Loads of Chrome! 1958 Buick Super Riviera

The U.S. economy experienced an economic downturn in 1958, its first real crunch since the ramp-up after World War II. This especially hit the auto industry, which saw sales drop 30% from the year before. Buick fared worse than… more»

First Year Nailhead: 1953 Buick Super Convertible

With the days getting warmer and the sun remaining in the sky for longer, the thought of spending leisure time on the road behind the wheel of a classic car is tempting. It becomes almost irresistible if the vehicle… more»

Ready To Cruise: 1948 Buick Super Convertible

As car buffs, we not only dream about cars, but we fantasize about the roads we would drive them on as well.  In the East, many dream of taking the Great Smoky Mountain Parkway through to the terminus of… more»

49,474 miles and Two Owners: 1948 Buick Super Sedan

Perhaps I am in an interesting vantage point being a writer for Barn Finds, but I think we are seeing a surge of low-mileage vintage vehicles hitting the market this year.  We have featured many cars since the first… more»

Just Add Engine: 1959 Rambler Super

American Motors Corp. was formed in 1954 through the merger of Hudson Motor Car Co. and Nash-Kelvinator. Throughout the subsequent years, the company usually operated on a shoestring but remained viable until the end of the 1980s when Chrysler… more»

Ready to Roll: 1946 Buick Super Sedanet

Buick’s well-selling Super line was introduced in 1940 and generally combined – with a few idiosyncratic exceptions throughout its production – the full-sized Roadmaster body with the economy engine of the Special. The first post-war restyle in 1946 brought… more»

Stored 40 Years: 1950 Buick Super

The Super was a popular Buick entry from 1940 to 1958, with a break in production during World War II. It was a hybrid vehicle (no, not like you think), sharing the longer wheelbase of the top-line Roadmaster with… more»

Many Questions: 1961 Porsche 356B Super

In the Porsche world – but also for Corvettes, Mustangs, Ferraris, and certain other marques – collectors can be apoplectic about details such as the right wheel nut, the right color, the right date-coded owner’s manual, let alone the… more»

Record AMC Year: 1959 Rambler Cross Country

The 1959 model year was a banner one for American Motors. They sold a record number of cars not only for themselves but also for any “independent” automobile manufacturer. AMC built sensibly sized products that appealed to those with… more»

Real Barn Find! 1953 Buick Super

Buick introduced its Super as a 1940 model full-size offering, with the emphasis geared more towards comfort levels for the passengers over the car’s performance, and in some years it was also known as the Buick Eight or Super… more»

Field Find: 1951 Buick Super

The Super – sometimes called the Buick Eight or Super Eight – was the company’s mid-level automobile from 1940 through 1958. It was usually positioned between the Special and Roadmaster. Like all other Buicks from 1931, the 1949-53 editions… more»

75k Original Miles: 1954 Buick Super Riviera Hardtop

While many people hold up “Christine” as the ultimate Stephen King evil car novel, “From a Buick Eight” is no less gruesome or compelling. It centers around a 1950s Buick that appears to be a portal to another dimension…. more»

Pennsylvania Barn Finds: 1956 Buick Super Sedan

This 1956 Buick Super is a sad and sorry sight. It was driven into this barn more than 40-years-ago, and it hasn’t moved since. It has accumulated a significant layer of dust, and it is crying out for a… more»

Dusty 1948 Buick Super Barn Find

Update 11/6/20 – The seller has dropped their price here on eBay by a grand but is that enough to convince someone to drag it home? From 3/2/20 – A few months back, I reviewed a nicely preserved 1948… more»

25k-Mile Garage Find! 1940 Buick Super

If you’re a fan of pre-war autos, you’ll want to take a gander at this dusty Texas tank! It’s available through this craigslist ad on the edge of Austin, Texas. Keep reading to see more about it!, and thank-you… more»

Super Barn Find! 1948 Buick Super

When I first laid eyes on this Buick Super, I thought of the silver & black two-tone Cadillac Fleetwood that makes several appearances in the movie, The Godfather. It is a rather stunning color combination and maybe one that… more»

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