Work of Rusty Art: 1984 Toyota Truck

Back in the 1960s, there were several car companies that produced “factory lightweight” cars purpose-built for drag racing. They substituted steel body panels for aluminum and some even drilled large holes in the frame to save weight. I don’t… more»

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Parked in 1999: 1973 Toyota Celica

Don’t be fooled by the faded and baked appearance, because this 1973 Toyota Celica is a solid and rust-free Japanese classic that is just begging to be restored. They can be an enjoyable little car to own and drive,… more»

Diesel HD Wagon! 1993 Toyota Corolla

In the world of heavy-duty utility vehicles, one might think of a Toyota Landcruiser or Land Rover Defender. A Jeep Rubicon, perhaps even an H1 Hummer. But a Corolla wagon? Surely you jest. I jest not, as this is… more»

Pristine Extended Cab: 1999 Toyota Tacoma TR5

When we talk about collector vehicles, there’s often chatter mixed in about which ones will at least return the purchase price investment, if not flat-out appreciate as time goes on. Who could have predicted just a few years ago… more»

Tow Behind Rig: 1995 Toyota 4Runner

This 1995 Toyota 4Runner is a clean survivor that the seller claims has led a gentle life due to being towed behind an R/V for most of its life. Though mileage is on the high side at 171,200, the… more»

The Junkyard 1986 Isuzu Trooper Has Landed!

After lingering in Georgia for a few months, my 1986 Isuzu Trooper two-door that I rescued out of a bramble bush has made its way to my humble abode in Rhode Island. The Trooper, as you may recall, was… more»

Stash of Toyota Pickups Found!

There’s a hidden stash of Toyota trucks in an old semi-trailer south of Denver, Colorado. The seller had several projects in the works but has decided to sell everything. While the trucks and spare parts aren’t going to be… more»

Lexus Ancestor? 1985 Toyota Cressida

The Cressida has an unusual history, at least as far as North American sales went, and they can at least partially be connected to the birth of Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus. This 1985 Toyota Cressida can be found here… more»

Little Old Lady Owned: 1991 Toyota Pickup

Modern-era Toyota pickup trucks continue to draw strong prices at auction, despite the fact that they were nothing more than a solid used car value just a few years ago. Blame it on the fact that most new trucks… more»

Incredible Survivor: 1981 Toyota SR5

As a real serious contender for the Barn Finds “Best-Photos-of-2019” award – if there was such a thing – this 1981 Toyota SR5 pickup looks like a real deal survivor in outstanding condition. It can be found here on… more»

Bone Stock Survivor: 1993 Toyota MR2 Turbo

This 1993 Toyota MR2 is a desirable turbocharged model that has remained surprisingly stock with just two owners from new. Given the propensity for these cars to end up with modifications that are intended to enhance their handling, performance,… more»

13K Original Miles: RHD 1994 Toyota Corona

The influx of vehicles from Japan that have seen little to no use shows no sign of abating, especially as the age of certain vehicles make it possible to legally import them with relative ease. Examples like this 1994… more»

Modern Classic: 1994 Toyota Supra

Toyota’s fourth-generation Supra has been moving up in the collector car ranks, with low-mileage turbocharged examples selling for some big numbers. So, does a rising tide lift all boats? That’s the question in front of us when considering tatty,… more»

Northwest Survivor: 1967 Toyota Corona Deluxe

The third-generation Corona was really the first successful car that Toyota had in the US – they look sharper and handle much more crisply than the previous Toyopet Crown did. This 1967 Toyota Corona looks like a solid and… more»

Turbo Diesel: 1985 Toyota SR5 Pickup

This 1985 Toyota SR5 pickup is a rare find in this sort of condition, but especially desirable when fitted with the super elusive 2LT turbodiesel engine. This is one of those long-lived engines that you’ll find still humming along… more»

Almost New? 21K Mile 1986 Toyota Cressida

This 1986 Toyota Cressida is a claimed low-mileage, garage-find example that spent many years locked away after its doctor owner passed. The seller believes the 21,250 odometer reading is accurate and describes the car as being “…almost new.” These… more»