Australian Hot Rod: Battered 1967 Toyota 2000GT

It’s well known by now that the Toyota 2000GT is one of the foremost collector cars on the marketplace, and has been for years. Built-in exceedingly limited numbers in collaboration with Yamaha, it was a watershed moment when Toyota… more»

No Reserve: 1977 Toyota Celica GT

The first and second-generation Toyota Celicas remain among the most coveted Japanese sports cars made that mere commoners can afford. While I’m sure you could get into a tedious debate between owners of both generations about which one is… more»

No Reserve: One-Owner 1987 Toyota MR2

The first-generation Toyota MR2 continues to be a bit of a sleeper on the collector car market. There’s always a handful of them for sale, but truly good, honest cars are fetching very fair money. This example is said… more»

39,530 Original Miles: 1979 Toyota Celica GT

While listings that tell you just to look at the photos can generally be viewed with some suspicion, there are cars that really do present far better when words are kept to a minimum. This 1979 Toyota Celica GT… more»

BF AUCTION: 1993 Toyota 4X4 SR5 V6

When we think of Toyota pickups, this is the exact truck that comes to mind, graphics and all! The 4X4 SR5 is an icon, with a history of being incredibly durable and capable of going just about anywhere, while… more»

Low Mileage Fuel Miser: 1989 Toyota Tercel Coupe

Take a look around today and try to spot an economy car from the 1980s. You will struggle to do so, as the majority were driven into the ground and then driven to the scrapyard. That is what makes… more»

4×4 Conversion: 1975 Toyota Hilux

For a time, the only way to get certain models of smaller pickups in four-wheel drive from was to build it yourself – or hire an aftermarket company to make one for you. This eventually got so popular that… more»

1986 Toyota “Custom Cab” Pickup

Although today we take for granted that extended cab and four-door pickup trucks are the norms, there was a time when it was far harder to find extra space in a pickup truck at your local dealer. It was… more»

Sport Rally 5-Speed: 1981 Toyota Tercel SR5

When I started this gig for Barn Finds, I never thought that I would be covering the likes of a Toyota Tercel, not that there’s anything wrong with that…It’s just not the stock-in-trade that comprises a lot of what… more»

Low Mileage Survivor: 1992 Toyota Supra Turbo

The third-generation Toyota Supra is one of the more overlooked eras of the company’s pioneering sports car, and this gorgeous MK3 definitely deserves a look. It’s not only shockingly clean, but it’s also the most desirable with the turbocharged… more»

SR5 Survivor: 1994 Toyota V6 4×4 Pickup

Many pickups are worn out when they hit 100,000 miles but this little Toyota is just getting broken in with only 129k on the clock! It’s actually hard to find these with lower mileage. Most of these have double… more»

No Reserve Survivor: 1991 Toyota MR2

This 1991 Toyota MR2 is a stock second-generation model with the naturally aspirated powerplant. These four-cylinder sports models are certainly on the rise price-wise, but they remain attainable even in clean condition like this one. The turbocharged model may… more»

Minty Hauler: 1982 Toyota Pickup

  My memories of a slow, yellow Toyota in my fleet are not so distant that I don’t feel a slight pang of remorse when I see this clean 1982 Toyota pickup listed with just over 61,000 original miles…. more»

Price Dropped: 1979 Toyota Hilux

It isn’t clear how long this 1979 Toyota Hilux has been parked in this barn, but the coating of dust suggests that it has been quite a while. The seller states that it is a one-owner vehicle, and he… more»

58k Mile: 1976 Toyota Hilux SR5 Truck

UPDATE – It appears that this one sold quickly! Hopefully, that means it went to one of our Supporting Members (thanks to Early Access). If you are the lucky individual to have purchased this sweet truck, we would love… more»

4Runner Granddaddy: 1983 Toyota Trekker 4×4

We have seen a ton of Toyotas and many, many Winnebagos here on Barn Finds over the last decade, but we haven’t seen too many mashups between those two companies. One such vehicle is this 1983 Toyota Trekker, the… more»