that huge spanner that is attached to the now-redundant column shifter would have to go. The one attached to the floor shifter also looks wrong, but I’m not really sure how I would resolve that at this stage. There is also a bit of wiring that needs to be tidied, and I might also look for a different solution for the seats to inject a bit more comfort into the interior.

I’m not sure how much the vehicle weighs, but it would be considerably less than the donor vehicle on which it is based. With that in mind, the 400ci V8 fitted to the car should provide some pretty startling performance. Power from the engine is fed to an automatic transmission. The presentation here is a bit lacking and could use a bit of “bling” to provide a contrast on the vehicle. I believe that the engine may be standard, but as I said, performance should still be mighty impressive. The owner does say that the brakes are a bit stiff and could probably use some attention, but otherwise, it sounds like it is mechanically strong.

We don’t have a particularly strong rat rod scene where I live, and these are cars that can tend to divide opinion. I have seen a few examples that I have really admired, while I have also seen some which leave me scratching my head. I really don’t mind this one, because I rather like the work that has gone into that hand-fabricated body. I also admire the fact that its mechanical specifications mean that it is a car that you should be able to drive and enjoy, rather than spending extended periods undertaking maintenance tasks. There are a few details that would need to be changed, but at the price, it certainly seems to offer the sort of performance that would be a real hoot.

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  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Now that’s something else, especially the wrenches welded onto the shifter on the steering column (I assume) along with maybe a parking brake on the transmission hump (again I assume).

    I expect this one will either be love or hate situation. I can’t say I love it though unsure if I hate it or not.

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    • Ike Onick

      This would prevent me from looking at anymore Rat Rods.

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      • Johnny Joseph

        Mr. Opionated,
        What would it take for you to not comment on Barn Finds? Every single one I have ever seen was a dig at the car, the owner, or both. Mr. Perfect. What do you even drive, Ike? A 1981 Honda Civic? No, Mr. Perfect must have a 1970 Hemi Cuda in triple black that’s worth $2,000,000, right? Cut the negativity, Slick. I mean, Mr. Perfect.

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  2. KevinLee


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  3. canadainmarkseh

    I see some potential here I think the right guy could take this to the next level. It just needs some refining but otherwise looks like it’s got some good bones. Id take it on if I was in a position to fit it into my garage. But that space is already to full, and one hobby car is enough for now.

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    • Ike Onick

      Please expand on what the “next level” might entail.

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      • canadainmarkseh

        To Start with chopped flat windshield with soft top. A lot of cleaning and detailing the engine bay. Even R&R the engine to clean and paint and reseal. Then paint the engine bay and frame rails to match what ever colour your going to paint the body. For me it would be red. I’d make a hood for it leaving the sides open with headers and chrome side pipes coming out. I’d put a smaller chromed air cleaner on it too, as for wheels I’d paint them red to match the car, chrome dog dish hub caps and wide white walled tires. I’d put some carving detail into the dash better seats, and floor coverings. I’d build some nice panal work for the doors and around the seats. Finally I’d double pinstripe it in gold and orange. Oh I’d get rid of that hood ornament too. That would be some of the things that would be next level in my mind. There’s a solid GM chassie and drive line here as well as semi modern brakes and steering. Give the builder a little credit body lines and build looks not to bad certainly a good project car.

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  4. TortMember

    No, not for me except maybe for a parts car.

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  5. Mike

    If the wife refuses to be seen in it, then you might want to reevaluate your design abilities.

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  6. Wayne

    I think that it is kind of cool. (the ornament on top of the radiator cover would have to go) And definitely some refinement needed. With the correct amount of refinement (and paint) it really would not have to be a Rat Rod. Just a different kind of roadster. Plenty of power due to the power to weight ratio. I would take it on if current projects did not have “current priority & space” requirements.

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  7. George

    Forget about the ratrod nomenclature on this one. It has the look of a 50s custom, or Mechanics Illustrated build a custom car. Remove some of the ratrod look, give it a 50s custom paint, and people’s opinions will change.

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