1960 Victress C3 Coupe: Rare Glass

1960 Victress C3 Coupe

Now this is a rare and interesting sight! We have featured a number of American Specials lately, including another one of these rare fiberglass bodied specials. This 1960 Victress C3 is a rather uncommon find these days, as it is a coupe rather than the more popular roadster designs. It has a very Aston Martin look with a bit of Jaguar E-type in the back. This could be a beautiful machine, but it’s going to need a massive amount of work done to it. From the looks of it, the seller has a collection of classics parked with it in this field and they are all looking weathered and rusty. While this fiberglass body is immune to rust, the chassis isn’t and may need replacing. Out of the cars in this field, would you take the Victress or one of the more common classics in the background? If you are interested in giving it a new home, you can find it here on eBay in Tampa, Florida.


  1. cory

    I think he sees the Austin Martin resemblance as well with his asking price.

  2. mtshootist1

    Not only that, but it already has a lovingly applied racing number on each side..(sarc)

  3. victor gonzalez

    Austin !!!! Martin

    • james g

      gas monkey was the next county over only 15 minutes from us when they came to Georgia lots of great cars lying around everywhere. My uncle met the owner when he showed up in it at his shop in the late 90’s.

  4. Mark in Medford

    Those are mid 50s Chrysler wire spoke wheels, very heavy but pretty when in good condition.

  5. dj

    Aniother Barret Jackson-Mecum watcher who thinks he has a gold mine. A lot like that car that was on Ebay forever. The 30’s passenger car that was mostly aluminum. Everytime he didn’t sell, he went up on the price.

  6. Kenzo

    Question. If the body is fibreglas why does the roof appear to be dented in the centre over the back window? And the buy it now seems a huge bit optimistic.

  7. A.J.

    The part about sitting in the garage all these years and the grass growing up all around it don’t seem to jive.

  8. hhaleblian

    Sure looks as if the old man drove it into the building with the overhead door not quite retracted giving the roof a shave and haircut. Building demoed… Was Moe from the Three Stooges excorised?

  9. Jeff Lavery Staff

    According to his other listings, the cars were stored in a building that collapsed.

  10. Rob

    :( He’s dreaming ‘BIG TIME’ on his asking price of $24.5K, he’ll be lucky to get $2,450.

    • james g

      but it has racing numbers lol

  11. Patrick McC.

    Looks like it has overdrive? Possible plus?

  12. gunningbar

    WTF …I dont understand how a car goes this bad and then a seller thinks its gold. 24.5 k?? He should find someone competent to rebuild it and donate it…maybe a H S shop class.

  13. pontiactivist

    I wouldn’t give $1000 for everything in the yard.

  14. Alan (Michigan)

    This seller has been watching too many sales of similar vintage derelict P-Cars. Yea, they being crazy prices, but it should also be noted that for those, repro’d parts are available, enough to pretty much replace everything. For this unit, it is likely 95% custom making parts. Can you say $$$$$? Sure.

  15. Thetrick59

    This type of car was just on Americarna. just a load of work and really not for profit.

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