Texas Warehouse Collection For Sale

Texas Warehouse Collection

While exploring Southern Texas, Jesus Garcia stumbled across this small collection of cars. Being a college student, he doesn’t have the money to buy finds like this himself, but he loves to chase them all the same. When he started talking to the owner of these cars, they mentioned that they were looking to sell everything and understood he didn’t have the means to buy them, but offered him an amazing opportunity. The owner asked if he would be interested in helping find new homes for all 21 cars. He is still a little shocked that they would give him the chance to do so. If there is anything your interested in or would like more info on, please send Jesus an email.

Texas  Collection for Sale

As you can see there is a nice variety here, ranging from Rolls-Royces to Cadillacs. There even appears to be a micro car or two in the mix. Everything looks to be dusty, but in good shape. We would assume that most, if not all of these cars have already been restored and should be ready to enjoy with little work. With any luck Jesus will have time to get on and answer everyone’s questions! One thing is for sure, this should prove to be a fun experience for Jesus and we wish him the best with finding homes for these.


  1. jim s

    the small gray/white wedge shaped car on the right of first picture is an electric car, i think. looks like a model t and a airflow also. great find

    • Brian

      CitiCar…from the 70s…I think?

      • David Meditz

        Yep that is an electric car from the 70s they actually hopped one up on the TV show Counting Cars

      • Bradley

        They were made by a company called “Vangard” IIRC.

  2. ted s

    What is the little blue sedan with red wheels?

    • Zack

      American Austin

  3. Brian

    I think the blue car with red wheels might be a Bantam? I like that white 56ish Lincoln Cont. but not so much the Rolls’ and Bentleys; they just don’t grab me.

    • Dick

      Yes it is a Bantam coupe

    • geomechs geomechs

      I’m sure that’s a Bantam. It would look so much better at my place than this warehouse.

  4. Dick

    I would love to have that Bantam coupe. More pictures please .

    • CarGuy

      The blue car appears to be about a 1932 American Austin. The company also made the Bantam in a wagon and a pickup version. Looks like a 30’s something maybe Ford convertible behind it and a late 40’s Caddy convertible (burgundy) also. The Rolls Royce at the far left in that picture is a late 20s and would be a highly collectible car. We had an American Austin and a 1925 Rolls Model 20 at the car collection I used to manage. Valuable vehicles.

      • Dick

        It is a Bantam 38 year and Bantam made several different body styles from 37 to 41. I have owned many Bantams, help’ed write a book on them and the American Austin.

    • Drew

      I agree – would love to have that little guy in my garage – it help with the re-assembly of my 1940 Bantam – and keep it company!

  5. Bryan Cohn

    There are two CitiCars within 2 miles of each other here in Joplin. One is an obvious promotional device, painted all goofy in front of a frozen custard place. The other I see in someone’s backyard on my way home from taking my daughter to school.

    I always thought they were so ugly they were cute, almost practical in design.

    That is one heck of a warehouse. Tall ceiling, insulated. Wonder what else it is used for?

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Jesus mentioned on our Facebook page that the owner used to have 290 cars. That would explain the large building. Someone also claims that the guys from Gas Monkey Garage already purchased some of the cars. Looks like these are the scraps… And what scraps they are!

    • Brian

      I think the biggest problem for me with the CitiCar would be the top speed and battery range limitation. Last I checked (which has been awhile ago) they still are not worth a great deal, value wise. I’m thinking that doing a repower to internal combustion would be fun. I doubt that a 350 could be shoved into it but maybe a tiny tractor diesel engine would be perfect? I don’t know enough about them to know what they had for a transmission, brakes, etc. I think no matter what, this would have to remain a low speed car; it’s just too small to hold the road at high speeds. Brings new meaning to “corners like a brick”!

    • Jim-Bob

      We have one that sits outside a computer store where I live. The owner of the shop used to drive it, and had solar panels on the roof to charge it. However, I think it no longer moves under it’s own power as it has been mowed around and has weeds almost as tall as the tires. I should ask a friend of mine who works there to see if it still runs…err drives. Not that I want it (way too ugly and poorly packaged for my needs), but I do want to see stuff like this live on as a car.

  6. Dolphin Member

    Lincoln Continental, 4 or 5 Rolls Royces / Bentleys, silver Chrysler Airflow, half a dozen ’30s-’40s US sedans…….

    Jesus: give us more pics!

  7. 31rx7

    What’s the small blue one? An Austin 7?

    • Dick

      38 American Bantam coupe

  8. rusty

    Truley a prophetic/profitic find.

    Forget Barn Finds shall we call it Manger Finds.

    All joking aside good work young man….Its quite a find and I am in love with the premises more than the cars…Its all I could dream for before i started disposing of my collection. With premisses like this you dont have to continually lament at your storage woes,too ill to move them around…You could just sit and look at them and even drive them around inside…forget the outside world. become a Storage hermit.

  9. Robert Reilly

    Any 60’s muscle cars?

  10. Andrew

    is it a continental or a Mark 1

  11. gord

    love the brass era cars…. dibs!!
    probably all a pretty penny but who knows, hope to hear from Jesus about one of the cars (how often do you get to say THAT!)
    gord up in ontario canada under 4 ft of snow STILL

  12. Mark E

    Wow, this guy loves the Rollers…I count 5 for certain. The Bantam and the Mark II would be my choices but I think everyone here has to love that building. My wife came by and I showed her the pics and said ‘If I had THIS kind of building I could seriously collect cars!” She agreed in that it would be better than our driveway (LOL!)!!

    • Mark E

      Oh and I did a quick count and only came up with 19 cars? I’ll be interested in more pics and/or an itemized list in a future post! ^_^

  13. John Allison

    Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz O.o
    God will you look at that not any dust on them!

  14. Dave

    The Lincoln is a Mark. Isn’t the one in the far right corner next to the little white one also an early electric car from the late teens? And it’s next to a Model T isn’t it?

  15. jimpassi

    can you make a list of all the cars
    how are you going to sell them ebay
    where are they at we all love ta have all these great cars
    i have to wipe the drool off my face hahahhaha

  16. Don Andreina

    If these are the dregs, what on earth were the cherry pickings?

  17. Harit Trivedi

    I was just wondering, if the aim is to sell, then why are the cars not described, at least the makes, models and years? Greater detail can be sought by emailing, but when one does not know the inventry of whats available, whats the point? Just asking.

    Regards, Harit

  18. Carrie Trapp

    Has anyone heard back from Jesus yet? We would love some more info about the RR’s and Bentley’s. Thanks!

  19. sunbeamdon

    I must make amends (apologies to Janis!)

    More detail please!

  20. Ranco Racing

    I’d love to have the space, then I could increase my collection.

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