Not A Road Runner: 1969 Plymouth Satellite

Between 1965 and 1974, the Satellite (or Sport Satellite) was the top trim level of Plymouth’s B-bodied intermediate that also served as the Belvedere and Road Runner. The best-selling era of the Satellite was during the redesign period of… more»

B-Body Beauty: 1971 Plymouth Satellite

Beginning in 1965, the Satellite became the upscale version of Plymouth’s mid-size car, the Belvedere. As was the case with all of Chrysler’s B-bodied intermediates, a rework in 1971 gave the cars “fuselage” styling along the lines of the… more»

383 4-Speed GTX? 1971 Plymouth Satellite

The Satellite was introduced in 1965 as Plymouth’s Belvedere’s top trim level. With the advent of the car’s third generation in 1971, they went one step further with the Satellite Sebring Plus. You couldn’t get a nicer Plymouth B-body… more»

Tidy and Solid: 1965 Plymouth Satellite Convertible

With winter fast approaching, now might seem an odd time to add a Convertible to your garage. However, nothing could be further from the truth. While the weather limits the opportunities for classic motoring, it does allow the opportunity… more»

Seller’s Loss, Your Gain: 1972 Plymouth Satellite

Chrysler redesigned its B-body intermediates in 1971, using fuselage-type styling. And the hardtops and sedans got different sheet metal, making them distinctive in the showrooms and on the road. The cars were little changed in 1972 and the seller… more»

408 Stroker! 1970 Plymouth Satellite Wagon

Boasting an owner-described reliable 400+ HP stroker motor, this 1970 Plymouth Satellite station wagon in Pottstown, Pennsylvania swallowed over $12,000 in drivetrain parts, according to the seller, and covers 50 to 100 miles daily as a driver. The red… more»

Hemi-Equipped: 1966 Plymouth Satellite

The 1960s was a remarkable era in automotive history. Because they weren’t hamstrung by emission regulations, manufacturers produced some potent products designed to scratch the performance itch felt by many enthusiasts. For those with a healthy budget, slipping behind… more»

20-Year Barn Find Roller: 1970 Plymouth Satellite

In the 1960s, everyone was capitalizing on the Space Race by naming cars that fit the times. For example, Ford had the Galaxie, Chevy had the Nova, and Plymouth had the Satellite, which was an upper-level, mid-size Belvedere. This 1970… more»

B-body 2 for 1: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

After a hugely successful launch in 1968, the production trajectory for the Plymouth Road Runner would peak the following year at 84,000 copies. The seller has one of those cars painted in the sought-after Hi-Impact color of Vitamin C…. more»

Super Clean, Low Miles: 1968 Plymouth Satellite

The Plymouth Satellite arrived on the scene in 1965 as part of Plymouth’s “B” body line, slotted above the Belvedere. Designer John Samsen commented that the company’s sales department encouraged a wide look front and rear, so the car’s… more»

Former Race Car: 1965 Plymouth Satellite

Plymouth introduced the Satellite in 1965 as its top-level mid-size model. It was based on the B-body platform that was also used by the Belvedere. In its first year, the car was only available as a 2-door hardtop and… more»

Sebring Plus Project: 1972 Plymouth Satellite

The muscle car landscape at Chrysler was a little confusing in the early 1970s. In 1972, went you went to the Plymouth dealer, you had three choices among the mid-size B-body cars: the Road Runner (still something of a… more»

Solid Roller: 1972 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus

The Satellite was Plymouth’s mid-size entry between 1965-74, starting as an upscale Belvedere before becoming a series of its own. During the car’s third-generation (1971-74), the Sebring Plus would be its high-end model before being replaced by the Chrysler… more»

Hemi/4-Speed: 1966 Plymouth Satellite

The 1960s was a great time to be a performance car enthusiast. If buyers had a thick enough wallet, they could walk into a dealership and drive away in a car capable of pinning them back in the seat… more»

P-Code 400/4-Barrel! 1972 Plymouth Satellite Sebring

The Plymouth Satellite was in production from 1965 through 1974, and when the third and final generation body style was introduced in 1971 it bore little resemblance to its earlier B-Body predecessors.  Its exterior has been deemed the “fuselage”… more»

Original 383: 1967 Plymouth Satellite Convertible

With summer fast approaching, the thought of hitting the road behind the wheel of a classic convertible has to be tempting. It is probably more so when the vehicle in question features its original potent V8 under the hood…. more»