Souped Up 440! 1972 Plymouth Satellite

The Satellite nameplate debuted in 1965 as the top-of-the-line mid-size Belvedere and stayed through 1974. At times, they could be mistaken as Road Runners, but without quite the same punch. This 1972 edition has been the recipient of a… more»

48k Mile Convertible: 1965 Plymouth Satellite

Plymouth rolled out the Satellite in 1965 as an up-market version of the Belvedere, filling a role similar to the Sport Fury in the senior line-up. It was reserved for just hardtops and convertibles and could be gotten with… more»

Hi-Po 383/4 Speed: 1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite

This 1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite has undergone some changes to its appearance over the years, but its original heart still beats strongly beneath. It has some rust to contend with, but there’s nothing here that we haven’t seen before…. more»

Hot Rod Mopar: 1971 Plymouth Satellite

When a buyer goes searching for a classic on which to spend their hard-earned cash, there are many factors to consider. I find a long ownership history to be a strong selling point, and that is one of many… more»

1 of 314 Hemi: 1966 Plymouth Satellite

If you wanted to get a 426 Hemi in your mid-size Plymouth before the Road Runner or GTX were introduced, you could get it from the factory in your 1966 Satellite. The Satellite was the upscale trim option on… more»

1972 Plymouth Road Runner or Satellite?

The success story of the late 1960s became the survival story of the early 1970s. Due to a declining interest in muscle cars because of a variety of reasons, the Road Runner went from 45,000 units in 1968 to… more»

440-Powered: 1970 Plymouth Satellite

The 2nd generation of the Plymouth Satellite ran from 1968-70. Both the Satellite and Belvedere would lend their bodies to the new Road Runner (hardtop = Satellite, coupe = Belvedere). Plymouth sold 82,000 Satellites in 1970 with 28,000 of… more»

Unfinished Project: 1969 Plymouth Satellite Hardtop

As the 1960s were drawing to a close, insurance companies were beginning to develop a certain level of twitchiness towards the high-performance models produced by vehicle manufacturers. This led to a couple of different scenarios. The first of these… more»

383-Equipped: 1967 Plymouth Satellite Hardtop

This 1967 Plymouth Satellite Hardtop has spent the past 28-years parked in a pole barn but doesn’t appear to be any worse for the experience. Of course, the fact that the barn in question was in Arizona will have… more»

50k Original Miles: 1970 Plymouth Satellite Hardtop

The 1970 Plymouth Satellite is an extremely attractive car, and to find a spotless and original low-mileage example today is a rare treat. That is apparently the story with this car, which has a claimed 50,000 original miles showing… more»

Muscle Wagon: 1971 Plymouth Satellite 440

Classic wagons can vary widely in types and styles, but if you are on the hunt for one and fancy something with a bit of attitude, then maybe this 1971 Plymouth Satellite Custom is just the vehicle. It packs… more»

Basic Needs: 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus

This 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus is a rust-free survivor that is looking for a new home. It needs some cosmetic work and basic mechanical maintenance, and it would then be a pretty nice car to own and drive…. more»

One-Owner Survivor: 1974 Plymouth Satellite Sebring

Hailing from the final year of Satellite production, this 1974 Plymouth Satellite Sebring is a one-owner car that has now been listed for sale. Barn Finder Ikey H has been on the lookout for us and spotted this great… more»

Junkyard Rescue: 1967 Plymouth Sport Satellite

Sometimes you will look at a potential project car and wonder how it found its way into a junkyard. This 1967 Plymouth was rescued by the owner from a private junkyard, and the owner has decided to move it… more»

The Wow Factor: 1966 Plymouth Satellite Hemi

Wow, just…wow. Sometimes there just aren’t enough superlatives to describe how nice some cars are. For sale here on eBay and located in Columbus, Ohio is this sparkling example of 1960s rolling iron. Complete with a clear title and… more»