Mind the Beak: 1971 Ford Thunderbird

Edsel, Pontiac, and AMC have nothing on this nose! I think even Barbra Streisand is a little jealous. Beyond the protruding proboscis, these four door Birds are unique and worthy collectibles. Huge V8, room for all… more»

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Well-Maintained: 1986 Ford Thunderbird

While Thunderbirds of this generation aren’t many people’s first choice, it is a rarity to see one on the road these days let alone one in decent condition! Although the pictures aren’t super high quality, it… more»

Driver Project: 1965 Ford Thunderbird

You don’t have long to pick up this pretty 1965 Thunderbird, seen here on eBay and sent in by Barn Finds reader Matt Williams. While not perfect, there are a lot of good bones here and with… more»

Spreading Its Wings: 1985 Ford Thunderbird

At the dawn of the 1980s, design trends dictated that styling on most cars was boxy and linear.  While many cars looked good with this type of design, they weren’t very aerodynamic.  As the eighties progressed,… more»

I’m On Fire (Again): 1956 Ford Thunderbird

In a previous story, I wrote about a former teacher who owned a 1955 Thunderbird.  A ride in her yellow Thunderbird is probably the root cause for my desire to own one of these two seat… more»

Baby, I’m On Fire: 1955 Ford Thunderbird

Oh, this is tempting.  Very tempting.  I have always had a soft spot for 1955-1957 Thunderbirds.  My fourth grade teacher, Ms. Pennington, had a Goldenrod Yellow 1955 Thunderbird.  It was her daily driver, and, to a… more»

Bird of Few Words: 1962 Ford Thunderbird

If I had to pick a favorite generation of Thunderbird (because who doesn’t have a favorite generation of Thunderbird?) I’d probably go with the 1961-63 “Bullet Bird.” I love how it marries totally of-the-moment space age… more»

1964 Ford Thunderbird Barn Find!

Said to be a true barn find, this appears to be a half-done project to me.  This 1964 Ford Thunderbird is for sale here on craigslist in Spring, Texas for the asking price of $9,500.  The seller states they… more»

Jade Jewelry: 1976 Ford Thunderbird

So pull that cover back and show this green beauty! By 1976, the Ford Thunderbird had gone from being a sporty personal luxury car to a monstrously large luxury coupe. It was still pretty cool, though,… more»

It’s Fabulous! 1966 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop

A consistently undervalued series of classics (in my opinion) is the 1961 to 1966 Ford Thunderbirds. This particular car was sent in by Barn Finds reader Pat L., who discovered it here on craigslist. As you can see from the ad, this fabulous Thunderbird is… more»

1963 Thunderbird: Rare M-Code Tri-Carb + AC!

According to the seller, this is one of only 17 28 tri-carb “Sports V8” engined 1963 Thunderbird coupes that were ever produced, and I’m sure even fewer of those had factory air conditioning. It is listed for… more»

1976 Ford Thunderbird Super Clean Survivor

The seller tells us that this gorgeous restovivor (that can’t be original paint, it’s just too nice, although it is the original color) 1976 Thunderbird is a Bordeaux Edition limited edition. I have to disagree, because… more»

Cheap Bird–But Is It Inexpensive Enough?

I, for one, like the 64-66 Ford Thunderbirds. I also think they are undervalued in today’s collector car world. However, at some point you’ve got to really, really want to resurrect a car rather than find… more»