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23-Window Hippie Van! 1960 Volkswagen Type 2

The VW Type 2, aka Transporter or Microbus, was a popular van during the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Less often seen was the 23-window edition that comprised less than 10% of production. We understand it was built for touring the Swiss Alps. This 1960 edition has been tucked away since 1982 and will need loads of cosmetic work, plus an engine (missing). From Anaheim, California, this rarity is available here on eBay for the lofty starting price of $60,000. No bidders have yet stepped up to the plate. Thanks for the groovy tip, T.J.!

Volkswagen added the Type 2 to its roster in 1950, a companion to the Beetle (Type 1). These cab-over-designed vans would prove to be quite popular, especially with Baby Boomers in the U.S. Along the way, the gurus at VW created a 23-window version of the transport which was technically known as the “Deluxe Microbus with Samba Package.” To help with touring, there is a plethora of glass, which included eight skylights (four on each side), two curved rear windows, five side windows, a retractable skylight, and a split windshield.  If you had trouble seeing out of one of these vans, you weren’t trying very hard.

As was the case with the Bug, the Samba employed a rear-mounted, air-cooled flat-4 engine that most often produced 50-60 hp. So, you weren’t likely to get anywhere quickly. The seller’s version of the 23-window bus no longer has any form of motor, though we assume its 4-speed transmission is still there. These vans have gone up in value in recent years (as have most old vehicles) because not more than 1 out of 10 were equipped this way.

The ancient paint on the seller’s van, which has been in hiding for more than 40 years, indicates that it served in the 1960s hippie movement. What wasn’t doctored up as part of the “Flower Power” movement is the remains of the van’s original Turkis Green, which stands for turquoise in the German language. We’re told this hauler has some music festival history, having been to events where the likes of Jim Hendrix and The Grateful Dead were performing. But is any of that documented? Ticket stubs from Woodstock would be way cool (if there were any). And the seller is offering to restore the van for you, but that would certainly drive the final price into six-figure territory.


  1. Craig Baloga Craig Baloga Member

    The bidders will step in and push this to six figures….these are the holy grail of VW buses…..maybe leave the sheetmetal patina, prep and clear coat, sort the mechanicals, and it’s off to Mecum or Barrett-Jackson!

    These are 23 windows are untouchable…..👍🤓

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    • Bullethead

      No, perfectly restored 23 window Sambas bring six figures… this one is already priced at the top for a project. Probably why there are no bids. They aren’t cheap to restore, either. I’ve owned a 21 Deluxe for thirty years and decided to do a bare-shell resto… it’s beautiful, but the end number was eye watering.

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    • Ed

      Auction is over, zero bids, no-sale with a $40,000 opening bid

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  2. Howard A ( since 2014) Member

    See, the thing is, hippies, due to their inherent nature, would never have a window van and a roof vent was imperative. I’d be a player at $50, what most hippies paid for theirs. The “graphics” are nothing more than a bored teenager doodling.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      The “Oracle of Reality” speaks. Spot on.again.

      Not sure what this “hippie movement” was……people shaking their hips? I’ve had a few of these. Even have a set of NOS unobtainium 23 roof window glass sitting in my workshop awaiting their burial with me.

      If someone buys this for anymore than HoA would pay they need to see a psychiatrist…..,and quit shaking their hips, they will throw their back out!.

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  3. Jim Bob

    It’s worth $60K if it comes with some hippie dippies..

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  4. Big Al

    I wonder how many kids where conceived in the back ?
    I bet a lot of fun was had. 😂😂

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    • maggy

      There’s probably more DNA in the back of that thing then there is in a forensic science lab.

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  5. mike

    These old VW buses bring rusted Porsche prices now a days

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  6. Maggy

    Does it come with a bottle of Windex for 60k?

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  7. Mark C

    Starting bid has dropped to $40k.

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  8. PRA4SNW

    LMAO! What, did the hippies keep a log book that comes with the van to prove that it went to Woodstock and to see Jimi?

    I’m just checkiling at the claims that sellers will make to substantiate their outrageous asking price.

    Is that tacky stuff on the side contact vinyl?

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  9. Gordo

    Down to a more reasonable $40k now.

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  10. Roger

    You pay for the ad, you get to name the price. Maybe the smoke or shrooms are wearing off

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  11. Big C

    It is truly amazing what the auction houses have done to the prices of these things. 20 years ago, you could fill a barn with VW buses, for what this guy is asking for this one.

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  12. PairsNPaint

    Perfect example of just how absurd the “collector car” market has become. I was always a fan of the pre-’68 buses, but really, has everyone lost their minds?

    E-bay listing has it as a ’63, not a ’60. Also says “The vehicle is drivable” so statement regarding lack of an engine is suspect?

    Even at $40k, I can think of at least a dozen cars that would be better performing, more comfortable, more collectible, and require less work than this mess.

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    • Ed

      Auction is over, zero bids, no-sale.

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  13. Craig

    Will double that price just in the resto’
    Too rich for my blood.

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  14. Todd J. Member

    I missed out on the Woodstock experience – my buddies were trying to get me to go with them, but I was holding down what was at the time a good paying job at a Firestone tire plant in PA. I was afraid my boss would can me if I told him I was taking an indeterminate amount of time off from work to go camp out in a cow pasture in New York and see a bunch of rock bands. My buddies never let me forget it either: “You should have been there, man!”

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    • John b

      Was it the Firestone plant in Oaks, pa?

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      • Todd J. Member


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  15. Craiger

    Far out, Man! Like, WOW!

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  16. George Mattar

    Next year at BJ some dope will dish out $250,000 for this 45 mph at best heap. Stupid people do stupid things. Try merging onto I-80 in North Jersey in this thing. The rear of it will be up your butt when a soccer mom going 90 in her new Odyessey runs into it.

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    • John b

      Hey georgie- john b from bcct

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  17. Gregory Garon

    Thanks to shows like ‘American Picker’ these South American specials have gone insane to by and even more insane to restore, plus Jackson and Mecum have made them way over the top stupid money.

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  18. Paul R.

    I saw one a few years ago. Peace sign painted on the back plus “ zero to sixty in fifteen minutes.”

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  19. Kenn

    I wish I could buy it at the new ask, put another $50K into restoration, then take it to cars and coffee and have folks admire it and remark that it must have cost $10,000….! as they move on to other vehicles they would rather own.

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