1946 Miniature Train And Railroad Company G-16

Some of us had toy trains as kids and some kids had a dad who made a huge “toy” train and built a track around their yard so they could ride on and in it along with their friends…. more»

Basement Find: 1950s American Flyer Train Set

Looking at all of the high-tech gadgetry in the hands of today’s youth, a vintage train set reminds us of the simpler times that were our childhoods.  BarnFinds reader Joseph B told us that here’s a nice set for… more»

1981 Plasser & Theurer EM-80 Track Geometry Car

In the tradition of showing almost any type of vehicle that’s powered by an engine or motor, or some other way of propelling that vehicle (even a pedal bike is fair game), we bring you one of the most… more»

Railroad Find: 1944 Baldwin BLE 643 Locomotive

This is more like a roundhouse find than a barn find, even though it’s been sitting outside in the elements for six years now. This is quite a find and quite a project: a 1944 Baldwin 2-10-4 locomotive B&LE… more»

Putt-Putt: Fairmont M19 Speeder

Ethan, South Dakota is where this fantastic little Fairmont M19 Speeder is located. I don’t know if the tracks on the west side of town are able to be used for a test drive or not, but it would… more»

Nice Caboose! Pennsylvania RR Caboose

Well, as you can see, this Early-1900s Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose is quite a project, quite a project indeed. This one will test your skills, your patience, your stick-to-itiveness, and maybe most importantly, it’ll test your marriage. Hey, but at… more»

Good Idea Derailed: GM Aerotrain

When most of us think of General Motors, automobiles are what come to mind, but the manufacturing giant has actually built more than just cars. During the 1940’s, they were a major player in the locomotive market. Prior to the ’50s,… more»

Plymouth Made Trains, Too?

Thanks to you Barn Finds readers, my education continues! Reader Greg P. writes: On March 24th, Jamie said he didn’t know that Plymouth even made pickups until he saw the 1938. I was wondering if he knew that Plymouth made… more»

J.P. Morgan’s Railcar: Erie 400 Pullman Car

Personally I like anything with wheels, and that includes trains and airplanes as well as cars. So when reader Jim S. sent us the link to this beautiful, custom made Pullman car, we found it impossible to resist. We hope… more»

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