READER AD: 1971 Ford Thunderbird Landau Survivor

What Makes It Special? This is a bone-stock, nearly perfect example of a 1971 Ford Thunderbird Landau. Numbers matching 429 ThunderJet and transmission that operate flawlessly. One of only 4,238 produced this last year of suicide-door T-Birds. Nearly as-new… more»

Grandpa’s Beauty: 1955 Ford Thunderbird

Grandpa put this car away in the garage in 1985, and now the old house has been sold so the car has to go. The seller has listed this 1955 Ford Thunderbird for sale here on eBay. Currently bidding is… more»

Parked in 1985: 1955 Ford Thunderbird

An elderly gentleman recently passed away in Westlake, Ohio. When his grandson was finalizing his estate, he found that his grandfather’s 1955 Ford Thunderbird was sitting in a shed where it had been parked in 1985. With the house… more»

Easy Restoration: 1955 Ford Thunderbird

The owner of this 1955 Ford Thunderbird says that it could be restored with very little investment. That could potentially be quite good news, because values have been flat for the ’55 model for quite some time, and have… more»

Stored 45 Years: 1959 Thunderbird

Back in 1958, the Ford Motor Company disappointed a few folks by introducing a four-seat Thunderbird, replacing the 1955-57 two-seat version. For the 1959 model year, production increased some 78 percent, to 67,456 units, far exceeding any ’55-’57 levels… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Original 1966 Thunderbird Town Landau

If you’ve been following the site for very long, you might recognize this Thunderbird. We featured it for the seller, Yvonne B way back in 2017 when she listed a collection of barn finds that had belonged to her… more»

READER AD: 1978 Ford Thunderbird Time Capsule

Reader Jesus G is helping the owner of this Thunderbird find it a new home. It’s a very clean T-Bird that has covered just 55k miles and features some cool features, such as T-tops, cruise control, 8-track player and… more»

The Vista Bird! 1962 Ford Thunderbird Wagon

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the great attractions of the custom car scene is the fact that it allows people to exhibit their own imaginations, and to allow their own visions to crystallize…. more»

One of The Last: 1955 Ford Thunderbird

The owner of this 1955 Thunderbird has put a bit of effort into decoding the VIN on this car and claims that after this car was built, there were only four more 1955 Thunderbirds that rolled off the production… more»

30-Year Project: 1956 Ford Thunderbird

Restoration projects stall for a number of reasons, and some of these reasons are sadder than others. It’s when these projects then go from owner to owner with no further progress being made that makes them even sadder. This… more»

Clean And Green: 1975 Ford Thunderbird

Thunderbird was a growing car. By the time it reached its 20th birthday, it had grown from a 175.3-inch two passenger car in 1955 to a 226-inch six-passenger car in 1975. Ford led you to believe in its brochure… more»

302 V-8: 1985 Ford Thunderbird

Being of fan of the 1977 to 1979 and the 1980 to 1982 Thunderbirds, it took a while for me to warm up to the 1983 to 1986 Thunderbirds. I believe that is because I felt the Thunderbird was taking a… more»

Last of the 4 Doors: 1971 Ford Thunderbird Landau

Ford didn’t spend a lot of money on updating the 1971 Ford Thunderbird. They instead put their money into the full-size Ford, Mustang, and the new Pinto. The Thunderbird did receive a new roofline treatment for the Two Door Landau… more»

Less Than 19K Miles: 1994 Ford Thunderbird LX

Ford let the Thunderbird continue for several years of its last 4-seater generation mostly unchanged. The car continued until 1997 while its competitors, except for the Cougar which used the same body, had all either gone away earlier or… more»

Rare Color 1956 Ford Thunderbird

There is not a whole lot of information to go on for this 1956 Ford Thunderbird that is currently at $4,051 with the reserve not yet met. It is currently located in Fairview, New Jersey and does not have… more»

Still a Big Bird: 1977 Ford Thunderbird Town Landau

As many of you may know, I have owned three 1978 Thunderbirds. I have owned a heavily optioned base model, a Diamond Jubilee, and currently, a Town Landau. The base model was the first new car that I purchased…. more»