Chevy V8 Project: 1937 Hudson Terraplane

Hudson Motor Car Co. built the Essex as its lowest-priced car in the 1920s. But its sales fell way off along with most U.S. auto production when the Great Depression arrived. Yet, Hudson took the bold move of introducing… more»

All Original Driver: 1937 Terraplane Brougham

With the world mired in the depths of The Great Depression, it would take a brave automobile manufacturer to introduce a completely new model to the market. Hudson was a company that was renowned for its bravery, and they… more»

Nice Non-Hudson: 1934 Terraplane Business Coupe

While it might have been built by Hudson, the 1934 Terraplane carried none of the company’s branding beyond its built plate. In fact, during its lifetime, it was known initially as the Essex-Terraplane, and from 1934, simply the Terraplane…. more»

V8 Powered 1934 Terraplane Pickup Truck!

UPDATE 11/4/2019 – It turns out that the seller, Gregg W, is a reader of the site and was excited to see his Terraplane on the site. He has since relisted it here on eBay, this time with a… more»

Rare Truck Find: 1936 Terraplane Cab Pickup

Here is a rare and unique opportunity to own a very cool pickup truck! Stylish and on par with the Studebaker Coupe Express from the ’30s, this Terraplane is an awesome sight to see with its suicide doors. Appearing… more»

Project With Style: 1936 Hudson Terraplane Pickup

If you’re looking for a project this Hudson Terraplane pickup may be a great candidate. The 1930’s Art Deco period produced some great iconic styles, especially with the automobile industry. This Terraplane pickup is a nice representation of that… more»

Solid Potential: 1937 Terraplane Coupe

It is always heart breaking to find a nice car living outside in the elements as this Hudson Terraplane is doing. Although it is great to see when these outdoor cars are still in solid condition with hope of… more»