Rebuilt Reliable Ride: 1977 Toyota SR5 Pickup

The owner/seller is the first one to admit that the current paint work may not be “show car worthy”, but sometimes it’s nice to own a little pickup where you aren’t worried about every goofball parking… more»

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Stock Mr. 2: Original 1986 Toyota MR2

MR2s are not necessarily hard to find, but less frequent are those project-grade examples that come with the parts needed to complete a light restoration. This 1986 model has some body damage and is tired cosmetically,… more»

Restore or Restomod? 1970 Toyota Corona MK II

All-original California cars, those are magic words for a lot of us who live (linger, suffer) in the Midwest and see so many thousands of rusted-out vehicles every day; or worse yet, drive them. This 1970… more»

Unbelievably Stock: 1987 Toyota Corolla GT-S

There are unicorns and there are unicorns: this is 1987 Toyota Corolla GT-S, more affectionately known as the AE86, and more frequently seen in modified form. This particular example is the top-of-the-heap GT-S model with a… more»

Delivery Route Discovery: 1993 Toyota Supra

This 1993 Toyota Supra was discovered by a courier after dropping off a parcel somewhere in Ireland. Taking the opportunity to perhaps bargain for a car no one else was aware of, the delivery driver came… more»

$1,500 Ragtop: 1981 Toyota Celica Sunchaser

Spring is almost here, even though we’re supposed to get almost a foot of snow again this week. Sigh. This 1981 Toyota Celica Sunchaser gives me hope that winter will soon be over with. It’s posted… more»

GTI Alternative: 1987 Toyota Corolla FX16 GT-S

Seller hyperbole about a certain car being rare because it’s the only one on eBay at the moment is a pet peeve of mine, but I’ll allow it for an original Toyota Corolla FX16 GT-S hatchback…. more»

Spring Fever’mobile: 1978 Toyota Chinook

Spring fever is hitting hard here in the upper-Midwest. With a foot of fresh snow on the ground, I’m finding it hard to not dream about hitting the open road in something like this 1978 Toyota… more»

4WD Time Capsule: 1989 Toyota HiAce Fire Truck

Although I do love my HiAce project, it’s tough to not stare longingly at some of the later versions that are popping up for sale with increased regularity. Thanks to the relaxed importation laws, vehicles meeting… more»

Charity Classic: 1969 Toyota Corona Coupe

A few days ago, fellow writer Scotty mentioned he would love to own a Toyota Corona coupe. Well, his ship has come in, although I suspect this example is more of a project than he may… more»

598,310 Miles! 1983 Toyota Corolla DLX Wagon

We’ve seen cars with low-mileage claims and those usually get their share of jeers. How about a car that looks like it has low miles but has almost 600,000 miles?! This 1983 Toyota Corolla DLX Wagon… more»

Barn Find: 1967 Toyota Corona Deluxe 1900

Normally we think of big American cars and trucks being found in barns and garages, not something like this 1967 Toyota Corona Deluxe 1900. But, there it is. This one is listed on eBay with a… more»

Running When Parked: 1980 Toyota Celica Sunchaser

Ah, the classic “running when parked.” I love this description, as it means so little yet inspires much hope among enthusiasts passionate about a certain car. For example, if you’ve been hunting for a rare Toyota… more»