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Go Anywhere: 2005 Rokon Scout 2×2 With Trailer

Go anywhere, slowly. A vehicle from 2005 is newer than we usually show here on Barn Finds, home of vintage and classic finds – the dustier the better. Speaking of dust, this 2005 Rokon Scout 2×2 motorcycle can create some dust as it churns up the trail. The seller has this go-anywhere beast posted here on craigslist in Naches, Washington and they’re asking $4,250. Here is the original listing.

The navy blue seat is a little unusual, I’m not sure why it wasn’t redone in black but that’s easily changeable if the next owner cares about such things. Rokon got its start back in 1958 in California with the first patent being filed in 1959. It wasn’t until Charlie Fehn’s third attempt in 1963 that the patent was approved, but by then, his 2×2 motorcycle was in development. In 1966, the patent was finally granted. Having gone from inventor Charlie Fehn to Merle Normal Cosmetics business tycoon J. B. Nethercutt, this unique company was located in Vermont at the time the patent was finally approved in 1966 and the first Trail-Breaker was produced.

The Scout is the most basic Rokon available today, without the famous hollow wheels that can hold either water, fuel, or any liquid. This Scout appears to be in nice condition and I recognize some features that are similar to my 1971 Rokon Trail-Breaker Mark III, such as the chain on the rear hitch, the buddy seat, and the front rack. Although, God help you on mine if you get your pants or finger between a moving chain, unlike the new models where all of those things are covered.

Unlike my mosquito fogger two-stroke Power Bee engine (the same one that’s in my 1980 Chrysler Sno Runner), this Rokon Scout is powered by a Kohler four-stroke single, which has about 6.5 horsepower. It sends power to both wheels through a three-speed transmission and various chains, driveshafts, servo-controls, magic unicorn shavings, and some other things. With an electric start, this thing is positively fancy compared to mine. A pull-start is a nice backup, although there’s no kick-start anymore. Mine has kick-start and pull-start only.

As if the 2×2 Scout itself wasn’t cool enough, this one includes a very nice trailer! You could haul your vintage motorcycle to a vintage motorcycle show with a somewhat vintage Rokon. If you don’t need to carry a few gallons of liquid in your hollow wheels (I never thought I’d say that), this Rokon Scout may be the one for you. Have any of you owned a Rokon?


  1. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    This is a really cool bike. I remember back in the early 70’s in comic books The back pages you would see this bike. We all thought how cool is that. We where riding around on our banana seat bike thinking. Maybe we can do that. We where ages 10-13 . One friend had access to a welding torch. On his bike he made the front fork wider. He put a rear tire with the gear on the front. Double pedal gear from a 10 speed. Hook the chains for the rear and front and it worked. One problem…. Steering!!! You could steer a little going straight was great. It was great growing up back then because you use your imagination to make anything you want. And nobody tell us you couldn’t. Today kids to me are lost and we know why. This bike 2X2 would be a hoot to ride. Good luck to the seller. 🐻🇺🇸

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  2. chrlsful

    I visited expecting to see a trailer to carry this lill fellow. Hummm, looks like an on-rd trailer (as I assess the ‘hitch’?) for an off rd bike? Naw…

    A bit jealous of U Scott. I like these things. When lookin in detail (personalities/their actions, development) their history is even more fascinating to me. For this one I’d need to customize a good bit (who ever heard of on rd use for 1 of these? Their forte is ‘no trail’ bush whacking…

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    • Ron

      Off rd. Trailer, great for haulin out game, even an elk! Or Bear

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  3. eric22t

    cool rig. i can’t believe that growing up here in new england, i have never ever seen any of these. took a bit of searching to find how they did it, but that shaft through the upper frame tube is ingenious. actually this in a 3 wheeler would be ‘tha bomb”.

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  4. Brendan S

    Got a couple of these… a 1998 with a Honda motor and a sidecar and a 2016 with a Kohler which is street legal…. technically. I’ve used it a grand total of one time on the road. But I have hauled 2 deer out of the woods with it (one on the rear rack, one dragged behind). The sidecar rig is a super fun beer cooler hauler at race events, if anyone goes to Road America for the MotoAmerica races, flag me down for a free beer :)

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  5. Stan

    Right on Brother 🍻 🍺 👏 🤝

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  6. Thomas Stricker

    I know a man who rode one coast to coast a couple of years ago. On his way to CA. he stayed at my house in PA. and I lead him via back roads into Ohio.

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  7. Jamie

    Looks like a very good deal! These bikes can literally, go anywhere. Years ago, a group of these were ridden up to an old mining town. The trail up there was so steep and rocky that you could barely walk it on foot. I was amazed, but they all made it. I think there is still video of the trip that someone posted on Youtube. Very useful, if you have the need. They are motorized mules.

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  8. SamJ

    I don’t see how it drives the front wheel.

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  9. Philbo427

    Whoa! I never seen a mini bike with a powered front wheel! I’ll have to look into the design to see how it works but I guess it doesn’t matter since magic unicorn shavings are hard to come by these days.

    Thanks for the cool post!!!

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  10. Greg Sullivan

    I saw one of those on Pawn Stars on History Channel a while back!

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  11. jwaltb

    They’re still being made! You can buy a brand new one for double the price of this, though it won’t have a trailer,

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