Town car

Low-Mile Cruiser: 1996 Lincoln Town Car

The Town Car, which enjoyed a 30-year run across both the 20th and 21st centuries, was the biggest car made by Ford, qualifying as a “land yacht” by today’s standards. During most of its run, the luxury sedan competed… more»

Arrive In Style! 1996 Excalibur Limousine

The longer I gaze at this 1996 Excalibur Limousine, the more I can appreciate its quirkiness and appeal for those who envy really massive people haulers, but at the end of the day it’s sort of just one of… more»

Returning Classic: 1984 Lincoln Town Car

We have featured thousands of cars on the Barn Finds website since it was established over a decade ago, and many of those cars become distant memories because we never learn their ultimate fate. That makes this 1984 Lincoln… more»

Sold! 1995 Lincoln Town Car Signature

UPDATE – This Lincoln was one of the first cars to be listed in our new Make An Offer system and we are excited to say that it sold right away for $7,500 and is now with its new… more»

22k Original Miles! 1987 Signature Series Lincoln Town Car

Google the word “pampered,” and a photo of this one-owner 22,000 original mile 1987 Lincoln Signature Series Town Car might appear. It was primarily a “snowbird” car for the owner, a Ohio resident, who used it sparingly at his… more»

Tip Top Shape: 1997 Lincoln Town Car Hearse

Old hearses and ambulances will pop up from time to time here on Barn Finds and most are tired or used up. Seldom are they in the kind of condition as this ’97 Lincoln conversion presents. So it begs… more»

42 Footer! 1995 Lincoln Town Car Limousine

Trends and fads seem to be a way of life here in America, and in some respects, that’s probably a good thing because it helps our economy.  That expensive cold-shoulder top I bought for my wife at Macy’s a… more»

New Caretaker Needed: 1937 Cadillac Town Car

I am sure you have all heard some variation of the idea that we are not owners of historical vehicles.  We are just caretakers of these items.  This does make sense for well-made durable goods.  Automobiles on the CCCA… more»

Ostentatious Wealth: 1941 Cadillac Town Car

Many historians agree that the Great Depression officially started on October 29, 1929.  Determining an end date is a bit more difficult.  The general consensus is that World War II is what ended it.  In America, millions were out… more»

’80s Lux-O-Barge: 1988 Lincoln Town Car

While you might chuckle at the seller’s assertion that the late 80s were the golden age of the American automotive industry, this 87,000 mile Lincoln Town Car is a seriously clean example of a luxury car from 32 years… more»

10K Mile Signature Series: 1997 Lincoln Town Car

We are stylin’ now! It’s one thing to have a Lincoln Town Car and another to go full-tilt with a “Signature Series” model Town Car. As the 1997 Lincoln’s sales brochure states, “I think someone who is successful is… more»