Container Find: 1953 Singer 4AD

Right off the bat, the listing for this Singer is a bit confusing. It is listed as a 1943 Model C but the VIN states it as a model AD which was produced between 1951 and 1955. That being… more»

Fast Finds

1-of-1: 1991 Porsche 911 Reimagined By Singer

The Porsche 911 is a car of legends, and its iconic shape is one of the most instantly recognizable in the automotive world. They are already considered desirable, but when you find one that has been “Reimagined by Singer,”… more»

Huge Collection Of Rare And Oddball Cars For Sale!

If you are looking for a seldom-seen car or project to add to your collection, there are a dozen of them assembled in Madison, Wisconsin, looking to find new homes due to an estate liquidation. Most of these are… more»

$477 No Reserve! 1954 Singer 4AD Roadster

No, it’s not an MG! The Singer Roadster was actually introduced right before World War II but production continued until 1955 (one car was finished in 1956). It naturally competed with the MG T-Series cars but was a little… more»

Buried Treasure: MG TD/Singer Le Mans

This MG TD is an interesting car because it’s not what you can see that’s important, but what is hiding under the skin that holds all of the value. What you can see is an ordinary MG TD body,… more»

Second Time Around: 1951 Singer 4AD Roadster

We previously wrote up this adorable little Roadster here in October of 2018, when it sold here on eBay for $3,387. Now it’s moved around from Thomson to St. Simons Island in Georgia and is offered here on eBay with… more»

Stored 50 Years: 1951 Singer 4AD Roadster

Usually, the Singers that come up for sale are the VW-based kit cars that no one is particularly crazy about. This, however, is a genuine 1951 Singer that has been in storage since the late 1960s/early 1970s. The car… more»

Stored For 55 Years! 1951 Singer Roadster

You’d be forgiven if you thought this little British roadster was an MG — at least by anyone that isn’t a Singer enthusiast! Cue the sewing machine jokes too! This project car is located in Thomson, Georgia and is… more»

A Leaping Gazelle? 1959 Singer Gazelle

The Gazelle was the first car produced by Singer following the take-over of Singer in 1956 by the Rootes Group. Barn Find reader Michael brought this one to our attention. Located in Griffin, Ga, and for sale here on… more»

Some Assembly Required: 1956 Singer Roadster

Before you dismiss this 1956 Singer 4AD SM 1500 roadster as one of a handful of ’50s low-production sports cars that suffered from 10 pounds of wishful thinking in a five-pound reality-shaped bag, consider that the (also English) Singer… more»

$600 British Project: 1958 Singer Gazelle

Many of the British cars of the 1950’s border on micro car territory, like this Singer Gazelle. Small, original, and cheap, this Singer appears to be complete. With a solid potential to be a project, there are a few… more»

Let’s See What Our Singers Worth!

About two weeks ago we asked all of you what you thought our 1952 Singer Roadster was worth. The estimates ranged from $3k – $10k. That’s a pretty big spread, but that could be because there aren’t many of… more»

What’s Our 1952 Singer Worth?

So we’ve had fun cruising around in our little Singer Hot Rod, but we just bought something that might be a bit more fitting for Barn Finds and we need to make room. Could we keep the Singer? Of course,… more»

Our Newest Project: 1954 Singer Hot Rod

Yellow is my least favorite color, but for some reason we keep buying cars in the obnoxious hue. Our latest yellow acquisition is this 1954 Singer 4AD. There were only about 3,500 of these built, but for whatever reason… more»

MG Alternative: 1953 Singer SM Roadster

Everybody loves MG’s T-Series cars, but since there were so many produced, they can be a common sight today. So if you are looking for something built in the same British sporting spirit, but yet a little different, may… more»

Assembly Required: 1953 Singer 4AD Roadster

We love the rare, unusual, and odd cars that are often overlooked by mainstream collectors. If we weren’t so into oddballs, we would have likely overlooked this interesting little roadster. Of all the British cars we have featured over… more»