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EXCLUSIVE: Round Three at the Georgia Collection

Happy New Year, Barn Finds readers. Over the holidays, I made a return trip to the large collection in Georgia and grabbed a whole ‘nother round of photos of interesting cars and trucks for sale, along with some other curiosities. As always, everything is for sale and I will be your primary contact for further details on any vehicles listed here. You can check out previous articles here and here, where additional projects are featured. One of the new ones I discovered? An AMC Javelin SST equipped with the 343 V8, seen here with its factory side stripes still visible in the gallery photos below.

One of my other favorites in the collection is this Jeep Gladiator J3000, equipped with the 327 V8, manual transmission, and factory bumper-mounted winch. This one has some rust in the bottom edge of the cab in the back, and some small holes in the floor. It is a running/driving truck and will need a new bed, but this also makes any number of configurations possible out back. More photos can be found in the gallery below.

I hadn’t spotted this Chevrolet pickup on previous trips, and it’s dying for restoration. This is a step-side bed model, complete with a spare tire side-mount and original tailgate. The truck retains its original motor and is a manual transmission example. The interior is in fair condition despite the window being down, and the bench seat and engine can be seen in the gallery photos below.

Here’s another one I missed on previous visits: a Ford Thunderbird, a complete car with engine, transmission, and interior all still in restorable condition. It hasn’t run in some time, but did come in as a running/driving car. I wasn’t able to get underneath the rear of the car to determine how the trunk floor is, but the floors inside the interior felt and looked solid despite sitting for some time. More photos of this Thunderbird can be found in the gallery below.

A Subaru BRAT recently sold for a record-setting price on Bring A Trailer, so I thought I’d feature this one as it’s a complete car with its original rear jump seats still in the bed and faded but correct factory graphics still holding on for dear life. The interior is surprisingly complete and this BRAT was a runner when it came into the yard. The lower sills looked surprisingly rust-free. There’s also a second parts car that can be included as part of a package deal as well.

This one broke my heart a bit, as it’s a Jeep Wagoneer Limited that was in fine shape before a tree bent the roof. As you can see, it landed dead-center, but the amount of factory equipment that came on the Limited models may make this one appealing as a parts car. The interior is in much better-than-expected condition, and the locking rear end is still with the truck. There’s another Wagoneer parked next to it with less attractive cosmetics but no significant body damage.

I thought this was cool: an original AMF pressed-steel firefighter pedal car! This was found in the trunk of another vehicle and is in restorable condition (or use as-is if you like the patina). The pedals are there and still spin freely. The original siren is missing, but the bell is still with the pedal car. If there’s a pedal car collector out there, I’d love to see it find a good home.

I’ve featured one (bad) photo of this Chevrolet pickup, but I spent some more time with it this go-round. What a cool rig: it’s riding on a 4WD suspension and the body and step-side bed are in very sound condition. The interior is quite nice as well and this truck has been kept in one of the better areas of the yard for storage purposes, and is said to run without too much coaxing. More photos are available in the gallery below.

And now for something completely different: a rare Velorex motorcycle sidecar. My uncle spotted this when reading one of the first articles and I took a closer look this time. These are fairly desirable motorcycle accessories, and this one is in excellent condition with its original hardware in the rear storage compartment. It would look wicked on a period motorcycle, and if I had one, I’d be sorely tempted to keep it for myself.

Talk about hot rod potential: I believe this is a Chevy “Master Six” five-window coupe, and it was a new discovery on this trip. The front fenders and hood are gone, but what an awesome rat rod with perfect patina. I don’t know much about these, so our readers can likely shed some light on specifics surrounding the year and specifications. More photos of this one are in the gallery below as well (yes, I’m trying to force you to look at the gallery to cut down on the emails I get asking for more photos!) Contact me via the form below and let’s get a deal done! There will be another story with more photos not seen here in the coming weeks.

Location: Northern Georgia
Asking Price: Price on request
Mileage: N/A
Title Status: Some vehicles retain titles/paperwork; others will be bill of sale only

If you have a classic that needs a new home and would like to sell it here on Barn Finds, you can read more about getting it listed here!

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  1. Avatar photo AF

    Headline : “Junk found at Local Junk Yard”..guess better than story about a flood car for sale

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    • Avatar photo Jeff Lavery Staff

      Wow, another expert who has apparently inspected these cars in person. Please search for “success stories” to see evidence of people who actually inspected these vehicles on-site and walked away with a deal before commenting next time.

      Like 25
  2. Avatar photo Gaspumpchas

    Not trying to be a wise @ss, but do you think you could delouse the javelin so’s we could look at it? Some good potential there. Heading for NE Georgia in Feb, anywhere close? Thanks!

    Like 4
    • Avatar photo Jeff Lavery Staff

      I’m not sure what you expect us to do based on your use of “delouse” but you’re welcome to come look at it when you’re in the area. Contact me via the form and we’ll jump on the phone to work it out.

