Ready to Work: 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47 Pickup

Legend has it that during WWII, when the Japanese invaded the Philippines, its army found an abandoned American 4×4 Jeep. Exactly which Jeep (some say Bantam, some say Willys) is not known, but the vehicle was immediately deemed a… more»

No Reserve Survivor: 1983 Toyota Pickup 4×4

There’s a potential deal brewing for this no-reserve 1983 Toyota pickup equipped with four-wheel drive. The short box, along with upsized new tires and clean body, are all working in this truck’s favor. However, bidding seems a bit light… more»

4WD Garage Find: 1982 Toyota Pickup

The term “siren song” is often used to describe when a thing or place has a mesmerizing effect on the beholder. In the case of select project cars and trucks, the appearance of a vehicle can make an enthusiast… more»

Short Bed 4×4: 1983 Toyota Pickup

When we think of a valuable vehicle, we often consider it in terms of rarity, equipment, performance, and what its original intended use was. A classic Ferrari was exclusive when it was new; was built to be the top-performing… more»

$7K in Receipts: 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser

Making the decision to invest in any vehicle is a decision that forces owners to assess whether the car or truck in question has enough going for it that you can justify the predicted expenses. In the case of… more»

Minty Hilux: 1983 Toyota Pickup 4×4

It’s amazing how a once-utilitarian vehicle has suddenly become a collectible showpiece. This 1983 Toyota Hilux 4×4 pickup looks absolutely perfect sitting on color-matched steel wheels with the period-correct decals running down the sides. The old-school Toyota pickup has… more»

Clean Xtracab: 1986 Toyota Hilux DLX 4×4

This 1986 Toyota “Hilux” pickup boasts the desirable four-wheel-drive setup along with some modest upgrades that give the truck a more modern appearance. The classic details are still there – i.e., the decals on the doors and the bed… more»

Iron Pig Driver: 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser

This 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser has been significantly overhauled to the point that it seems pretty close to being a turnkey driver. The seller provides a lengthy description of the numerous improvements he’s made to this FJ55, which is… more»

JDM Turbo Coupe: 1993 Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra is one of the best choices for a modern collector car you can buy and enjoy like a daily driver. The MKIV is the hot ticket that gets the big dollar buy at major auctions but… more»

Rare Droptop: 1985 Toyota Celica GTS Convertible

Have you ever noticed there is a certain class, or segment, of cars that absolutely fit the criteria of being rare but don’t have the cache to demand top-dollar pricing? That’s the issue I always see with these aftermarket-converted… more»

Mid-Engine Magic: 1987 Toyota MR2 Sunroof Coupe

In the 1970s, with the advent of the Porsche 914, the Fiat X 1/9, and their more exotic brethren including the Pantera and the Countach, the path to a successful mid-engined design was becoming well-trod. Meanwhile, Japanese car makers… more»

Long Bed Beauty: 1986 Toyota Hilux 4×4

When it comes to blue-chip investments, old Toyota trucks are as good as gets these days. In my opinion, one of the luckiest finds right now is a clean, rust-free four-wheel-drive Toyota pickup that some older driver has been… more»

60K Original Miles: 1976 Toyota Celica ST

The earliest Toyota Celica remains one of the more collectible Japanese cars you can buy right now. For years, this slow-but-charming sports coupe has been a favorite among collectors of vintage Asian cars but the appeal has grown more… more»

One Owner Survivor: 1992 Toyota Celica GT-S

Original owner cars are a special breed of motor vehicles, owing both to their scarcity and because old vehicles that remain with their first owner are generally in good condition. Most consumers change cars like they change their socks,… more»

Iron Pig: 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55

Toyota trucks top the list of tactical weapon platforms for one reason:  reliability. In the civilian world, reliability may not mean life-or-death (though it might), but it certainly creates die-hard loyalty, something Toyota lovers espouse at any opportunity. The… more»

Japanese Mustang: 1977 Toyota Celica GT Liftback

The Japanese automotive industry enjoys a long history of creating its own interpretation of existing designs. That is not a criticism but recognizes that its designers can pick the key aspects of any successful or iconic model and place… more»