Rare and Restored: 1969 Velorex 16/350

Microcars have a strong following in the classic community, with some makes and models more common than others. Vehicles like the Isetta and Messerschmitt enjoy strong recognition, although the field also features some rarer and more quirky offerings. One… more»

3-Wheel Cyclecar! 1960 Velorex 16/350

The Velorex was an “Oskar” which meant “car on axle.” Produced in the Czech Republic, it was a tube-framed, 3-wheel cyclecar powered by a 2-stroke air-cooled engine that displaced either 250 or 350-cc. Half the body was a canvas-like… more»

Microcar Barn Find Collection!

A seller on craigslist in Minnesota has listed a large stash of interesting microcars for sale, evidently clearing out a collection of the rare and obscure. You can see everything he has for sale here on craigslist, which also… more»

Rare Micro-Car: 1969 Velorex 16/350

Finding a classic car with a vinyl top is nothing out of the ordinary. Finding a classic car where all of the body panels are made from vinyl is a whole different kettle of fish. That is precisely what… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Round Three at the Georgia Collection

Happy New Year, Barn Finds readers. Over the holidays, I made a return trip to the large collection in Georgia and grabbed a whole ‘nother round of photos of interesting cars and trucks for sale, along with some other curiosities. As… more»

That’s Right It’s A ’58 Velorex Oskar!

Well this is most of a Velorex. It’s missing a few pieces, but then again there isn’t much to this oddball which is listed here on eBay and is in Northbrook, Illinois with a BIN of $12,000. For how little there… more»

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