      Like 2
      • Avatar photo Gaspumpchas

        well,, again not to smart@ss, maybe take the truck cap off the top?? Rake the leaves off it?? Give us some car to look at? Where are you in GA?? Thanks



        Like 4
      • Avatar photo Jeff Lavery Staff

        Can you please use the form below to contact me? There you will have my email, phone, undivided attention, etc. so we can continue the conversation without having to keep commenting on this thread. Thank you.

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  3. Avatar photo BarnfindyCollins

    Shame about that Wagoneer as its the same color combo as my old ’83. Nice to see the Nissan 200sx there as someone will scoop that up. Keep posting the good, bad and ugly cars because ice cream places sell more than strawberry.

    Like 8
    • Avatar photo Jeff Lavery Staff

      I agree – the Wagoneer was a good project before the tree fell. Glad to hear you liked the 200SX – I dig that one as well and will include it in the next go-round.

      Like 1
  4. Avatar photo michael h streuly

    Any chance on some pictures of the motorcycles.

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  5. Avatar photo Derek

    The Velorex sidecar wasn’t that rare here; most of them came attached to Jawa 350s.

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    • Avatar photo Jeff Lavery Staff

      I see exactly one for sale on craigslist and three on eBay, all overseas. Maybe not “rare” when new but hard to find now.

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  6. Avatar photo Dave

    Jeff, Just a note to say Thank You for taking the time to show us all these vehicles. I live in California now but remembering visiting my Brother in Law in North Carolina. I saw a junk yard with lots of old cars and trucks. I went to the office as asked if I could look around. The man said sure. As I was leaving he also said there’s lot of snakes out there be careful. I just got back in my Brother in Laws car and we drove away. So thanks again for the pictures and effort to help us connect with these cars.

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  7. Avatar photo IkeyHeyman

    Dave, snakes were just one of the dangers we’d face roaming around junkyards where I grew up in PA, we also had spiders, poison ivy, thorns, mosquitoes that would breed in water that collected in old tires, and rabid raccoons, among other hazards. Some neat stuff in this Georgia yard, I like the kiddie fire engine!

    Like 3
    • Avatar photo Jeff Lavery Staff

      Thanks for the kind words. I hauled an old go-cart out of here this past weekend in the rental SUV I had. I spotted a huge spider crawl out of the Briggs & Stratton motor. Freaked out, pulled over, yanked the motor out of the front seat and stared at it on the side of the road like an idiot. Figured it was either already in the Jeep or staying inside. It didn’t get me and hopefully the next driver doesn’t get a junkyard surprise. ;-)

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  8. Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

    Jeff, thanks for writing this up and providing photos. I don’t do much “junkyarding” but I do enjoy looking at junkyard pics. To me it is fun to visualize the vehicles when they were new(er), and to imagine how they were a part of the lives of their owners. Perhaps these cars and trucks exhibit a new form of patina: pine straw.

    A couple interesting things about the blue Chevy pickup: the later model Chevy steering wheel, and…. do I spy a 72 Ranchero next to it?

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  9. Avatar photo Warren Schaefer

    Jeff, Velorex is still in business and sells new side cars through their a dealer network in the USA………….http://www.velorexusa.com/products.shtml

    Like 1
    • Avatar photo Jeff Lavery Staff

      I understand that, but most folks with a BMW motorcycle (or whatever make) from the 70s/80s want one that looks period-correct, especially if the bike isn’t restored and has some patina.

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  10. Avatar photo Little Cars Member

    I see the Javelin has the rare optional aluminum pop up roof! :) I will say this for you, Jeff, this property looks a helluva lot more accessible now in the winter months than it will be come Spring/Summer. Y’all act now! The newly-discovered heaps were probably obscured by pine trees and other leafy delights judging by the amount of flora surrounding them.

    Like 2
  11. Avatar photo EJB

    Thanks for the write up Jeff.

    I have always loved walking through an old junkyard. I remember as a kid going with my Dad to find a hood and fender for his 73′ Nova after someone crunched it. He practically had to drag me out of there.

    Aside: I saw the Javelin and thought: must be the rare camper edition

    sorry, couldn’t resist

    Like 3
    • Avatar photo Jeff Lavery Staff

      Camper Special Javelin, very rare bird.

      I, too, have a love of junkyards. The upside here is since this is just one man’s collection, everything is for sale – unlike most salvage yards that won’t let you take a car out of there whole.

      Like 4
  12. Avatar photo whit rummel

    Jeff i do not see the form below”Can you please use the form below to contact me?”

    I would like JY address, i have a upcoming N.C./S.C. trip.

    And i need some JY leeds for my trip.

    My last N.C./S.C. trip was a bust and i couldn’t find the old time JYs.


    Like 1
  13. Avatar photo Gaspumpchas

    will you please clean off the javelin???

    Like 1
    • Avatar photo Jeff Lavery Staff

      Working on it. Seller is elderly and I am not local to him. He will get to it but it may take a few days.

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  14. Avatar photo Joey V

    Please, more info. & pics. on that ’68 Javelin.

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