V8 Swap Project: 1972 TVR 2500M

Vintage TVR cars remain one of the hidden gems of the 1960s sports car scene, somehow remaining surprisingly affordable despite the impressive pedigree of this unique British marque.  With a history of high-performance models that were serious competitors on… more»

Edgy Wedge: 1985 TVR Tasmin 280i Convertible

Martin Lilley was about to execute on an enduring ambition that would get him fired. It was the late 1970s and he had been running TVR since 1965. The company was no longer making kit cars, and its finances… more»

Open Sports Wannabe: 1962 TVR Grantura

The Grantura was the first of many automobiles built in England by TVR. Through evolution, the sports car was produced between 1958 and 1967 and included the Mk 2a variant, like the seller’s offering. This vehicle is on its… more»

21k Mile: Rare 1979 TVR Taimar

A number of years ago, we had the interesting opportunity of rescuing a TVR Tasmin. It proved to be one of the most interesting and challenging projects we’ve ever taken on. Honestly, I’d do it all over again if… more»

Stored Since the ’90s: 1970 TVR Vixen

Despite their limited production, vintage TVR models seem to pop up for sale as recent barn find projects with surprising regularity. The 1970 Vixen shown here is like most of them, however, which is to say in incomplete condition… more»

Three for One: TVR 280i Projects

When it comes to self-inflicted pain, car enthusiasts are typically in a league of their own. We like to think we’re having fun, but in reality, we’re just trying not to reveal how much we’re crying on the inside…. more»

Forbidden Fruit: 1997 TVR Cerbera

While I am not a British car nut, I absolutely love the TVR brand. This boutique British company is one of my personal favorites, and despite this, I have never owned one of their brawny, hand-built cars. That may… more»

Forgotten Race Car: 1968 TVR Vixen

One of my favorite car brands is TVR, owing to its upstart attitude and strong affinity for sticking overly powerful engines in very light-weight chassis. The fact that this recipe continued on from its early hardscrabble days all the… more»

“Wedge Series” TVR: 1985 Tasmin 280i Convertible

As Britain lurched through the inflationary, strike-ridden ’70s, auto buyers bid adieu to Jensen Motors, Wolseley, and Hillman, among others. Somehow, TVR managed to survive, selling its hand-built, fiberglass M-series cars (US readers might be most familiar with the… more»

1 Of 59: 1966 TVR Griffith Series 400

With an asking price of $1,234,567, my first thoughts upon running across this TVR Griffith Series 400 were actually twofold, that the seller may have at least somewhat of a good sense of humor, thus possibly reasonable to deal… more»

Huge Stash of Rare Dorettis and Triumphs Found!

In the annals of orphan British cars, Tom Householder stands out as a champion for one of the more obscure makes, the Swallow Doretti. Householder was involved in the founding of the Triumph Register and still owns a large… more»

German Import Edition: 1985 TVR 280i

When I spied the listing for this 1985 TVR 280i, also known as the TVR Tasmin, I had forgotten that they still exist as a going concern, but according to their website, they’re still TVRing along. And even though… more»

Tube-Frame Sports Coupe! 1972 TVR Vixen 2500

Surprisingly not named after one of Santa’s reindeer, the 1968-72 TVR Vixen mated a series of readily available powerplants with TVR’s custom-designed tube chassis and fiberglass body. This 1972 TVR Vixen 2500 in York, Pennsylvania came near the end… more»

Rare Hardtop: 1984 TVR 280i

TVR remains one of the more intriguing options out there for an enthusiast car that offers tons of exclusivity for very reasonable money. In general, you don’t see them at your local car shows and even some of the… more»

Came with the House: 1969 TVR Vixen S2

As of this writing, I’ve found cars in some pretty interesting places. The classic barn find; a few in junkyards; and most recently, one on an island. But I’ve never had the thrill of buying a house and finding… more»

TVR 2500M: Rare Fiberglass Coupe

TVRs have a tendency to be overlooked when one searches for a lightweight, good-handling British classic coupe. I’m not sure whether it’s the somewhat pedestrian Triumph mechanicals, the quirky (but pretty) styling, or simply that Lotus got all the… more»