Stored 52 Years! 1955 Ford Thunderbird

The Ford Thunderbird was born in 1955 and is often compared to the Chevy Corvette of the same era. But that’s an inaccurate comparison as the T-Bird was designed as a 2-seat personal luxury car while the ‘Vette was… more»

Time Capsule T-Bird: 1976 Ford Thunderbird

Sometimes a seller’s choice of words in their advertising sales pitch such as “mint,” “amazing,” “stunning,” and “original” can be questioned, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here. Based on the more than 50 photos, this is… more»

Parked in 1993: 1962 Ford Thunderbird

A previous owner backed this 1962 Thunderbird into their barn in 1993 to attend to a brake issue but somehow became waylaid. Three decades later, the car has emerged from hiding, searching for a new home. It carries thirty… more»

Pink Classic! 1959 Ford Thunderbird Drop-Top

More than 53,000 copies of the original 2-seat Ford Thunderbird were built in 1955-57. But the bean counters and marketing types thought the potential would be greater with a back seat for two more passengers. So, the cars were… more»

Color Mystery: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

Like most people, I love a good mystery. Whether it is part of a good book or life itself, there’s nothing more satisfying than unraveling something that has caused others to ponder endlessly. That is one thing I find… more»

1 of 2000: 1963 Ford Thunderbird Principality Of Monaco

The Ford Thunderbird already had plenty of bling and lavish styling by the time the 1963 model rolled around, but an interesting event occurred the year before that the powers that be at Ford Motor Company viewed as a… more»

Rare Color! 1964 Ford Thunderbird

The 1964-66 Ford Thunderbirds were treated to new sheet metal that would earn them the nicknames “Jetbirds” or “Flairbirds”. The public responded enthusiastically to the changes and sales increased by nearly 50% in the first year. The only thing… more»

Monaco Edition: 1963 Ford Thunderbird Limited Landau

When Ford introduced the Thunderbird, it was meant to compete with the Corvette, but ended up carving out its own niche. Rather than being a sports car with some luxury features, the Thunderbird was a luxury car with some… more»

67k Original Miles: 1963 Ford Thunderbird Landau

When Ford unveiled its Third Generation Thunderbird, it revealed a car sleeker and more futuristic than its predecessors. The country’s imagination had been captured by the concept of landing on the moon, and the Thunderbird’s rocket-like appearance seemed to… more»

Stored 50 Years: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

The first generation of the Ford Thunderbird was produced from 1955-57 and sold more than 53,000 copies. These were early examples of “personal luxury cars” but Ford executives thought they could sell more by adding a back seat to… more»

D-Code 312 V8/3-Speed! 1957 Ford Thunderbird

The Thunderbird was a monumental success for Ford Motor Company, introduced in 1955 and lasting for ten generations before it took a break after the 1997 model year.  The first-generation cars were two-seaters and manufactured from 1955 through 1957,… more»

No Reserve: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

The First Generation Ford Thunderbird has a strong following and is largely credited with creating the “personal luxury car” segment in the American market. While Chevrolet struggled with initial sales of its two-seat Corvette, Thunderbird sales grew from strength… more»

429 Thunderjet! 1969 Ford Thunderbird

Introducing a luxury car with a beak so long it doesn’t even fit in the picture! Highly original and ready to drive, this 1969 Ford Thunderbird in Lynnwood, Washington features the powerful 429 cid Thunderjet V8, Vintage Air conditioning,… more»

Original 428: 1966 Ford Thunderbird Town Landau

Just as Ford had created the pony car segment during the 1960s with the introduction of the First Generation Mustang, it had achieved the same feat in the Personal Luxury Car sector in the 1950s with its Thunderbird. Competition… more»

Driving Project: 1964 Ford Thunderbird

When Ford released its Fourth Generation Thunderbird, its significant weight increase and softer suspension compared to its predecessors made it apparent that the company’s focus was more on luxury than outright performance. That didn’t make it a bad car… more»

No Reserve 1955 Ford Thunderbird

I was born the same year that Ford introduced their new two-seater “Personal Car.” I was just a little squirt when I saw my very first Thunderbird – a Torch Red beauty just like this one. I was smitten… more»