2×2 Brute: 1971 Rokon Trail-Breaker MK4

It’s hard to believe that one of the toughest, most-rugged motorcycles ever, one that even goes so far as to have both wheels providing power, is related to the owner of a women’s makeup empire. No, really. The seller… more»

AWD Motorcycle: 1980 Rokon Ranger

A lot of us who live in the upper-Midwest, northeast part of the US, Canada, and other northern climates have to put away our motorcycles in the winter months. If you happen to live where there’s snow on the… more»

Really Rare Rokon! 1976 Rokon RT340 II

A lot of us get in trouble when we see a vehicle listed online and we can’t live without it, and then we act on that impulse. It’s the same way with a few of the Barn Finds writers…. more»

Dueling Rokons: 1968 and 1970 Rokon Trail-Breakers

I probably say this every time we see a Rokon roll through the employee break room here at One Barn Finds Tower: I literally can not believe that I don’t own one. Nice original ones don’t seem to come… more»

One-Wheel-Drive: 1971 Rokon RT-140

Here’s an unusual one, at least in the Rokon world. This 1971 Rokon RT-140 is listed on eBay with bids of just over $200 but the reserve isn’t met. It’s located in Sussex, New Jersey and you can fly in… more»

Red Ranger: 1974 Rokon Trail-Breaker Ranger

When a person thinks about a two-wheel drive motorcycle there’s really only one name: Rokon. There have been other makers of such machines, but this is the famous maker that most people automatically think of. This is a 1974… more»

Two-Wheeled Wonder: 1972 Rokon Trail-Breaker

This two-wheeled wonder is a 1972 Rokon Trail-Breaker, and as most of you know, it’s two-wheel drive. This ground-grabber is listed on eBay with a current bid price of $2,000 and there are still five days left on the… more»