D-Code 312 V8/3-Speed! 1957 Ford Thunderbird

The Thunderbird was a monumental success for Ford Motor Company, introduced in 1955 and lasting for ten generations before it took a break after the 1997 model year.  The first-generation cars were two-seaters and manufactured from 1955 through 1957,… more»

No Reserve: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

The First Generation Ford Thunderbird has a strong following and is largely credited with creating the “personal luxury car” segment in the American market. While Chevrolet struggled with initial sales of its two-seat Corvette, Thunderbird sales grew from strength… more»

429 Thunderjet! 1969 Ford Thunderbird

Introducing a luxury car with a beak so long it doesn’t even fit in the picture! Highly original and ready to drive, this 1969 Ford Thunderbird in Lynnwood, Washington features the powerful 429 cid Thunderjet V8, Vintage Air conditioning,… more»

Original 428: 1966 Ford Thunderbird Town Landau

Just as Ford had created the pony car segment during the 1960s with the introduction of the First Generation Mustang, it had achieved the same feat in the Personal Luxury Car sector in the 1950s with its Thunderbird. Competition… more»

Driving Project: 1964 Ford Thunderbird

When Ford released its Fourth Generation Thunderbird, its significant weight increase and softer suspension compared to its predecessors made it apparent that the company’s focus was more on luxury than outright performance. That didn’t make it a bad car… more»

No Reserve 1955 Ford Thunderbird

I was born the same year that Ford introduced their new two-seater “Personal Car.” I was just a little squirt when I saw my very first Thunderbird – a Torch Red beauty just like this one. I was smitten… more»

Raven Black Beauty: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

Excuse me for making another Perry Mason TV Show car reference, but I spotted the ultra-cool Private Detective Paul Drake driving a shiny black ’57 Thunderbird in one of the early episodes. It looked just like this one, although… more»

Affordable Square Bird: 1960 Ford Thunderbird

The Second Generation Ford Thunderbird marked a radical departure from the styling and engineering of its predecessor. Not only were its body lines sharper and more square (hence the “Square Bird” moniker), but the T-Bird had morphed from a… more»

81k Miles! 1955 Ford Thunderbird

The Ford Thunderbird lasted through ten generations, beginning in 1955, without skipping a beat before it took a short break in 1998, but came back in 2002 for a brief eleventh, finally calling it quits in 2005.  The nameplate… more»

1957 Ford Thunderbird Only 20k Miles!

While Chevrolet was trying to find a market for its new 2-seat sports car, the Corvette, Ford also introduced a dual-seater – but one as a small personal luxury car, aimed at different buyers. The car sold sparingly for… more»

One Family Owned: 1963 Ford Thunderbird

Choosing to sell a classic car is never an easy decision, but this is especially true when the vehicle has been part of the same family for nearly six decades. That is the case with this 1963 Thunderbird. It… more»

Two Owner Survivor: 1963 Ford Thunderbird

Regular readers will be aware that I place a great store in the concept of long-term ownership of classic cars. That tends to indicate that the vehicle in question has been treated with respect over an extended period. That… more»

One Family Owned: 1961 Ford Thunderbird

Regular readers will be aware of my preference for cars that exhibit a history of long-term ownership. That makes this 1961 Ford Thunderbird a vehicle that ticks the right boxes for me. Not only is it an original and… more»

45k Original Miles: 1961 Ford Thunderbird

Taken at face value, this 1961 Ford Thunderbird seems to tick the right boxes for potential buyers. It is a two-owner survivor that remains original and unmodified. It has 45,000 original miles on the clock, and its numbers-matching V8… more»

Unfinished Business: 1964 Ford Thunderbird

Despite their futuristic appearance, the third-generation Thunderbirds (1961-63) weren’t the big sellers that Ford was hoping for. So, the personal luxury cars were designed for 1964 and the public responded favorably by purchasing 50% more automobiles than the year… more»

Silver Survivor: 1975 Ford Thunderbird

If you’d like to cruise – or better yet, float – back to the year 1975, then feast your eyes on this “Big Silver Bird” (the term Tarzan used in describing the first airplane he saw in the sky)…. more»