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Real Barn Find! 1953 Buick Super

Buick introduced its Super as a 1940 model full-size offering, with the emphasis geared more towards comfort levels for the passengers over the car’s performance, and in some years it was also known as the Buick Eight or Super Eight.  One of the things that stands out about the ’53 model is the rather tall body and somewhat short glass, giving the car a bulky yet sleek appearance, and you’ve just got to love those vent ports on the front fenders.  The 1953 Buick Super 2-Door Hardtop being offered for sale here on Craigslist is a true Barn Find, as it had sat dormant for more than three decades before recently coming out of hibernation.  The car is located in Thornton, Colorado, and comes with an asking price of $34,500.

We’d like to thank Barn Finds reader Mark_K for finding this Buick and bringing it to our attention!  This one’s certainly got an interesting history, which can be traced all the way back to 1961 when the seller’s father purchased the car used when he was only 18 years old!  It is said to have been garaged ever since that year, and to be over 60 years old the original paint still looks decent and has a pretty cool patina.  Up until recently, the Buick had been stored for over 35 years behind the skeleton wings of the father’s other passion, a 1942 Boeing Stearman PT-17, a small plane primarily used for military training purposes during World War II.  There’s no word on whether or not the aircraft is also being offered for sale.

Under the hood is a 322 cubic-inch Nailhead V8, which Buick began using in the Super in 1953, and while it’s not specified as being the original engine I’m guessing there’s a good chance it probably is.  Once the car was removed from storage, the seller began waking the motor up slowly by adding new oil, coolant, hoses, and a rebuilt radiator.  The car is said to run fine, but no test drives are being allowed as the tires are very old, though it did make it to and from a local car wash a block away when they went to hose the dust from the exterior.

Overall, things inside are looking satisfactory and assuming it’s all original actually looks better than I would have anticipated, although the front seat could use some attention.  To be as original as this car seems, I’d have a hard time deciding if a full restoration is in order or if just putting on a new set of tires and performing a brake job may be a good starting point, and just driving it around for a while and determining if a bit more minor refreshing may make it capable of being a fun weekend car.  What are your thoughts on this 1953 Buick Super?


  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    My Dad bought one like this new.It was a light blue,
    but painted it Volkswagen orange,& put a long air horn
    on each side of the hood.
    I have color slides of our family going on a trip to
    Arizona,possibly in the Summertime.
    No A/C – good times!

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  2. Todd Fitch Staff

    Nice one, Mike. My Dad had the same body style, a ’53 Roadmaster Riviera. ’53 is unique as the last year of that body and the first year of the V8. Even with the two-speed automatic it moved out fine and would run highway speeds all day. Thanks for the memories!

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      Thanks Todd – that’s really cool!

      I’ve still got one of the original Gold/Black-
      license plates from it.

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  3. Will Fox

    Nice solid-looking `53, but at his asking rice, he’s WAY overpriced which will severely limit bidders. The fact that the seller’s father bought this used way back when doesn’t mean a whole lot to a buyer. For $34,500. in a `53 Super, I expect a frame off restoration and not just a solid original that still needs alot of work.

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  4. Blue

    My first car was a twin, I paid $350 in 1963 soon after I turned 16 yo with money I made swamping on a construction crew. It deserved a better owner, I trashed it in a few weeks. Oh, A ten year old car was considered worn out back then, because it was.

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  5. Steve

    My parents bought a white ’53. My brother and I would put our feet on the bottom of the steering wheel and our hands on the top and swing our bodies back and forth.

  6. Pete Phillips

    $35,000 is even more than it would sell for if completely restored! Way over-priced.

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  7. Jerry

    This is a super (and shall I say duper) fine old car❗👍👌🚗⛽

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  8. Morley Member

    I hate bbeing one of those guys , but in my humble opinion I think it is way over priced.

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  9. Anzagar Deremiah

    Wouldn’t you really rather have a Buick than any other car this year?

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  10. GitterDunn

    The body is rust-free and straight, and so’s the chrome, the glass looks good, and all the trim is present. I’d go ahead and treat it to a good paint job. The few interior photos are pretty dark, but I’m guessing those vinyl seat covers date from the ’60s or ’70s – no telling what the seats look like underneath. A re-upholstery job is in order, possibly headliner and carpeting as well. In addition to new tires (w-i-d-e whitewalls, naturally) I’d expect a lot of work will be necessary to make it fully roadworthy. The asking price of $34,500.00 is double or triple what the car is worth as it sits.

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    • Solosolo Solosolo Member

      One thing about a high “asking price” is that you can always come down, but you can never go up.

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  11. Thomas Crum

    My father had this very same make and Model, (super) 4 door sedan. I turned 16 and got my license with this car. Was good car and I liked the color.

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  12. GTO MAN

    yes, Hes shooting for the stars. nice all original car.

  13. Pete

    The Plane The Plane I want the plane.

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