Retro Shorty: 1977 Dodge Tradesman Custom Van

Though the niche of “vanning” has gained some popularity in recent years, finding surviving examples of these over-the-top vans often presents a challenge. This 1977 Dodge Tradesman is available here on eBay as part of a no reserve auction,… more»

Super Van: 1974 Ford Econoline 300

“Vanning” is the practice of modifying a van or truck with living accommodations, and while it first earned popularity in the 1970s, it is also currently making a comeback. Unfortunately, many custom vans from the original era of vanning… more»

1976 Chevrolet “Good Times” Custom Van

Our mission to bring you the weird, wild, and wonderful of not-quite-perfect automobiles has led us to this ’76 Chevy G20 van, a.k.a. the “Good Times Machine” and it’s up for sale here on eBay out of St. Charles,… more»

Grandma’s Van: 1983 Ford Econoline XL

It’s indisputable that “vanning” culture is making a comeback these days – it’s even got a trendy hashtag (#vanlife) to go along with its revival.  Unfortunately, while the commodification of an automotive niche often leads to rising prices on… more»

Untouched Since the ‘70s: Custom 1976 Ford Van

While survivor-quality vehicles are interesting in their own way, I think that vehicle customization is arguably just as cool, if not cooler. This 1976 Ford E-Series Van that is here on eBay is an excellent example of the subculture… more»