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V8 Powered 1934 Terraplane Pickup Truck!

UPDATE 11/4/2019 – It turns out that the seller, Gregg W, is a reader of the site and was excited to see his Terraplane on the site. He has since relisted it here on eBay, this time with a BIN of $17,500. And he’s sent over additional information and some new photos. So be sure to take another look at Gregg’s sweet Terraplane!

FROM 10/24/2019 – Well, I like a challenge and figuring out what this find actually is, has been exactly that. It is listed erroneously as a 1934 Ford but it is a 1934 Terraplane pickup cab that has been customized. This unusual find is located in Port St. Joe, Florida It is listed for sale here on eBay with a BIN of $18,500 or make an offer.

The Terraplane was a value-priced sub-brand of the Hudson Motor Car Company and manufactured between 1932 and 1938. It was common in the 1930s for auto manufacturers, including Ford and Terraplane, to offer up a cab version of their passenger cars that could be modified into a pickup truck or other flat-bed variation and that’s what we have here.

Under the hood is one of the 100,000,000 plus copies of the venerable Chevrolet small-block engine that have powered, and continue to power, practically every known type of motor vehicle. There is no information on the engine or specs so it’s hard to say what it is other than a Quadrajet carburetor-fed small block V8. No mention is made of the transmission type.

There are few pictures, and fewer details, included with this listing but this one image of the interior presents well and reveals a custom gauge cluster in the dashboard.

While there is no discussion regarding the physical integrity of this vehicle, there is a lot of custom touches that have been applied. The seller references a northern California metal fabricator that performed much of the work on this truck 30 years ago.

This truck comes with a bit of star provenance as the tailgate was custom made by the crew of the television show “Wrench’d” broadcast on Home and Garden TV.

From Gregg – Modified in the ’90s. The metalwork is in great shape. I have been trying to get the truck 100% mechanically before I had it painted. I wanted to flush the radiator and replace the coolant, change transmission fluid and filter, bleed brakes, but I could not get that done in 12 months. But I did change the steering rack with a TCI Mustang II front end. Proportioning valve and new rear brakes have been installed. It also installed a new fuel pump and aluminum gas tank. Is riding on Coker white walls with a lifetime warranty, and correct offset rims. I also have the rubber running boards and original brake light lens. the skirts were made by the person who did the metalwork with the correct operational inside handle. If you are handy with a wrench this is a 2-weekend job to get running. You will be really happy with the condition of the rest. I live on the beach and wanted a Cali truck with no rust, so I would know what was under the paint. Battery under passenger seat and master under the driver’s seat. I have the original seat for it.


  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Cool rig Jim, I always enjoy looking at photos that I do not know what they are. This is not the first. Close ups of parts have me scratching my head. The 5th pic is one of those for me. Looks like a 78 RPM phonograph spinning. Nice write up Jim, I hope to read more from you. Take care, Mike.

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    • Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

      Leiniedude, I think the picture you’ve mentioned may be of the inside workings for the fender skirt as it’s laid out on someone’s kitchen tablecloth. Could that lever be the handle that locks it to the fender after the clips are snugged to the edge?
      Very cool truck. It be nice though if one could find a period engine to match if the rest is really original.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Great eye Nevadahalfrack. I think this is the second time this week you helped me out! Thanks again, take care, Mike.

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      • Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

        Aw, even this blind squirrel can find a nut sometimes, Mike.

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  2. Rick

    Yes, it is a ’34 Terraplane. It began life as a sedan, and at some point was converted to a pickup. Further on, it was made into a modified, with a transplanted drive train and suspension.
    A friend of mine was the person who did some of the later restoration and custom touches, to include those covers for the rear wheel openings – he is a ‘Hudson guy’ and indicates that it already had the engine, trans and MII independent front suspension when he was tasked to do work on it.
    It is considered a ‘retro-mod’, meaning it retains much of the ‘original look’, while having a modern drive train and amenities.

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  3. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Talk about an oddball, this is a very cool find. There’s another Terraplane pickup on display at the Peterson Automotive Museum who’s owner claims there are only 3 of these pickups that survive today. This one looks solid and while the motor, trans, suspension and a few other non-stock items worthy upgrades, it still retains a fairly stock look. A fresh paint job and attention to a few details and you’ll have a really unique, very rare vintage pickup. I like the modern upgrades and love the stock appearance which should make this a lot of fun to drive.

    Considering the rarity, condition and the modern upgrades, the price seems like a bargain. The Terraplane hood ornament and other emblems are just awesome!

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  4. Paul

    A client of mine has a 47 Hudson, beast of a truck for the day.

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  5. Doug F Member

    Wow. This is an incredibly super rare truck. Took me forever to find my 1935 Terraplane pickup that I am currently restoring. Love the look and the flowing lines.Those fender skirts are more likely a Hudson car item and not commercial vehicle. But are correct and a great addition. Good luck to the new owner, Listings like this and the collection of 1958 Buick wagons is what I think Barn Finds is all about. Great work

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  6. Fred W

    I’ll bet you could buff that paint and have a nice, slightly patina-d look that would set this truck off. Without spending 10K on paint. Upgrades look well done, wouldn’t change much.

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  7. Neil G

    The side profile of the truck bed is too low and throws off the overall proportions. Replace it with a higher profile step side bed to compliment the Art Deco look of the Terraplane.

