1-Of-32: 1952 Vincent Series C Touring Rapide

This 1952 Vincent Series C Touring Rapide is believed to be one of 32 bikes painted Chinese Red with black frames, an important distinction given most Touring Rapides wearing red paint were painted red on every surface. The listing… more»

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Holy Grail: 1948 Vincent Rapide Series B

There are holy grail motorcycles and there are Holy Grail motorcycles. This 1948 Vincent Rapide is a Holy Grail motorcycle and then some. This beautiful beast of a Brit bike can be found here on Craigslist in South Strafford, Vermont… more»

The Vincent in the Barn

Gullwings, Speedsters, and the like are all holy grails when it comes to automotive barn finds, but one of the ultimate finds in the two-wheeled world is the Vincent. Vincents were fast and few were made, so when they… more»

Leno’s Black Shadow

Built in Stevenage, England, in the 1950s, the 1,000cc Vincent V-Twin was billed as “The World’s Fastest Standard Motorcycle.” Expensive, exotic, loud, and very fast, with a shiny black stove-enameled engine, two into-one faired exhausts, dual Amal carburetors, four… more»