That ’56 Ford F100 Down The Street

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There have been more than a few times that an interesting classic car has shown up in one of our neighbor’s driveways, only to disappear before we’ve had a chance to stop and ask them about it. It always leaves us wondering what happened to it and what the story behind it was. Well, reader Scot S recently spotted this 1956 Ford F100 at one of his neighbor’s homes and wasn’t ever able to talk to them about it. Well, today, he spotted the truck out in their driveway with a for sale sign and decided a fellow reader might be interested in purchasing it! The seller’s contact information is in the photo below and it is located in Riverside County, California with a $15,000 asking price.

FROM Scot S –  I’ve seen this F100 in the driveway of a home a few blocks away for a few weeks now but was never able to catch up to the owner. This time I see the “For Sale” sign go up but only have a few seconds to stop and take some pics before an appointment – and I wish I had thought to snap a pic of the interior. I don’t recall a thing about the interior as it would not matter to me. At $15k, I imagine that it is a point of marital stress, and the owner capitulated with, “Okay, I’ll sell it!” (grumble). I also imagine that it will be there for a while as a quick check of local listings get me, beater drivers, with paint, at similar asking prices. Still, except for the price, I like this as a project since I would not be changing an easily restored vehicle. I could happily make this into a mudder with a clear conscience.

The asking price seems a bit steep given the condition of the truck, but classic trucks are hot these days. If it runs, has a solid frame, and the cab isn’t too rusty, it might actually be worth contacting them and making an offer. Hopefully, they will let the next owner keep the Blue California plates! While they are personalized, it’s an interesting bit of the truck’s history and would be awesome to keep with the truck. Given what can be seen in Scot’s photos, what do you think this truck is worth? Will you be calling them to make an offer?

Our thanks to Scot for sharing his find with us! If you spot an interesting classic, for sale or otherwise, we would love to see it. You can submit your finds and sighting to us here.

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  1. Joe Haska

    with so little info and just the few pictures, i would guess around $5,000, would be closer to what its worth.

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  2. Dave

    The seller didn’t supply those photos. I wouldn’t dream of making an offer on a vehicle that I haven’t personally inspected, and 15K isn’t that out of line. You have to make an offer to see how low he’ll go.

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  3. Bunky

    “…make this into a mudder with a clear conscience.” ? I’m not going to say what I’m thinking.

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    • Scot

      Oh go ahead, Bunky.

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  4. J David Peacock

    I agree, 5k would be about the max,but I’m kind of a cheapskate…

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  5. Chris

    Note that in the corner of the sign it says “non-running”. Looks like it also has a Chevy drivetrain, which I guess could be a positive or a negative. I know truck prices are hot, but this seems high to me. Could be a cool truck though, even to drive looking as-is.

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  6. Mike

    Serious question….would the price go up or down, if it didn’t have the big block bowtie and the TH400?

    Nice old truck….to nice to have to push it everywhere you want to go, because of the wrong drive line selection…

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    Hello all i am the one who sold the 56 Ford F100 truck i had it parked for many years sitting in dry climate i got it running did brake system coolant flush new thermostat plugs wires cap new battery i had a higher offer than asking price but paperwork was in storage due to me moving so missed out i did sell to a young lad attending collage for way less than asking price offered him a payment plan i knew he had his heart set on it he would come by 2-3 times a week even asked if he could sit in it he loves it an he’s close to putting on road I offer help with info when he calls didn’t want to sell but no space at new place also sold my 49 chevy sport coupe Audi A6 Quattro Mitsubishi Eclipse still got 50,52,54 chevies 2-4 going to g-sons 50 ?

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