Fire Truck Museum Sell-Off!

A collector of antique fire engines and related equipment has posted his stash on craigslist, announcing that it’s time to thin the herd. The listing reflects years of collecting, as it extends beyond the typical vintage fire truck apparatus… more»

Real Relic: 1965 Seagrave Pumper Truck

While old fire trucks are not rare to see rotting away in open fields and parking lots, it’s a bit more unusual to see one sitting in a side yard of a house somewhere in Louisiana. This classic 1965… more»

Ready For Rescue: 1968 Seagrave Firetruck

It’s not unusual to see an old Firetruck languishing away, waiting for someone to come along and find a good use for it. Just up the street from me there is a ’51 Ford Firetruck sitting at a church,… more»

Last Minute Gift Idea: 1941 Seagrave Fire Truck

A year ago Jesse posted a 1952 Seagrave he wanted for Christmas. In case he didn’t get one, or perhaps he’d like another, here’s a 1941 model listed on craigslist here in Sacramento, California. Santa only needs $4,000, less Santa’s discount,… more»

Last Minute Gift Idea: 1952 Seagrave Firetruck

If you have been having a hard time figuring out what to get me for Christmas, you could always go for this firetruck. It might not fit under the tree, but what boy wouldn’t be happy to find this… more»