Castillian Cast-Away: LaDawri Victress Coupe Kit

This big, black cast-away coupe actually represents a very interesting bit of fiberglass car history, and for only $650 as found here on Craigslist – it would be a (relatively) inexpensive way to build one of the last surviving… more»

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1960 Victress C3 Coupe: Rare Glass

Now this is a rare and interesting sight! We have featured a number of American Specials lately, including another one of these rare fiberglass bodied specials. This 1960 Victress C3 is a rather uncommon find these days, as it is… more»

1953 Victress S1A: American Special

After all the poorly made kit cars of the ’80s and ’90s, fiberglass kit cars don’t have the best image. They are often viewed as poorly designed death traps built in a barn by someone with no clue what… more»