Scout II

Farm Find: 1974 International Harvester Scout II 4×4

This 1974 International Harvester Scout II was found on a farm in Pennsylvania covered in about two inches of dust. The Scout’s job was hay-hauler, and that’s so appropriate since the first Scout introduced in 1961 was aimed directly… more»

BF Auction: 1979 International Scout II

Some owners will purchase a project candidate with realistic visions of returning that vehicle to its former glory. However, life sometimes has an inconvenient way of intervening, and they must concede that their pride and joy will never receive… more»

Feather Edition: 1976 International Scout II

International Harvester offered a number of different options, editions and decal packages over the life of the Scout. The first generation of the Scout was called a Scout 80 and manufactured from 1960 to 1965. The second generation of… more»

Solid Driver: 1978 International Harvester Scout II

This 1978 Scout II was built by International Harvester and is located in Sparta, Michigan although the seller states that the vehicle spent all of its life in Huntsville, Texas just north of Houston. There is 1 day left… more»

How Much? 1974 International Scout II

It wasn’t too long ago, a project like this 1974 International Scout II could have been picked up for a couple of thousand dollars. But like many other things lately, prices seem to be almost unbelievable. This one is… more»

304/4-Speed: 1976 International Scout II Rallye

December 21st, 2022 was a significant day. It marked the Winter Solstice or the shortest day of the year. That means that days will get longer, and warm weather won’t be far away. When that happens, the temptation to… more»

Diesel Four-Speed: 1980 International Scout II

Buyers had a few choices for 4×4 vehicles in 1980, perhaps the most unique would be a last-year Scout II with a Nissan-sourced diesel engine. This 1980 International Scout II has that diesel engine, along with a four-speed manual… more»

Rare Model: 1976 International Scout II Patriot

In the sea of International Scouts washing into the market starting in 1961, several special models came along with the tide: the Red Carpet Scout celebrated the 100,000th Scout 80; the Scout Campermobile supported outdoors adventure; the Terra and… more»

Drop Top: 1975 International Harvester Scout II

The seller of this 1975 International Harvester Scout II just bought a 2022 Ford Bronco and is ready to part with this 4WD after 20 years of ownership. The Scout II was purchased in 2001 and used for camping… more»

Desert Star: 1980 International Harvester Scout II Project

The International Harvester Scout II came rolling down the road in 1971, to replace the Scout 800. Changes included different grilles and light housings as production extended to 1980, a slightly lower stance, and best of all, the optional… more»

One Family Owned: 1979 International Harvester Scout II V8

International Harvester began life in 1902 as an aggregation of farm equipment makers. Among its products were corn and grain binders, a factoid that became important much later on, as IH evolved to make everything from trucks to lawn… more»

Solid Original: 1974 International Scout II

International Harvester began producing its off-road Scout vehicles in 1961, and while the original intent was chiefly as a competitor for the Jeep, many now view it as a forerunner to the more modern SUV.  The Scout II was… more»

Rare 2WD: 1977 International Harvester Scout II

International Harvester produced over 500,000 models of the Scout from 1960 to 1980. This is a 1977 International Harvester Scout II that is a two wheel drive version. Most Scouts were four wheel drive. This Scout II is located… more»

Rare Diesel: 1976 International Harvester Scout II

This 1976 International Harvester Scout II is located in Redondo Beach, California. The SUV is a faded light blue and white on the exterior. The interior is green which makes one wonder if the exterior was repainted. But hey,… more»

BF Classified: 1974 International Scout II

This 1974 International Harvester Scout II is located in Blanco, Texas which is in the hill country north of San Antonio and west of Austin. The Scout II is said to run and drive and comes with an extra… more»

Field Find: 1977 International Harvestor Scout II

This 1977 International Harvester Scout II was parked next to a barn and left outside. I wish it had made it inside but it looks like it could still be saved. The Scout II was produced by International Harvester… more»