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Pampered Pop-Up: 1974 Toyota Hilux Chinook

The lure of the open road has never been more appealing for a lot of us than it is right now in this crazy year. Most of us thought that we would be content with staying close to home… more»

Auction Your Car On Barn Finds!

Rust Free Original Survivor: 1974 Toyota Hilux

It seems like more often than not, the term “rust-free” can rarely be used to describe a vintage Japanese vehicle. How many of us have found what we thought would be a great example and then we see it… more»

Toy Story Tribute: 1979 Toyota Pickup

If you’re familiar with the computer animation studio Pixar and its films, you’re likely acquainted with the yellow Pizza Planet delivery truck. This pickup made its first appearance in the company’s debut film Toy Story, and since then, it… more»