Some Assembly Required: Turner 950 Sports

This pile of parts is the once-glorious remains of a Turner 950 Sports kit car that is being offered as an incomplete project or a treasure trove of parts for another Turner closer to road-going form. The Turners are… more»

Hard Work Done! 1958 Turner 950S

One of many British “cottage manufacturers” of the 1950s was Turner — but they were more successful than most, producing around 600 giant-killer sports cars that can be found racing even today. One 1958 Turner 950S that needs completion… more»

How Bad Do You Want One? 1959 Turner

After 35 years of sitting in an Atlanta back yard–which should be some sort of crime–this Turner is now in search of a foolhardy fanatical enthusiast to try to bring it back to life. Thanks to reader Peter R…. more»

Compact Sport: 1960 Turner 950

I know it isn’t a high speed Autobahn rocket, but I’ve always wanted one of these tiny Turner sport cars. These compact drop tops were powered by a meager Austin 950 inline 4, with just 35 horsepower. While that isn’t… more»

Only 338 Left! 1966 Turner Mk. III

Reader Howard A. writes: Ever hear of a Turner? I haven’t. Looks pretty cool. Thanks for the find, Howard! Turners were the creation of a small British company started by Jack Turner, and were produced between 1951 and 1966, when this… more»

1959 Turner 950S: Past Racer?

The only Turners I’ve seen in the flesh have all been restored vintage racing cars or current SCCA racers. As a lightweight alternative to a Spridget, these little cars are surprisingly quick around road courses. Thanks to Robert R…. more»

Project Racer: 1959 Turner 950S

When Jack Turner founded his sports car manufacturing company in 1950, he had one goal in mind and that was to build race cars. This 1959 Turner 950S is one of only 670 cars built before the company closed… more»

1963 Turner Sports Mk III Roadster

If the Cortina got you thinking about going vintage racing this summer, then you should take a look at this 1963 Turner Sports Mk III. Only about 100 of these cars were ever produced and this one is claimed… more»