Patina Pickup: 1963 Chevrolet C10 Stepside

Sometimes, we must experience a particular type of vehicle to appreciate what it offers. It is easy to overlook a classic due to unintended ignorance, and I was guilty of this for decades if the subject turned to Pickups… more»

Simply Stunning: 1965 Chevrolet K10 4×4 Stepside

A classic vehicle will occasionally land on my desk at Barn Finds that almost leaves me lost for words. This 1965 Chevrolet K10 4×4 Stepside falls into that category because every aspect of this Pickup presents superbly. However, there is… more»

All Original: 1969 Chevrolet C10 Stepside Pickup

Time can seem to stretch unbroken into the distance until that moment arrives when you realize there isn’t enough to complete a project build that is your heart’s desire. The current owner of this 1969 Chevrolet C10 Stepside Pickup… more»

312/5-Speed: 1956 Ford F100 Stepside Pickup

Occasionally, a project vehicle will appear, leaving opinions torn about whether it should be considered finished or unfinished. That will undoubtedly be the case with this 1956 Ford F100 Stepside. Some will look at the completed work and feel… more»

Solid Survivor: 1957 Chevrolet 3600 Stepside

It wasn’t that many years ago when an older pickup might expect to see out its useful life as an unloved workhorse on a farm. A significant mechanical problem or the onset of old age would see it eventually… more»

Spotless Presentation: 1979 Chevrolet C-10 Stepside Pickup

Stating that a particular classic may be the best example in existence is a bold call, but I am willing to stick out my neck with this 1979 Chevrolet C-10 Stepside Pickup. Its overall presentation is stunning, and a… more»

52K Original Miles: 1968 Chevrolet C10 Stepside Pickup

With older pickups remaining strong performers in today’s classic market, it makes vehicles like this 1968 Chevrolet C10 Stepside Pickup very desirable. The intense bidding has graphically demonstrated this fact on this vehicle since it was listed for sale… more»

63k Original Miles: 1969 Ford F250 Stepside Highboy

With classic pickups continuing to perform well in the market, finding an affordable project vehicle that isn’t going to drain your bank account can be challenging. This 1969 Ford F250 Stepside Highboy could be an ideal candidate. The paint… more»

Museum Quality: 1977 Chevrolet Stepside Sport

Listed as “museum quality”, is this 37K mile, 1977 Chevrolet Stepside C10 “Sport” pickup. It has been totally restored though it is referenced also with the suggestion that it, “Could be the only original left in the country”. So… more»

350-Equipped: 1968 Chevrolet K10 Stepside Pickup

Classic pickups continue to be highly sought by enthusiasts, especially those wearing the blue-oval or bowtie badges. This 1968 Chevrolet K10 Stepside is a perfect example of the sort of pickup that many people are hunting for, and it… more»

Original V8: 1956 Chevrolet 3100 Stepside

When Chevrolet introduced their “Task Force” series in 1955, not only did it bring more modern styling, but it also brought with it the option of a V8 engine. This 1956 3100 Stepside features its original V8 and would… more»

One Owner: 1980 Chevrolet C10 Long Bed Stepside

I’m normally excited to see short vehicles – short cars, short trucks, small motorcycles, anything small and easy to store. This non-short 1980 Chevrolet C10 long-bed stepside is so long that I could probably fit a Subaru 360 in… more»

Long Bed Stepside: 1977 Ford F-250 Flareside

The sixth-generation Ford F-Series pickups looked similar to the previous generation trucks and they were the last to use the more-than-two-decades-old chassis. This 1977 Ford F-250 Flareside can be found here on eBay in Albany, Oregon with a current… more»

Worth Reviving: 1966 Ford F-100 Stepside

Hiding under that healthy layer of dust is a pretty decent looking 1966 Ford F-100 Stepside. It will need some work to get it up and running since it has been sitting for 20-years, but it looks like a… more»

24k Original Miles: 1985 Chevrolet Scottsdale Stepside

Barn Finder Patrick S has had the radar tuned in and has spotted this 1985 Chevrolet Stepside for us, so thank you for that Patrick. The Stepside appears to be a vehicle that has been treated with care and… more»

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