One Year Wonder: 1955 Studebaker President Speedster

The Speedster was a mid-year entry for 1955 that was largely a Studebaker President State 2-door hardtop that had a lot of bling that would otherwise have cost extra. The company restyled its cars for ’55 and went with… more»

Fast Finds

Garage Find! Real 1956 Porsche 356 Speedster

Porsche Speedsters are some of the most recognizable and replicated historical sports cars in the world. You can buy a kit to make your own 356 using a Volkswagen drivetrain, but real-deal 356’s are exceedingly rare and very valuable…. more»

Old School Speed: 1922 Ford Model T Speedster

Yes, it’s a Ford Model T and no, it’s not black. It’s a sharp-looking 1922 “Speedster”. It just makes you want to grab your goggles, hang on to your hat and step on it! And think of it, it’s… more»

Rare Speedster! 1958 Porsche 356 A

Well here’s another item from our friends at Gullwing Motor Cars. It’s not a barn find exactly (certainly not at its price level) but it will be an interesting automobile to review nevertheless. The car in question is a… more»

Blank Canvas: 1952 Piranha Speedster

UPDATE 7/25/2019 – It’s been almost a year since we originally featured this fiberglass custom and the seller still hasn’t found a home for it. Rather than auction it, they’ve set a reserve price of $9,750 and the option… more»

Parked Since ’71: 1956 Porsche 356 Speedster

Imagine stumbling upon this in the corner of someone’s garage. That’s not a replica under there. That’s a real deal Porsche Speedster! It has been parked since 1971 and the lucky guys who discovered it have listed it for… more»

Mother-In-Law Seat: 1925 Ford Model T Speedster

This 1925 Ford Model T Speedster doesn’t feature its original body, but the body that it does feature is incredibly nice. This is a distinctive car with some very desirable features, and it is ready to be driven and… more»

Stored 35 years! 1958 Porsche 356 Super Speedster

This Porsche Speedster survivor is a really cool car and is poised for the next chapter in its life. Said to likely have spent its entire life near Dallas, Texas, the car was put into storage around 1983. It… more»