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Now you can take your dog along when you go out for a cruise! They ride outside the car in a sack sitting on the running board. Just think, you can have fido by your side and avoid all that hard-to-clean-up hair. This how-to ran back in 1936 and I’m sure at least a few people tested it out. All you needed was some cloth, a 2×4, and a couple of c-clamps! Magazines would never run something like this today and maybe that’s a good thing, but I sure appreciate the mixture of humor and good ol’ ingenuity displayed here. Heck, if Popular Mechanics printed stuff like this today, I’d probably be a subscriber…

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  1. DENIS

    holy crap…here comes the animal cruelty activists……aspca…..pdq…..
    and i hope it’s not a black dog in the bag….or al sharpton will be on his way…….

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    • JW

      roflmao !!!

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    • Matt51F1

      Al Sharpton can whine all he likes. You have the dog bag only for when he does those sneaky dog farts in the cabin – and then you bring him back in to take his rightful place as shotgun.
      Sharpton can then use the bag *after* the dog is done with it.

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  2. Chris A.

    Nope, any dog I’d have would ride shotgun. However picture a 1938 Rolls Royce PIII with Hooper body driven by a 5’4″ man with a white standard poodle in the left hand seat with paws up on the dash. Rochester NY in the late 50’s.

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  3. JW

    So many things that were considered either normal or futuristic are now taboo and if you say or try it you are crucified on social media. I made a harmless joke to my youngest son about something my granddaughter did with me and he hit the ceiling. Never again, with the PC crowd jokes or laughter of any kind is strictly out.

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  4. Elizabeth

    “Hole For Head”

    I have no idea why I find that so funny.

    I love seeing stuff like this!

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  5. Ropey

    This is the only way to travel with your hound.
    Bruce and I, Moab Utah.

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    • Jesse JesseAuthor

      Nice! Looks like he is having a good time.

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieStaff

      Love it!

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  6. Bobsmyuncle

    In my ’63 VW bus my old Rotweiler used to put her paws on the wall separating the front seat from the rear and stick her head out the ragtop sunroof LOL. Used to snap heads around!

    I think this would attract even MORE attention!

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  7. Bob Lichty

    Where was this invention when Mitt Romney got in all that trouble for hauling his dogs on the roof of his car in crates,

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  8. Brent Hooligan Polson

    Do they have a similar model for kids?

    I’ll take 2 please!!

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  9. HoA Howard AMember

    Of course, why didn’t I think of that? Like Brent sez, I wonder how many naughty kids had to ride in the “dog sack”. (in the rain) Watch out when opening the door, BAM, oh, sorry Scruffy. Always enjoy old ads, especially auto related, keep ’em coming!

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  10. CT

    I can think of one specific old, crazy girlfriend that I would have loved to have had riding in something like this so that I could THINK straight…….!

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  11. JW454

    My father told a story of his 65 pound German Shepard riding on the running board of his father’s Model A coupe. They would get in the car, my father between my grandparents, the dog would get on the right running board, reaching out the window, my grandmother would hold the dog’s collar, and off they would go. Keeping in mind they were only going short distances very slowly.

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    • Kindacreeky

      My grandfather did not drive, so he would take my dad out of school at 12 years old to drive him around and buy pigs. When the T-model truck was full, they would tie one hog on each running board. They would drive like 60 miles with them on there, over dirt roads. Amazing. Probably about 1925 or so.

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  12. jim s

    might be safer then riding loose in the back of a pickup! or not.

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  13. Robert R.Member

    No zippered entrance. One would have to had a “trained” dog, “get in the bag” or have to, watch it now I’m going to say it, “man-handle” the dog into the said bag and then clean the bag out, again no zippered entrance and/or “exit”. Those were the days.

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  14. DolphinMember

    Brent, Congrats for the funnniest comment. A real hoot!

    Can you imagine the liabilty cases going to court when Fido wriggles free of this dog bag and meets his end?

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  15. fred

    The dog was probably as safe in that sack as inside the car. Maybe safer, cause in a quick stop he would just swing around and not slam into the dash. Reminds me of a guy in our town who used to haul his dog around in the back of his truck. The dog wouldn’t stay in the bed, he climbed up on the cab roof and rode there, claws somehow holding on. Quite a sight!

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  16. fred

    Sorta like this…

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  17. Ed P

    Not that I would do this, but my wife would kill me.

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  18. Steve

    Is that old man Romney at the wheel?

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  19. mg_kent

    DOG is my copilot.

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  20. recar

    My shepherd/colley Harry [Harrison Caninovich to some] loved riding on the open back deck of my Haflinger. I told him that he should ride shotgun up front with me, but he wanted to be back there, to bite at passing leaves. Bushwhacking one day, I made a sharp turn and Harry slid off the deck and down a grassy embankment, sliding on his nose, which got turned green from the grass… Harry was a very dignified individual, and he was mortified that he had screwed up, but the worst was our laughter at seeing a dog with a green nose! We finally pulled ourselves together, stopped laughing, and pretended for Harry’s sake that nothing had happened. Then everything was OK again.

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  21. Rob

    Do they make them for adult humans? Could use one for the wife sometimes. :O

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  22. Jasper

    Thanks so much for posting this. I saw it somewhere a few years ago but couldn’t find it again to explain to others. Awesome.

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  23. Charles

    That’s crazy! it reminds me of an incident that I seen as a child. A man driving his car with his arm hanging out of the window on the door. Another car slammed into the driver’s door on his car, and severed his hand. It was not pretty.

    Or another incident that happened to a co-worker of mine. He used to like to drink a lot when he was not at work. Someone had given him a dog. One morning he was getting over a hang over before work and the dog needed to go for a walk. The fellow drove around slowly and the dog walked beside his car on a leash. This was his idea of walking his dog. The dog mis-stepped and run under the car, killing it on the spot.

    I have an assistance dog due to a brain tumor that was treated successfully 16 years ago. We travel in either our F150 Supercrew, or our F350 Crewcab. I place a large moving quilt over the back seat to prevent some of the hair and spots from soiling the seat. My assistance dog and his sister have the whole back seat to ride in. They have restraints that integrate with the seat belts, although I don’t know how effective those will be in the event of a crash. We don’t open the side windows, but do open the window overlooking the bed. Both trucks have fiberglass tonneau covers on them. The dogs like to stick their heads out of the sliding rear window and get some fresh air. That’s about as dangerous as we get.

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  24. justin

    This gives “Doggy Bag” a different meaning.

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