Best One Left? 1985 Toyota 4Runner SR5

If you’d asked a young teenage Jonny in the mid-to-late 1990s to pick just one car to drive for the rest of his life, without hesitation he would’ve said: “First-generation Toyota 4Runner.” Somehow, nearly 25-years later he still hasn’t… more»

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One Of A Kind: 1987 Bradley GT 4×4!

Tired of boring modern vehicles that all look the same? This interesting one-off custom may be just the ticket! After shopping, you won’t have to look too hard to find this custom-built vehicle (a Bradley GT body on a… more»

BF Exclusive: Jeff’s 1981 Toyota HiAce Van Project

As some of you likely recall, I rescued a highly unusual and rare Toyota HiAce van from my friend’s property in Georgia about four years ago. It has been a serious labor of love, thrusting me into new challenges… more»

Rare Ragtop: 1982 Toyota Corolla SR5 Griffith

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Just because something is rare doesn’t make it valuable.” A few of you would add “or, desirable…” on this one, I’m guessing. Nevertheless, this 1982 Toyota Corolla SR5 Griffith convertible is very rare but… more»

Simply Amazing: 1985 Toyota Celica GT-S Convertible

In the late 1980s my uncle had a 2nd generation Supra, so those and their 3rd generation Celica siblings have long been on my radar. If they haven’t been on yours, maybe this one will get them there. This… more»

Turbo Survivor: 1987 Toyota 4Runner SR5

There is nothing quite like getting away from the rat race and pitching a tent in the untamed wilderness. There is also nothing wrong with finding your way to those locations in a degree of luxury and comfort. That… more»

No Reserve Time Capsule: 1988 Toyota 4Runner

This 1988 Toyota 4Runner is an impressive survivor, with just 77,000 one-owner miles and maintained since new at a local Toyota dealer. The body is in outstanding condition with nary a sign of rust, and the original paint and… more»

Clean California Coupe: 1984 Toyota Celica GT

This 1984 Toyota Celica GT coupe is rare survivor of the notchback body style and one of the last years of the rear wheel drive Celica. This example is a California car that shows none of the usual cancer… more»

FJ60 Survivor: 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser

This 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser is a clean FJ60-series survivor, fresh from long-term ownership in New Mexico that has helped keep it in extremely well-preserved condition. The truck is part of a desirable class of square-body Japanese SUVs that… more»

Owned 14 Years: 1985 Toyota Celica GT-S

The seller of this 1985 Toyota Celica GT-S liftback has prioritized the mechanical restoration of this desirable Japanese sports coupe over making it a showroom-quality restoration project. Despite claiming the cosmetics aren’t perfect, it still presents quite well and… more»

True Mileage Unknown: 1988 Toyota Pickup 4WD V6

Out of all the compact to mid-size pickups sold, Toyota’s pickup (known as the Hilux in global markets) is the best at holding its value. Most of these trucks saw hard use on a regular basis, so very few… more»

Turbocharged Survivor: 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo

This 1991 Toyota MR2 is the desirable turbocharged model with the rare fixed hardtop roof. Many of these second generation MR2s sported T-top roofs, making the combination of having the turbocharged engine and fixed roof a sought-after form of… more»

No Reserve: Low-Mile 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser

While Toyota’s Land Cruiser trucks are mostly collector items at this point, they have undeniable off-road capabilities, which make them one of the most iconic overlanding vehicles. This 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser is available here on eBay as part… more»

Survivor ST185: 1991 Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo

During the mid-1980s, compact vehicles from all over the world received all-wheel-drive variants, including BMW’s 3-Series, Dodge’s Colt, Honda’s Civic Wagon, Nissan’s Stanza, Pontiac’s 6000, and plenty more. Toyota sold a variety of models using its All-Trac full-time four-wheel-drive… more»

Blue Plate Project: 1985 Toyota 4Runner SR5

Despite needing a new headgasket, bidding remains quite strong for this 1985 Toyota 4Runner with a five-speed manual gearbox. Overall, Japanese SUVs from the 80s are on a tear on the collector car market thanks to their fairly low… more»

Collectible Driver: 1987 Toyota MR2

One of those iconic cars from the ’80s that has been perpetually cheap for years is the classic two-seater with T-tops, the Toyota MR2. Offered in a variety of flavors ranging from mild to wild, the MR2 is a… more»