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    • canadainmarkseh

      What said is correct, I’d further add that the bed looks to long as well.

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      • gregg

        not so much in person

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    • Classic Steel

      I agree it just doesn’t seem proportional to the cab. I wonder if one put a metal skirt or additional metal on bottom of bed and created some fancy wooden steak bed type sides that were say 24/30 inches high… if it would assist peripheral view? Its that or start fresh 🤔

      i keep looking at the top back of cab roof and want to see whats going on with the metal too.

      Its definitely a cool truck finished.

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      • Solosolo UK ken tilly UK Member

        To me it looks like the bed has come loose from the chassis just behind the cab and the weight of the bed is tipping it downwards at the rear.

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      • Little_Cars

        I was noticing that too, but if you look at the factory photo of the black truck that weird lip of metal exists behind the door so I guess that’s how it was done originally? I ends up making the whole works look DIY.

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    • gregg

      They had a 16 17 18 wheel option. I have 15’s on it. It is low but the angle of the photo accents it.

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  8. 46HudsonPU

    Yup, know of this truck, although I’ve never seen it in person (as do a few ‘Hudson’ folks). It is a 1934 Terraplane pickup, which began life as a 4-door sedan.
    Somewhere along the line, the sedan was converted to a pickup, long ago. Later on, the drive line and suspension (now MII suspension up front) was updated.
    After that, improvements, repairs and improvements were done to the body, to include those fender skirts – actually know the person who made the fender skirts for the truck & did most of the latest body/metal repairs.
    Very nice, considered a ‘retro-mod’, that is modern drivetrain & amenities, while retaining much of the look of an unaltered vehicle.

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  9. Del

    Cool and rare.

    Have to drive it before offering.

    Price seems a bit high

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  10. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Wierd but cool. I’m not sure the doors line up properly and the seat looks to be as far back as it goes being very close to the steering wheel it would be very difficult for a fat man to drive. Me being the fat man. I would have it painted in candy apple green. With all the mods to this vehicle I would consider this to be a Rat Rod. But a fairly well done one.
    God bless America

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  11. bigdoc

    I like it. While I agree about the bed looking a little off it could be an easy fix. While I’m not much in favor of green I also think a Candy Apple Green would look awesome on this truck.

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  12. gregg

    Thanks for posting my Terraplane. Have been told the original drive train is available in North Cali. That is where it is from so it is, really a great truck to build on. At first I was going to paint it Mint Green, but later was considering Black. I build homes on a island or cape if you will in Florida. Thought this would look cool driving to work. Company gave me a new truck this week. I think because of this story over a 1000 people looked on eBay today. 3 offers. I am asking what I paid for it. Not including everything I bought around 3k worth. Thanks y’all for the kind words

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Good luck with the sale Gregg! We do send a ton of traffic to listings. Now if we could just get people to understand that enough to pay us to list their cars!

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      • gregg

        Yes you do and I will remember

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  13. Clay Bryant

    The conversion to a pickup may have came during WW2. Quite a few cars were converted into pickups in order to qualify for a bump in gas rationing that was given to commercial or farm vehicles………….

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    • Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

      Good to know, Clay! Our parents (grandparents too) made a lot of smart adaptations to survive that time..

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  14. MikeH

    I hate to disagree, but to me NOTHING looks right on this Frankenstein. What a terrible thing to do to a Terraplane.

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  15. DRV

    It looks to be quite a bit longer than a Volvo V70!

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  16. Catie H

    What a beautiful truck!

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  17. DougF Member

    That’s a radio in the center of the dash yes in 1934. Not a custom speedo

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  18. Dustin

    I see that multiple people are saying that the bed looks disproportionate, and in the article, it says that the truck would have been sent to a third party for the bed. This is actually not true. Terraplane built these trucks with that bed straight from the factory and was not converted or altered from its original form.

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    • Solosolo UK ken tillyUK Member

      In that case I think they screwed up big time.

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    • Mike Harrel

      Hate to disagree, but google Terraplane pickups and you will see the bed ends at the end of the back fenders. There is no way this monstrosity is factory. The factory model is a beautiful pickup.


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      • Dustin

        Looks like you’re right. I guess I didn’t notice that the bed was longer than usual. Good eye!

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  19. gregg

    Previous owner went to Press’s house and measured this bed from his. His red 34 is the only real pickup.. pictured in Mikes link. I have a antique photo blow up of a black cab no anything behind the cab Dustin. Also one with a tank and duel rear tires. I like dead mint, low mile ,100% original cars too. 928 s4 is my go to. I am a home builder and thought this would be a cool truck to drive around the beach. Funny how many experts there are for 1 truck.

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    • Dustin

      I didn’t know that the red Terraplane was the only actual pickup. I think you did a very nice job on the truck. Good luck on selling it!

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      • Gregg

        Someone sent me a picture of when they sold it to press. He did all the mechanical and the body was getting prepped for paint. It came out of Oregon. He used to have a company that made all the rubber trim. He sold the co. but they still make the trim. He only restores Terraplane hub caps now.

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  20. stillrunners

    Nice….I like it….lots of sedans were made into pick ups….got extra gas durning the big war when also trucks were not readily available.

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  21. gregg

    Sold thank y’all for the interest

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