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Super Van: 1974 Ford Econoline 300

“Vanning” is the practice of modifying a van or truck with living accommodations, and while it first earned popularity in the 1970s, it is also currently making a comeback. Unfortunately, many custom vans from the original era of vanning require serious repair, which often means the interiors need to be torn out and completely re-done. However, this isn’t the case with this time capsule of a 1974 Ford Econoline 300 that Barn Finds reader Patrick Stalionis found here on eBay as part of a no reserve auction.

This Econoline is available in Springtown, Texas with a clean title. The seller mentions that the van began its life in California, and it was kept in enclosed storage by the older couple who previously owned it. After emerging from storage, the van received a tune-up, and now it is ready for its next set of adventures.

The exterior features the original paint, which is a very pretty blue and white two-tone theme. Though it’s not clear who was the coachbuilder behind the van’s conversion, the body and conversion are in good shape, and the only noticeable issue is some faded paint on the lower part of the body.

As stated earlier, the interior of this Econoline is arguably the best part of this vehicle. Most times, conversion vans from this era have cabins that are in serious disrepair, but this one is ready to go! Both of the front seats rotate 360 degrees, and there are also comfort features including an icebox, propane stove, sink, and more.

This van uses a 302 cu.-in. V8 engine, which pairs to an automatic transmission to drive the rear wheels. The drivetrain has 56,351 miles on it, and the seller notes that it runs and drives without issue.

At the time of publication, bidding is at $5,100. Could you imagine yourself taking this Econoline on road trips?


  1. Claudio

    I ve been camping for decades
    I am used to comfort
    Carburated, 3 speed auto and a swaying drive just wouldn’t do it for me
    I like the vintage look but efi, aod, 4wdisc , a/c, abs, airbag , power windows, power mirrors , all around blinking mirrors , etc are features i cant give up
    Nice truck but …

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    • Al

      What is aod???

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      • Charles Mann

        Automatic Over Drive

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  2. Charles Mann

    “After is was pulled out of storage a complete inspection and service was done”

    Yet the horn, radio and heater fan do notwork.
    Not much Service..

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    • john smith

      The horn, radio, heater do not work but what the seller left out of his ad is that the propane tank is so rusted out it has to be replaced and those are almost impossible to find these days. very expensive fix. also the water pump doesn’t work. he failed to mention these things in his ad. the only way to know about the horn, radio, and heater was to watch the video. he mentioned nothing about what was wrong with it in his listing. unethical.

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  3. Charles Mann

    Anyone have experience with gas mileage with these Fords?

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    • Claudio

      Its easy
      Its not miles to a gallon
      Gallons to the mile

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    • gentooq

      I had one of these vans, a Ford E300 series Econoline, with the sliding side door and swing open rear doors. I pulled out the rear bench seat and had enough space to put in a queen-sized platform bed. Some rack curtains from shipboard sleeping accommodations and I was all set.

      My mileage, after an engine rebuild, was in the 12 city/15 highway range, which wasn’t bad. It’s not really the mileage that’s the problem. It’s the sail-evoking cross-section and light rear end that really up the pucker factor in a high wind.

      All in all, I liked my van. It didn’t have the bumper sticker, but the sentiment was accurate. It’s the only van, in fact it’s the only truck-based vehicle, I’ve ever owned. I hope this one finds a good home.

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    • TimM

      I’ve had three of them!! A 69 with a six and three on the tree!! Which got pretty good fuel mileage and actually was my favorite. A 74 with a 302 and three on the tree and a 70 with a 302 and an automatic that I still have!! Really hard to find body parts on this second generation Ford van and the 302’s really aren’t to bad on fuel consumption but definitely more than the six that I would get about 17 mpg on the highway!! The automatic van uses more gas than the standards too!!

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  4. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    The old guy was gettin’ some prune-tang in that van! Ooops that was weird, let me start over. Nice truck.

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  5. Charles Mann

    REX, The gratification of pleasure is the soul motive of action.

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  6. Miguel

    That looks like a lot of weight to carry around every day.

    I doubt any body will use this to go camping.

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  7. Alan

    We bought one of these in Florida in 1992 when we emigrated to the US – lived in it for months while crossing the South to Arizona Can’t be too bad, we didn’t get divorced then or since!

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  8. Wayne

    These had issues with front spring frequency vibration/bounce. These would eat front tires and shocks like nobodies business. Replace the springs with Moog Cargo Coils and good quality shocks and the problem vanished. Proper tire inflation also helps tremendously with the stability (80 psi rear and 65 psi front with 10 ply tires)
    So many of these were built on 1/2 & 3/4 ton chassis and we’re not upgraded in the spring and tire departments. With the previously mentioned upgrades and possibly to an aftermarket fuel injection system. This would be a very good and long time dependable vehicle.

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    • gentooq

      Another item to add to the list being compiled by Wayne, the coupling for the steering linkage (from the upper steering column to the lower steering column) included a disk with two holes at the periphery and a matching disk with two studs on the periphery. I guess it was a poor man’s u-joint.

      The problem was that over time the holes would open up because the metal left at the periphery of the disk was minimal after they holes were bored. I’m not sure how much time it took because mine suffered the issue at acquisition in 1984.

      Combining this issue with the aforementioned, sail-like attributes, made driving the van an adventure on every trip and a true dare-devil challenge in high winds. Still, I have very fond memories of that van and the many trips in and around the Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News area, while serving in the US Navy. Good times.

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  9. Walker

    Makes me think of chief Ironside beige one.

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  10. ben burks

    The Folks also had a 1974 Econline E-100 — it also was a van conversion from Bizzy Body out of San Jose, California. It was purchased at Pozzi Motors in Carson City, Nevada. Great memories

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  11. HoA Howard A Member

    The old man had this done to a Dodge Tradesman. It instantly transformed a decent van into the worst handling vehicle. Even the old man hated it. Cross winds and semis coming at you on a 2 lane( cabovers were the worst) would send you struggling the wheel to keep control. I kid you not. It did enable one to stand up, but the handling effects far outweighed that. Great for a city handicap van, but that’s about it.

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