Super Eight

1937 Packard Super 8 Model 1501 Convertible Coupe

The Packard Motor Car Company slogan — Ask the man who owns one — was kind of a meme before the world even knew what memes were. Of course, if Packard were still around today, it would likely have… more»

V8 Powered! 1937 Packard Super Eight Sedan

You can’t always tell a book (or in this case a 1937 Packard) by its cover. Who would’ve thought that underneath that original 85-year-old paint and interior and overall stock appearance lies a small block V8, automatic transmission, and… more»

Post-War Drop-Top: 1948 Packard Victoria

The 1948-49 Packard models were some of the first all-new cars after World War II. The debuting Super Eight and Custom Eight Victoria convertibles were Packard’s first open-air automobiles since 1942. This ’48 edition looks to have been kept… more»