Early Bird: 1955 Ford Thunderbird

Many think the Ford Thunderbird was conceived to directly compete as a sportscar against the Chevrolet Corvette. However, it really was one of the first personal luxury cars on the market, albeit a two-seater. The T-Bird was named after… more»

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Birds of a Feather: Pair of 1950s Ford Thunderbirds

You know the expression, “birds of a feather flock together?” Well, in this case, it applies to a pair of Ford T-Birds, likely a 1957 and a 1956. From the first generation of the iconic Fordmobiles, these two looked… more»

Grandpa’s D-Code 1957 Ford Thunderbird

There’s not much more iconic than a white 1957 Ford Thunderbird. Just ask any viewers of American Graffiti! This one belonged to the seller’s grandfather and is up for sale due to their passing. It’s listed for sale here… more»

35k Mile 460-Powered 1974 Ford Thunderbird Coupe

By 1974 the Thunderbird was in its sixth generation of production and had no resemblance to the original 1955 version. In fact, this Thunderbird model was the largest ever produced and shared a striking resemblance to its cousin the… more»

Original D-Code: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

So often here at Barn Finds, ’57 Thunderbird project cars will appear on our desks, and they are afflicted with severe rust issues. That is not the case with this survivor, because it is as clean as you are… more»

Last of The Big Birds: 1976 Ford Thunderbird

The seller of this 1976 Thunderbird refers to it as the last of the”Big Birds.” That is undoubtedly true because its 1977 replacement was smaller in virtually every dimension that mattered. This car appears to be in excellent condition… more»

Rust-Free Project: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

By 1957, the Ford Thunderbird was firmly entrenched in the American new car market. While many people today perceive the 1st Generation Thunderbird as a sports car, Ford aimed to produce a comfortable roadster. They succeeded in this aim,… more»

440-Equipped: 1956 Ford Thunderbird

Finding a classic car that has received some significant mechanical upgrades is a pretty common occurrence. Finding one where these upgraded components were sourced from an entirely different manufacturer is less so. That is the story behind this 1956… more»

D-Bird! 1957 Ford Thunderbird with D-Code V8

The Ford Motor Company’s decision to add a rear seat to the 1958 second-generation T-bird forever diverged it from the Chevrolet Corvette. That move also granted “instant classic” status to the first-generation Thunderbird. As a young crumb-snatcher, I remember… more»

Revived After Sitting For 42 Years! 1955 Ford Thunderbird

While the market has been flat for a while for the 1955-57 Thunderbirds, some serious bargains have started to show up of late. Consider this 1955 model that was in barn storage from 1978 until recently, when the seller… more»

1961 Ford Thunderbird – “Still in the Barn”

As you can tell from the years of dirt and debris on this car, it has been stored in this barn for a long time. In fact, the seller says it is still in the barn! It can be… more»

Stored For 20 Years: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

This 1957 Ford Thunderbird has been stored away in a warehouse for more than 20-years, but the owner has decided that the time has come for it to find its way to a new home. It appears to be… more»

Clean Californian: 1966 Ford Thunderbird

Classics like this 1955 Ford Thunderbird seem to pose that age-old question: Do you drive it as it currently stands, or do you treat it to a restoration first? Of course, you could always strike a compromise by undertaking… more»

Free Bird: 1967 Ford Thunderbird

Well probably not free for you or me, but here’s the second lucky duck of the day who found a classic car on the property when buying their house. It’s listed here on craigslist in Portland, Oregon. Thank you,… more»

Dirty Bird: 1955 Ford Thunderbird

Time marches on, and sometimes it marches right across a classic car leaving plenty of damage in its wake. That is the case with this 1955 Ford Thunderbird, but it is definitely a car that could be restored. Below… more»

Dusty But Solid: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

The 1957 Ford Thunderbird was a significant vehicle for the manufacturer because it marked the final 2-seater built by Ford until the emergence of the EXP a ¼ of a century later. This particular 1957 model has been parked… more»