Sunbeam Tiger

Factory Ford V8 Power: 1967 Sunbeam Tiger

The Tiger was a V8 derivative of the Sunbeam Alpine sports car. My first recollection of the car was the red Alpine driven by Secret Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, in the 1960s TV series, Get Smart. The Tiger got… more»

Tiger Set Up for Touring: 1966 Sunbeam Tiger

One of the more pleasant, and somewhat expensive, experiences in the classic car world is multi-day touring.  While many of the major clubs have long offered tours through the most scenic parts of the country, there are now many… more»

Nice 1966 Sunbeam Tiger In Long-Term Storage

Don’t do what I did—passing up on a mint Sunbeam Tiger for $4,000, and a funky but running example for $1,500. Granted, this was some years ago—before values zoomed. Now they’re often $100,000 cars. The 1966 Mark 1a example… more»

Desirable Project Car: 1966 Sunbeam Tiger

It’s common knowledge that an original Shelby Cobra is a car that will almost never be found as a basketcase project. Sure, you may find one that is a barn find in every sense of the word, but in… more»

Major League Provenance? 1965 Sunbeam Tiger

Do you know of Norm Miller?  I don’t but looking around I discovered he was a major-league outfielder, playing from 1965 until 1974 for both the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves. His career batting average was .238 and… more»

Tiger Tribute: 1964 Sunbeam Tiger + 1967 Alpine

This is a very cool opportunity for a Tiger enthusiast. The seller reports he is selling this 1964 Sunbeam Alpine “Tiger” clone after acquiring it following the passing of its previous owner. He also has a 1967 Sunbeam Alpine… more»

Restorable Condition? 1967 Sunbeam Tiger

I chuckled a bit when I read the comment, “There is slight impact damage on left rear quarter…” that seems like an unusual thing to focus upon when considering the entirety of this 1967 Sunbeam Tiger. These V8 performers… more»

Real Deal: 1965 Sunbeam Tiger Project

The Sunbeam Tiger is one of those classic muscle cars that seems to hover between being a consistently pricey acquisition or being fairly cheap to buy when it’s found in project car form (at least relative to how much… more»

Some Assembly Required: 1965 Sunbeam Tiger

Well, it could be cool if you have all of the parts and know-how to put it all back together again. And things get confusing as the car pictured above is a ’67 Alpine Shell and the ’65 Tiger… more»

Drag Racing History: 1965 Sunbeam Tiger Race Car

Is there anything better than real-world pictures of how a car looked in as-raced condition? I don’t think so, as this seller of a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger includes photo documentation of how his car looked when it was at… more»

Numbers Matching Project: 1964 Sunbeam Tiger

The Sunbeam Tiger is one of the most interesting muscle cars ever conceived, in my humble opinion, taking the appearance of a homely British roadster while giving it a massive shot of speed. It’s a hot rod in the… more»

Stored 45 Years: 1966 Sunbeam Tiger

There’s just one photo of this desirable 1966 Sunbeam Tiger in the craigslist listing from Middleburg, Virginia, but the seller seems to promise it will be worth your time if you give him a call to learn more. The… more»

Ford V8 Power! 1965 Sunbeam Tiger

For whatever reason, I gravitate towards the Sunbeam Alpine/Tiger, much more so than I do towards other British sports cars and it’s not necessarily due to the Tiger’s version V8 engine. It is probably more to do with the… more»

Factory Hot Rod: 1965 Sunbeam Tiger V8

Update 5/4/20 – This Tiger has been relisted as an auction here on eBay. Let’s just hope the reserve is lower than their previous asking price. From 4/11/20 – This 1965 Sunbeam Tiger is a genuine Mark 1 car… more»

READER AD: 1965 Sunbeam Tiger Project

What Makes It Special? This Tiger was stored in a barn with the top on it since 1986. Fairly complete, less engine. The previous owner bought in North Carolina and then drove to Texas. Two weeks later the engine… more»

Grab this 1965 Sunbeam Tiger by the tail

When it came to taking small British sports cars, shoe-horning a growling V8 under the hood, and producing a car that was capable of scaring your average motorist silly, there is little doubt that Carol Shelby was a master… more»

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