Ranger-Owned: 1957 Tucker Sno-Kitten

The Sno-Kitten, technically the Sno-Cat Model 222, was a product of Tucker Sno-Cat Corp. It was designed to be a compact way of traversing soft and deep snow in areas like the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Only 105… more»

Cool Custom Cat: 1937 Chevrolet Snow-Cat

I’ll jinx it for sure to say that winter may finally be over here in the upper-Midwest part of the U.S. since some areas just had a few inches of snow again yesterday. This 1937 Chevrolet-based custom Snow-cat doesn’t… more»

Winter’s Almost Here! 1976 Tucker Sno-Cat

Thanks to Pat L for tracking (cough) this one down! This 1976 Tucker Sno-Cat is on the New Hampshire/Vermont border in Norwich, Vermont. It can be found on Craigslist for $7,000. The seller will deliver within a 200-mile radius… more»

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