Pampered Pop-Up: 1974 Toyota Hilux Chinook

The lure of the open road has never been more appealing for a lot of us than it is right now in this crazy year. Most of us thought that we would be content with staying close to home but after several months of it now, we’re anxious to hit the road somewhere, anywhere. A perfect vehicle for those of us who like small vehicles, this 1974 Toyota Hilux Chinook pop-up camper can be found here on eBay in beautiful Spokane, Washington. The current bid price is $3,650 and there is no reserve.

Other than not having air-conditioning, I can’t imagine a more perfect traveling vehicle. After all, this is a “classic” or vintage vehicle site and I know that a new RV would be so much nicer, quieter, safer, more luxurious, roomy, and easy to drive and all of that nonsense. But, we’re here to see old vehicles, or at least I am. Bonus: the seller says that there is absolutely no rust on this one!

The seller has provided a ton of good photos so kudos to them for that. The second-generation Toyota Hilux truck was made from mid-1972 to mid-1978 which happens to coincide with what may be the golden era for camping. When a Hilux is carrying a Chinook chassis-mount camper on the back, it’s a golden combination. Bonus II: there are no cracks or leaks in the fiberglass camper and it was always stored inside when not being used!

Chinook RV was a California company that just fairly recently went out of business, back in 2005. They are really nice campers and the pop-top version is the way to go, unless you’ll be living in it during the winter or something. Those fabric sides won’t give much insulation. The interior looks good with some wear as expected after 76,000 miles and four-and-a-half decades of use. But, a small, pop-up chassis-mount pickup camper with a reliable Toyota engine and 4-speed manual transmission? Yes, please.

The engine is Toyota’s 18-R inline-four which would have had around 100 horsepower. The seller says that it starts and drives great and everything works as it should. This really looks like a nice example of a small camper that would be fun to own, this year more than ever.

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  1. Howard A Member

    A “Shnook”, like my old man called them. He wouldn’t be seen in a unit like this, but they filled a void between tent camper and motorhome, and you know, from what I’ve seen out here, smaller units like this are making a big comeback. Trouble is, try and find one. Well, here you go. I thought of becoming a “gypsy”, buying something like this and living in Walmart parking lots, but I like my bathroom in my apt. at 3am, so I don’t think so. Out here( in Colorado) I’ve seen just about every camper concoction you can imagine. Why, just today, I saw’r a guy, cut the front clip off a Ford van, and made a camper trailer out of the back.
    While a 5 speed would nice, it probably wouldn’t hold 5th gear in a gale head wind anyway, and economy is not a priority with RV’s. Great find for someone that doesn’t want to barrel down an interstate in their living room.

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    • Mmc

      Probably would not get out of it own way in your area. Did not have much get up and go.

  2. ace10

    Seller is a member of the infamous Marks clan.
    If you don’t know what that means… do your due diligence.
    In fact, watch out for any vehicle that they may be flipping out of Wash state.

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    • Gord

      can you speak to this privately?

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      • ace10

        Use the google machine.
        They’ve been screwing people over for a long time. Washington State primarily. There’s one of them in Socal and Nevada, too.
        I have narrowly avoided a couple of dealings with them, and now enjoy smoking them out.
        Burner phones. Phoney businesses. Rolled back odos. Bondo queens. Skipped Titles. Failure to deliver Title.
        You name it, they’ve done it.

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    • Douglas Malinowski

      What the deal with the Marks club and Wash state veh ui cles?

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    • Mike

      What exactly am I suppose to Google to get info on the Marks clan? Can’t zero on anything other than general info on used car scammers.

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  3. Car Nut Tacoma

    I remember when there were Toyota truck based motorhomes. A friend of my father’s had a 1977 Toyota based Chinook motorhome. I think it had a 20R engine.

  4. Glenn Schwass Member

    Very clean. Someone will buy it.

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  5. Ryan Mattes

    What’s the inside look like? And wtf is the Marks clan, that is mentioned two comments above mine ?!

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  6. Joseph Hoffman

    You list a camper on Ebay and show no pictures of the inside of the camper except the soft top. Does not make sense.

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    • Mike55

      There additional photos if you scroll down in the Ebay ad.

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      • Joseph

        Yes I just saw them. It would make me even less likely to buy one now seeing the interior.Thanks for spotting them

  7. angliagt angliagt Member

    I remember these as being nice looking,but overweight.
    I had a ’72-1/2 pickup with an 18RC engine,& swore Id never
    own another after owning one.
    We had a neighbor with a newer onethat had an automatic
    in it.It went through a few transmissions before they sold it.
    A Friend of mine,who was a tech at the local Toyota dealer,
    told me that the put one on a lift,& it almost fell off of it on the rear.
    You also can’t tow much of anything behind them.


    no effort needed, just list = sale. Its sad but true. Many list w/o intention of sale (I C this mostly on “FB MrktPl”). Hate it.

    A couple bring their (a lill later model w/22R) in every yr or so, even stored here 1 winter B4 they head “out west” (go to Burning Man – over 30 hr drive, 2K mi) every yr. These women have had the rig 20, 30 yrs. It is “all plastic” tho with a big towering cab-over. This seems a better idea as E to W ya hit a pretty good head wind ‘out there’.
    I never have much to do mechanically. I DO try’n convince them to swap ina “G” (SOHC) or even a JZ (DOHC) but they don’t seem to mind the i4. Must B tough commin outta Durango or headed up from Ft Collins to Estes.

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  9. Robert J Deveau

    I had a 74 in the early 90’s, it had over 200k and ate more oil than gas! I put the camper on an 85 Nissan (one of the 4 cyl, 8 spark plug models). Drove it from Nova Scotia to Florida 5 times. It’s sitting in a friends junkyard if any wants it!

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  10. AMCFAN

    Robert any Pics?

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