Rarely Seen Today: 1991 Sterling 827 SL

Austin Rover Cars of North America (rolls right off the tongue, eh?) which would later evolve into Sterling Motor Cars, made this line of cars that we rarely if ever see anymore for sale let alone seeing them in… more»

Parked For 35 Years: Sterling Kit Car

The kit car culture probably reached its zenith during the late 1970s and early 1980s, and while they are no longer as popular as they once were, a hardy band of souls keeps these classics alive. One of the… more»

Gullwing Project: 1988 Sterling Cimbria SS

In the world of kit cars, it can be difficult to sift through the numerous varieties of exotic-looking creations that were seemingly as vast and varied as the imaginations behind their existence. We all know about the Kelmarks and… more»

Sterling: 70s Kit Car Survivor?

Can a kit car be a survivor? The Sterling (or Nova, Eureka, Sebring, Cimbria, Sovran, Puma, Totem, Eagle, Scorpion, Ledl, Defi, Gryff, and Tarantula!) may have the distinction of having been produced under the most names of any coupe… more»

Collection of Cars in California

Most collectors lean toward one brand of car, style or vintage. In this case, the seller offers a little bit of several things. Two are AMC products, two are kits car and one is a VW Beetle, the nicest… more»

Pop Top Car: 1970 Sterling

The world of kit cars seemingly exploded in the 70s, with an amazing variety of options available for the DIYer who wished to build their own sports car from the comfort of their garage. The versatility of the Volkswagen… more»

All Original: 27k Mile 1987 Rover Sterling 825 SL

I haven’t thought about a Sterling in years. In the ’80s they were everywhere and then seemed to disappear overnight. Some will say that the Sterling’s reputation wasn’t very, ah, sterling. As a matter of fact, I had a… more»

Electric Powered: 1977 Sterling Kit Car

I remember reading about Sterling kit cars when I was a kid in the 1970’s. I love the looks but the practicality is non existent! This Sterling is based on a Volkswagen Beetle chassis but the sleek profile is… more»

How Many Left? 1989 Sterling 827 SLI

This rare 1989 Sterling 827 SLI has all the hallmarks of an elderly-owned vehicle that hit the auction lot once the heirs decided they wanted nothing to do with the unusual make. There’s almost 250,000 miles on the odometer,… more»

British Basket Case: 1988 Sterling 825SL

Are you looking for a late 80’s Acura Legend, but without the reliability and easy parts availability? Well, look no further! This 1988 Sterling 825SL does share many common components with its Japanese cousin but is known for a… more»

Navy Wrecker – 1942 Sterling Chain Drive Truck

First impressions:  imagine what Jay Leno could do with this! Thanks to reader Matt W. for spotting this neat World War II-era Sterling chain drive truck located in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and offered here on craigslist. Several comments in this… more»

Sterling Kit Car Collection Liquidation!

The kit car, it’s a great idea! You get a cool looking car with a lightweight body on a shoe string budget. The only problem is that you have to assemble it yourself and build quality isn’t always the… more»