Original Crew Cab: 1962 Volkswagen Double Cab Pickup

The Transporter owes its existence to a Dutch visitor to Volkswagen’s factory, Bernardus Pon. In 1947, Pon – an auto importer – sketched a van based on the mule-type vehicles VW used to move items on its factory floors,… more»

23-Window Hippie Van! 1960 Volkswagen Type 2

The VW Type 2, aka Transporter or Microbus, was a popular van during the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Less often seen was the 23-window edition that comprised less than 10% of production. We understand it was… more»

Custom Built 1973 Stretched Volkswagen Camper Bus!

As it sits right now, this VW bus isn’t looking quite the same as I’m sure it did nearly 50 years ago when a Boeing engineer from Seattle custom-built it in 1973, but as I strive to look beyond… more»

Build-A-Truck: 1957 VW Transporter

We really don’t see these early truck versions of the VW Bus very often (that’s a whole other story that likely involves poultry, tariffs and chickens…wait, sorry, politicians) but we always find them to be interesting alternative to more… more»