Sweet Driver: 1964 Ford Thunderbird

This 1964 Thunderbird has been under the care of its elderly owner for many years. He drives the car sparingly, and it appears that he treats it with care and respect. All good things must come to an end,… more»

Low Mile Limited: 1985 Ford Thunderbird Fila Edition

In order to promote enhancements made to the 9th generation of the Thunderbird, Ford came out with a special edition for 1985. They forged a partnership with the Fila clothing brand to prepare a top-of-the-line T-Bird with white leather… more»

Both Tops! 1956 Ford Thunderbird

The first Thunderbirds were 2-seat personal luxury cars that would change several times through 1997, and then be resurrected briefly in the early 2000s. A white 1956 T-Bird was driven by Suzanne Somers in various scenes of the famous… more»

Pink Edition? 1957 Ford Thunderbird

This 1957 Ford Thunderbird looks pretty in pink, and it would be a great Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone in your life. Its presentation is excellent, and it would seem to need nothing. Located in Calabasas, California,… more»

428 V8 Estate Car: 1966 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

1966 was a milestone year for the Ford T-Bird. It was the last year for both convertibles and unibody construction. The cars that followed would be bigger and closer to Lincoln in terms of size, style and function. But… more»

No Reserve: 1962 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned through decades of dealing with classic cars is the importance of doing some research on the vehicle that strikes the right chord with you. There are many factors to consider… more»

Car Plus Parts: 1966 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

This is one of those sales where you’re not sure if you’re buying a car that comes with a lot of parts or you’re buying a lot of parts that come with a car. Either way, this 1966 Ford… more»

One-Owner 24k Mile 1976 Ford Thunderbird

If you were to look up the definition of land yacht, there would have to be a picture of a mid-1970s Ford Thunderbird next to it. The sixth generation of the T-Bird was built between 1972-76 and they were… more»

Trio of T-Birds: 1967/1968 Ford Thunderbirds

When the Thunderbird was redesigned for 1967, Ford took things one step beyond the 2-door personal luxury car it had been all its life. They added an extra set of doors, making it available as a 4-door sedan for… more»

One-Owner 31k Mile 1972 Ford Thunderbird 429

It’s hard to believe that Ford built its one-millionth Thunderbird in 1972, just 17 years after all the excitement began with a 2-seater. What the car had evolved to was vastly different than how it started out. Besides seating… more»

14 miles! Dealer Stock 1976 Ford Thunderbird

Never titled, never sold, and never prepared for sale, this 1976 Ford Thunderbird in Brandon, Mississippi sat 44 years at a now-retired Ford dealership before its discovery by Auctioneer J.D. Pass. Presumably going to the highest bidder at some… more»

One-Owner 1956 Ford Thunderbird

The Thunderbird for 1956 was more than a decade ahead of its time with its standard and optional safety features.  As if this baby bird’s lines weren’t beautiful enough to become a sought-after classic, she’s had only one owner… more»

390 V8 Barn Find: 1961 Ford Thunderbird

After a successful three-year run as a personal luxury car with a back seat, the Ford Thunderbird was redesigned again for 1961. It featured sleeker, less boxy styling than its 1958-60 predecessors and could arguably be considered the best-looking… more»

Parked In ’89: No Reserve 1955 Ford Thunderbird

The owner of this 1955 Ford Thunderbird received the vehicle as part of a deal when he purchased a deceased friend’s home. It is a project that stalled decades ago and now needs someone willing to return it to… more»

One-Family Survivor! 1969 Ford Thunderbird

Original paint, original top, original driveline, original interior, and more! That should answer the typical challenges to the overused claim of “survivor.” This beautiful T-bird earns it! The 1969 Ford Thunderbird in Claremore, Oklahoma enjoyed years of garaged care… more»

Wine Cellar Find: 42k Mile 1960 Ford Thunderbird

The second generation of the Ford Thunderbird, which ran from 1958-60, was it’s first as a 4-passenger personal luxury car instead of the 2-seater it replaced. The decision to re-invent the car must have worked by Ford standards as… more»