One Owner, 54K Miles, and 1966 Tags: 1949 Ford Custom Tudor

If anyone ever tells you that good cars aren’t out there waiting to be discovered, then they are surely misinformed.  There have been many write-ups this year covering cars that haven’t seen the light of day for decades and… more»

Hoarder Hidden for 40+Years: 1946 Ford Tudor Sedan

I am not sure how things are where our readers live, but, around here, every new hot rod that shows up is perfect from stem to stern.  It seems unthinkable to many to display a car built from used… more»

Drivable Older Restoration: 1930 Ford Model A Tudor

Believe it or not, probably the three most popular types of vehicles people purchase to start in our hobby are Fords.  A Model T, a Model A, or a first-generation Mustang is often the initial vehicle project that a… more»

Maybe Original Paint: 1936 Ford Tudor Touring Sedan

As time goes on, more and more older restorations are advertised as original.  There are always unscrupulous sellers out there, but many legitimately believe that the vehicle they are selling still wears the original finish and parts from the… more»

Tidy Tudor! 1938 Ford Standard V8

One of the most iconic faces of ’30s and ’40s, this 1938 Ford Standard Tudor Sedan makes a sporty entrance, especially in this lovely medium blue. This specimen in Mandan, North Dakota runs “like a dream,” according to the… more»

Finishing Someone’s Project: 1938 Plymouth Tudor

One of the tragedies of the classic car world is the number of unfinished project cars that are languishing in garages, sheds, and under the dreaded blue tarp.  Enthusiasm for a new project usually wanes after the work becomes… more»

Movie Star Car: 1926 Ford Model T Tudor

Here on craigslist is a 1926 Ford Model T Tudor (two-door, as opposed to Fordor, or four-door) that has apparently fraternized with George Clooney in the movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” Other than this tidbit and the seller’s… more»

Recent Barn Find: 1929 Ford Model A Tudor

Although Ford’s Model T was showing its age by the time the last car rolled off the production line in 1927, it was held in such high esteem within the community that it continued to sell in significant numbers… more»

Parked In ’84: 1950 Ford Deluxe Tudor

The 1949 Ford was a crucial vehicle for the company, representing its first new model since before World War II. Its appearance was groundbreaking, being its first offering featuring “ponton” styling that integrated the fenders into the bodyline and… more»

Restore or Rod It? 1937 Ford Tudor Slantback

I’ll admit, I’m more of a purist when it comes to car restorations; I guess it’s the museum archivist gene and history lover in me. But Google “1937 Ford Tudor Sedan” and see what pops up on the Images… more»

Parked in ’47!? 1934 Ford Tudor Sedan

Living in the shadow of the iconic ’34 Ford Coupe, sedans like this 1934 Ford Tudor Sedan in Hooper, Nebraska strike a sporty profile all their own. This gutted roller comes to market here on eBay, where at least… more»

Time for T: Survivor 1926 Ford Model T Tudor

From the very first one built on August 12, 1908, until the 15 millionth unit rolled out the door on May 26, 1927, the Model T grew to become known as the car that put America on wheels. While… more»

Shoebox Survivor: 1949 Ford Custom Tudor

When World War II drew to a close, the production of civilian motor vehicles recommenced in the US. With vehicle manufacturers concentrating their focus on the war effort, that meant that these new cars that emerged for the 1946… more»

Hot-Rod Potential? 1949 Ford Tudor

It is said that the 1949 Ford is the car that saved the company. Prior to ’49, Ford, like many other car companies, were still working off of pre-war designs.  This was the model that introduced integrated fenders and… more»

Revived After 35 Years: 1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan

After sitting largely forgotten for 35-years after the previous owner passed away, this 1930 Ford Model A has been revived, and it is looking for someone to complete the restoration that was commenced all those years ago. The car… more»

Restore or Rat Rod? 1938 Ford Standard Tudor

This 1938 Ford Tudor gets fairly regular use, but the owner says that he can’t see why it couldn’t be used as a daily driver. It looks to be a solid car and will offer the next owner a… more»

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