634 Mile Time Capsule! 1991 Saturn SC

“Convenient as they may be, four doors aren’t the answer for everyone. Some people have other, more pressing needs to fulfill. Like one of those lifelong and burning desires to own a sport coupe. A vehicle known for its… more»

Future Collectible? 1994 Saturn SW2 5-Speed Wagon

Bear with me on this one. This 1994 Saturn SW2 isn’t that old but it’s 26 years old which predates a good percentage of Barn Finds readers. It’s not particularly fast, although it does have a sweet twin-cam engine…. more»

Solo Cup: 1991 Saturn SC

A fresh face to entry level, the newcomer to economy class, and hardly any metal in its construction. General Motors developed a whole new brand of car with a whole new image, and a whole new way to sell… more»

Out Of This World: 7,500 Mile 1992 Saturn SC2

Anyone interested in preserving a piece of automotive history might be well-served to look into buying this 1992 Saturn SC2, for sale here on craigslist in Roanoke, VA.  With only 7,500 miles since new, there can’t be many left… more»

Campus Find: As-New 1995 Saturn SL1

Colleges benefit from many things, including non-profit status, tax breaks, great deals on desirable properties, and the ability to take over once-public streets for the privilege of sticking parking meters on them. Oh, and the salaries are great if… more»

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