10k Original Miles: 1979 Alfa Romeo Spider

It is pretty common to find classic Alfas with rust problems. These can range from the reasonably insignificant through to issues that are well beyond repair. This 1979 Alfa Spider is a welcome exception because it does appear to… more»

No Reserve: 1984 Pininfarina Azzurra Spider

When Fiat decided to cease production of the Spider 2000 in 1982, Pininfarina stepped in to manufacture the car under its own brand. They named it the Azzurra Spider, and it remained on the market from 1983 until 1985…. more»

Fun Driver: 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider

I don’t know where the Alfa Romeo Spider fits in the hierarchy of Italian roadster desirability, but I’ll guess it’s near the top of recognizability. This 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider was sent in by a Barn Finds reader who… more»

23k Mile 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate

Broadly speaking, classic Alfa Romeos seem to fall into two distinct camps. On the one hand, you will find spotless survivors that have been pampered throughout their lives. Others will tend to be tired and worn and will be… more»

Rare Italian: 1965 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

Even when it was new, the 1965 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce was a fairly rare car. As the decades have passed, this level of rarity has only continued to increase. Today, they rate as one of the most desirable… more»

Third Time Lucky? 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

The person who takes on the restoration of this 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider will actually be giving the car a third chance at life. It has previously been restored but has fallen on hard times since then. The… more»

No Reserve 1967 Alfa Romeo Spider

Launched in 1966, the Alfa Romeo Spider managed to cement its cult status following its appearance in the 1967 movie “The Graduate.” This 1967 model is a tidy looking car, and it might make a really interesting project car…. more»

Rust-Free Survivor: 1982 Fiat 2000 Spider

For anyone who is considering purchasing a classic Italian car, the importance of the term “rust-free” can never be underestimated. Well, the good news is that this is precisely what you appear to be getting with this 1982 Fiat… more»

Late Arrival: 1980 Triumph TR7 Spider Limited Edition

I am old enough to remember the excitement that was generated in the mainstream motoring press when the news first filtered through that Triumph was in the midst of developing a new and modern sports car. I can also… more»

Solid Alfa: 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate 2.0

The owner of this 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider claims that it is a solid car and that it would make a great restoration project. With Alfas being a truly rewarding car to drive, if this one is solid, then… more»

Rotary Survivor: 1967 NSU Wankel Spider

My first drive in a rotary engined car was amazing. The little Mazda RX2 was smooth and swift. The Wankel engine was a great idea except for the apex seals. They are light, and small but need rebuilding on a frequent… more»