Long-Stored Sports Car: 1974 TVR 2500M

TVR remains one the most wonderfully nutty vintage cars you can buy, the sort of thing I’m sure someone will figure out a way to ban within the next decade. This 2500M has recently been revived after what sounds… more»

Fast Finds

Low-Mileage Wedge: 1985 TVR 280i

This 1985 TVR 280i is a surprisingly nice driver-grade example of a model that typically appears as a total trainwreck of a project. Yes, there are exceptions, but as someone who has wanted to own one of these for… more»

Brute Force Brit: 1994 TVR Chimaera

This 1994 TVR Chimaera is a rare bird in the U.S., a right-hand drive performance car that will still raise the hair on the back of your neck with its light-weight construction and powerful Rover V8 under the hood…. more»

Camaro V6 Powered: 1978 TVR 2500M

This 1978 TVR 2500 looks like a solid foundation for a restoration project, and certainly a good buy at the current asking price of just $5,500. Although these light-weight British sports cars were known for their Ford-derived V8 powerplants… more»

Rare Coupe Body: 1984 Model TVR 280i

Don’t mind the mistaken Facebook label on this posting – it’s no Ford Mustang. It’s actually a pretty special hardtop version of a classic TVR 280i, which we more typically see in roadster form. This one is described as… more»

One Of The Last 1979 TVR Taimar Built

This is a car that’s familiar to me, as I used to see it routinely at a now-shuttered vintage automobile shop in Rhode Island. It’s one of those rare cases where I can attest that a vehicle looks as… more»

One Of 128! 1967 TVR Grantura 1800S

There is an entire legion of British sportscars that are referenced in the past tense. One that isn’t, is the TVR, a company that has continued auto production since 1946. TVR, founded by Trevor Wilkinson, has produced mostly sports… more»

One of 192: 1965 TVR Griffith

I am part of a very informal local “club” of enthusiasts that partake in monthly driving tours and a member has a later TVR Tuscan, which bears some resemblance to this desirable Griffith model. While the engineering is a… more»

Rare TVR S3 2.9 in Texas!

While the 25-year rule on importing European-market vehicles does indeed make it tempting to purchase any number of sports cars once considered forbidden fruit, the importation process and paperwork-heavy transaction can scare casual enthusiasts away. That’s why finding one… more»

Redevelopment Forces Sale: Major UK Barn Find Auction

According to a website with a major auction listed among its upcoming events, a large collection of project cars and trucks were forced out of their barn storage to make way for a major redevelopment of the property. The… more»

Beautiful Barn Find: 1959 TVR Grantura

This gorgeous 1969 TVR Grantura is a rarity in the United States, and really anywhere considering the low volume production numbers. Just 100 Series 1 cars were made, making a barn find example of one that has seemingly survived… more»

Rare British Export: 1988 TVR 350i

The UK has long been the home of a number of car manufacturers that have been affectionately referred to as “men in sheds.” These are small vehicle manufacturers, the vast majority of which have produced hand-built sports cars. One… more»

Gold Nugget: 1978 TVR Taimar

UPDATE – This one sold for $6k back in June and made its way from Texas to New York. The new owner went through the fuel system and the V6 started up. They also went through the brakes so… more»

Minty Wedge: 1985 TVR Tasmin

I’ve always loved the wedge-shaped TVR 280i, otherwise known as a Tasmin. The ridiculous looks, the glorious Ford Cologne V6, and the period-styling that often included color-matched wheels result in a car that could only come from a company… more»

Frame Job: 1974 TRV 2500

Years ago, I would spot a TVR 2500M like this one on my school bus route, rotting away next to a garage. Had I been about 10 years older at the time, I would have made every effort to… more»

Reader Ad: 1983 TVR Tasmin

If you are new to Barn Finds, you may not recognize this TVR, but if you have been around here for a while you hopefully remember it! Justin H bought this Tasmin from us back in 2016. You can… more»